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Cold Harbor Album Demos (2010)


To get this album, please see the Lights of Endangered Species album page.

Album Information

"Lights of Endangered Species" is the title of Matthew Good's next album. The release date is set for May 31, 2011. The album title "Cold Harbor" was originally embedded in several of the MP3s encoded by Matthew himself.

This album will likely be Matthew Good's last full length album. It was recorded October 2010 at Vogville studios with Warne Livesey as producer. Mixing began on November 29th that same year.

Towards the end of February 2010 and early March 2010, Matthew began preparations for a new section of his website. The planned paid membership (M+) would provide access to audioblogs, proposed soundcheck parties, videos, and possibly demos.

This album will be Good's fourteenth release with Universal Music and second release after re-signing with them.

Vinyl Edition

Although not initially planned, a limited edition vinyl of the album was made available at release.

Order: Lights Of Endangered Species (LP) on Amazon Canada or through Amazon USA .


  1. 1. Extraordinary Fades
  2. 2. How It Goes
  3. 3. Shallow's Low
  4. 4. What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred
  5. 5. Zero Orchestra
  6. 6. Non Populus
  7. 7. In A Place Of Lesser Men
  8. 8. Set Me On Fire
  9. 9. Lights Of Endangered Species


March 21st, 2011 - "In a Place of Lesser Men" was the first single to be released.

January 13th, 2011 - The album title is revealed.

October 2010 - Matthew Good puts out a call for female background singers.

August 31st, 2010 - Recording date is announced.

June 29th, 2010 - A demo called "Extraordinary Fades" was posted on the mBlog.

May 18th, 2010 - New material entitled "In a Place of Lesser Men" is previewed on the mBlog. The song takes a stylstic change to that of his previously released works.

March 1st to 4th, 2010 - In promotion of the upcoming premium membership, M+, on the mBlog, Matthew released several audioblogs and demos. The preview featured several retunings of previous songs and demos as well as some new demos: "Dawn", "How It Goes", "Lights of Endagered Species" (Magicians demo renamed), and "A Little Something to Fall Asleep To" (My Song 2 named).

February 28th, 2010 - An unnamed instrumental demo labelled "My Song 2" was previewed on the blog. It featured piano and acoustic guitar.

February 8th, 2010 - Two demos from the album were briefly released on Good's blog entitled: "Set Me On Fire" and "I Once Saw A Magician Cut You In Half."


  • There are no sampled drums in this record. Everything was recorded live - all the horns, woodwinds, strings.
  • All of the piano was played by Matthew Good on a 100 year old upright.
  • Brenda Fedoruk played flute throughout the album.
  • Stuart Cameron played the lap steel.
  • Darlin' was an iTunes bonus track.
  • A video was comissioned for Great Whales of the Sea but it never made it to airing.