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Avalanche (2003)

Avalanche cover art
CD Art

Album Information

"Avalanche" was Matthew Good's first solo album. It received high praise from both music critics and fans of the singer songwriter alike. Released in 2003, the album marked a creative departure from his earlier work with the Matthew Good Band, and featured accompaniment by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra on several tracks.

Liner Notes

all songs written by matthew good
© 2002 emi april music publishing inc.
/dunharrow music inc.

produced/mixed/engineered by warne livesey
recorded at mushroom studios, vancouver, bc
assisted by scott terman
except track 2, recorded and mixed at
warehouse studios, vancouver, bc
assisted by zack blackstone
addistion engineering by matthew good
and richard priske
mastared at gateway mastering by adam ayan

matthew good vocals, guitars, piano,
keyboards, percussion
patrick steward drums, percussion
richard priske bass, additional keyboards
christian thor valdson performs additional
guitar on lullaby for a new world order

strings written and arranged by matthew good
and warne livesey
performed by the strings of the vancouver
symphony orchestra
choral performances by musica intima
avalanche contains a sample from the movie
there is only one jimmy grimble
used by permission. pathe fund limited

management: jay daniels
for sro management inc.
a&r: david porter for universal music
art director / design: garnet armstrong
illustration: susan michalek
stills taken from weapon
dop: adam marsden


  • Weapon
  • In a World Called Castastrophe
  • Near Fantastica


  • An additional song called Villain of the Year was scrapped, although the lyrics would end up being used in subsequent live performances of Symbolistic White Walls.
  • While working on the album, Matt became disenchanted with a completed song called Comfortable Criminals, so he took the drum elements and reused them as the basis for A Long Way Down. He later made Comfortable Criminals available as a streaming file on the secret website accessed by the multimedia component of the CD.


  • The CD contains multimedia content, though the website accessed by the applet is no longer active. However, there is an easter egg hiding on the opening screen. Clicking just to the right of the main mountain peak brings up a picture of a raccoon standing on its hind legs.
  • The last single, Near Fantastica, was released to radio in a substantially shorter edit. The single is in fact the original form of the song. It was extended for the album.
  • The music video for Weapon won a Juno Award, which was shared between Good and co-director Ante Kovac. Good refused to accept the award, however, as he boycotts the Juno Awards every year.
  • Producer Warne Livesey, who previously worked with Good on the massively successful Beautiful Midnight, received a Juno Award nomination for his work on Avalanche.