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  2. If rents aren't paid, people with investment property etc. cant pay their mortgages. Rents should be paid. At this point people who were working and making money need to have income to pay their bills. The gov can't process millions of EI claims manually, it's impossible. They need to just give out EI money to people by automatically approving them and take their word for it. If people turn out not eligible they can always claw back the money later, that would take years to go through all these EI claims and overpayments. Business owners impacted also need income protection. This is much more serious than the 2008 housing crisis. Shit is going to hit the fan after the 1st of April once people aren't being able to pay rents, mortgages, and bills.
  3. What would you do for renters?
  4. I played the demo and enjoyed it! I don't really have any nostalgia for FF7 (I've played through it completely once about 10 years ago, which was probably my fourth or fifth attempt at it over the years) but I do like the universe and characters so I'm interested in seeing the new take on it, but I'm also willing to put it off a bit. Resident Evil 3 Remake on the other hand, I'm spending launch weekend playing the hell out of that.
  5. After a month of listening I can safely say that I love this album, and am connecting with it on a level that perhaps goes deeper than the previous few albums. It feels really cohesive and tells a story lyrically that I can put myself into. Not to be cheesy, but if SLAS was like a storm, right now certainly feel like the storm itself with a combination of the virus, family death, cancer diagnoses etc, and this album has been a great companion in that regard. For better or worse, this album marks a time both heavy in my own life and heavy globally, and for that I will always remember it. I should also mention that the mixing/production is fantastic. It's a great sounding album filled with quiet/contemplative songs not concerned with being overly dramatic/grandiose, and I really respect the consistency in direction. Top songs: A Momentary Truth (I love the joyous explosion of sound right out of the dark-ish opening track), Sicily, Boobytrapped, Dreading It, A Thousand Tons, The Heights, Selling you My Heart, Thorn Bird, Parts P.S. You know it's good when 9/15 tracks are the "top", and everything else is still integral to the album.
  6. I don't think making the banking system collapse would be good for the economy. See 2008 in USA. The gov would bail them out. Better solution is pass legislation deferring mortgage payments without extra interest, then have the gov loan banks money so they don't fold. Banks want people to stay in their homes so they get those payments eventually, but they also need the money they're rightfully owed.
  7. Hm, thanks for letting me know. Taking a look. Seems to work fine for me? Can you press F12 and let me know if you see any red error messages?
  8. I’ve been playing rimworld... which is amazing and frustrating and hilarious. I recommend it to anyone. i have also been debating trying to get a hold of an old PS4 in anticipation of Final fantasy vii remake... this would probably not bode well for my marriage
  9. I would love to get you in there Mark. We have a good collection in there and I would always be open to uploading any specifics that you are interested in. I would recommend posting in some of the other threads, video game, reading, etc and the posts will build. If I can help I will be happy to.
  10. I would love to see the masses rally and decide to no longer pay for mortgages, keep the house and refuse to pay give the whole system a shake
  11. Im really digging Beauty although its a little religious
  12. I think its 60 posts, which is difficult to do with out spamming - I have a vast collection of rare matt good music, I'm willing to share as well
  13. As of today I am not able to reply to forum posts using Chrome (latest version) on my desktop. Chrome on my phone works fine, Firefox works fine on my desktop. If I click the pink reply button or click the "reply to this topic here" box at the bottom of a thread, it just disappears and only shows the attachments box.
  14. I am back into the Binding of Isaac. Considering getting a switch for Animal Crossing purposes.
  15. Earlier
  16. I love this album the lyrics for Sicily and Thousand Tons now seem prophetic
  17. Normally I would advise you to do 50 quality posts on this site but today I shall do the unprecedented and suggest Anton open borders for all to the + section of this site. #openbordersforall
  18. Good morning all, I don't know if this belongs here. I trust it will get moved where it best belongs. I have been absent for awhile, but am glad to be back with the following pondering, which come as a result of my own life experiences, mixing with the current Covid-19 situation. This combination has me re-listening to Matt's song, "Strange Days", watching the video and re-reading the lyrics, over the last 10 days, or so, as our society sees a tremendous shift from apparently bustling, to virtual standstill. What follows are my thoughts. Initially, as our Canadian context started to shift, I found myself humming "Strange Days" as the title drew me in; a response to the changes I was seeing around me. I have been feeling like a bystander, much the way the character Matt plays in the "Strange Days" video appears; standing apart, yet intrinsically linked to the occurrences depicted therein. I have been watching news about Covid-19 since its existence was announced by China, and have seen it move from one country to the next, waiting for its arrival in Canada. I have long since seen the writing on the wall (as have many others, I'm sure), so there has been little shock in my world. I am not as well prepared as I would like to be, but I am as prepared as I possibly can be given the variety of factors which exist in my life. I have, therefore, not felt panic in any firsthand way; quite the opposite, in fact. I try to be quite aware of what is going on politically, socially, economically and any other "-ly" way that I can be as I walk through life, and, as a result, tend to walk around with a low grade existential understanding of how close most of us live to the edge. I live with anger at the fact that this reality has been consciously produced by the powers that be in our society: those that hold the means of production and power; the 1%. I understand that this production of grave imbalance has been accepted by those of us not in that small oligarchy: that we are all complicit in its maintenance (myself included), in some way or another. As a result, Covid-19 times are producing in me a calm which I haven't experienced in memory; as though my body is relieved that the ridiculousness of this world is now on full display. In this context, as our world shifts around us, I see a juxtaposition between crashing stock markets, and families interacting joyfully on the street; political tensions rising as a result of a global war on oil prices, and the essential personnel required to be out and about, nodding and smiling at each other genuinely; governments announcing bail-outs for banks, the oil industry and homeowners, and the news articles that are encouraging discussion of the impact on renters, employees of the gig economy and Universal Basic Income. Within these contrasting experiences, my soul relaxes, for this space is a far more honest space for us to be. Within this space, I dare to hope. I dare to dream that in this window of self-isolation, we can find collective hope, as opposed to societal immolation: after all, "Strange Days" was not written about the current Covid-19 world in which we live. It was written about the insanity of the world in which we usually live: a world in which it is ok to scream at a child, to hit a child, to see a child begging on the street. This is our normal world, not a fantastical world in which we are all holding our breath to see if the crisis we are currently in, becomes a disaster. It is a world in which we are accepting of the insanity we see around us each day: it is a world very much like Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", in which the horror of the dystopia is the pat acceptance of life, as is, no matter the injustices that it produces. These days are the "Strange Days" that I see within the lyrics, and video as presented by the Matthew Good Band. The current Covid-19 crisis is challenging us to see things differently, to consider how close to the edge our economic and political system is, and to question whether or not we want more of the same, or re-imagine our world collectively. This is the hope that I feel, and I'm not going to lie: it is tenuous. We have a bit of breathing space in which to consider how we want to move: forward, or backward. In closing, I would like to recognise those who are particularly vulnerable in this crisis: our elders, our youth, those with health concerns that increase their susceptibility, those who live on Indigenous reserves (and those who don't feel comfortable going back to their home reserves for fear of bringing Covid-19 with them), those who rent, who live in or near poverty, our homeless, those living with active addiction, and those in recovery for substance use disorders, mental health concerns and concurrent disorders for whom community and routine are particularly important. My heart goes out to each of you. I wish you well in your journey through this. I invite thoughts: how are you managing in these Covid-19 days? What are you seeing that makes you hope (if anything)? What kind of route forward do you think we should take?
  19. What if you dont have access to the plus?
  20. I just checked the liner notes and it's Pete Yorn on VNA.
  21. Thanks for turning a rather bleak time into something exciting Foats! really looking forward to anything you share! and thanks as always for offering to do this.
  22. So I am home for the time being and figured maybe many of you are as well. I am going to try and cheer the bored up by throwing out a ton of live MG/MGB shows over in the + section of this site. I will be popping up a handful of shows each night for the next week or 2 maybe longer. If either Matt or Anton have an issue please let me know, otherwise be prepared for a primetime deliverance of live MG starting tonight!!!
  23. It sure is. I went to the grocery store yesterday and all of the shelves were empty. I also saw two people wearing gas masks in the grocery store. I think they were wearing sunglasses too, because they didn't want to be recognized. It is very weird. I don't get it.
  24. Well that's too bad. I think it was someone else who did vocals on Vancouver National Anthem. It sounds like they were gonna add more dates later so maybe they'll play in Calgary yet.
  25. Bummer but everyone's taking a hit right now. When major sports leagues start suspending play everything else has to fall in line. You don't want to be singled out as the one venue that stayed open and became a breeding ground. Matt and his team obviously are doing the right thing. I would imagine this fall is gonna be a very busy time for many people since that's when they're going to try to reschedule a lot of stuff.
  26. Well thanks to COVID-19, the vancouver limblifter show is postponed until Sept 13th. Super lame.
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