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  2. Holy fuck...the amount of sneering and elitism in this thread was incredible. Not sure how I missed this thread back in 2005. Anyways, nothing against people disliking different music since it is subjective, but I mean...just fuck me. I don't own any of the bands CD's or songs, but if anything I'll at least give them credit for being nothing more than a set of teenagers who were still able to do what 95 percent of bands can't which is make a name for themselves, break into the mainstream, tour with some of the biggest bands in North America, and release 4 albums in 4 years. And I'll come out and say it- I like the song Mistake and the music video. Don't care what anyone thinks. And not that it matters, but given the like to dislike ratio on Youtube, I'd say I'm not alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyH-iXX4e-M
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  4. Got tix for Regina...thinking about Saskatoon too....
  5. Last week
  6. Damn that was stressful. I intended to book VIP for Buffalo, with thoughts of possibly doing Kitchener depending on the cost, thinking I might add it on in the next few weeks. I had the page for each show pulled up on the computer and at 10 the Buffalo VIP link was not working. At all. I went to the venue page and they had nothing either. Naturally, I panicked. So I went to the kitchener show page and it redirected me to sound rink for VIP just fine. So I said to myself well I guess maybe VIP is not available for Buffalo and that sucks but oh well and proceeded to check out for Kitchener instead. I get to the payment page and because I’m on my work computer, my paypal is not autosaved and I can’t login to save my life. So I try to check out as a guest and when I put my card info in I get errors. I try a different card. Still errors. What in the fresh hell is this. I see my boss walking in my direction with a couple people on a tour of the company. Panic escalates and I peace out to the phone booth room with my phone and my credit cards in hand to go on my “ten minute break”. Once on mobile, I successfully login to PayPal and am able to secure the Kitchener VIP. Now that I am in sound rink I decide to search all the mg shows and lo and behold the buffalo date is on the list. With little hesitation I book VIP for it also. Because fuck it. So stressful. Thank you for listening to my live journal entry for today.
  7. Got my VIP tickets today, not too badly priced $100 the services fees of $10 are a bit of a snag
  8. Yeah, I think I saw that video before. I remember someone posted a link to it long time ago on a Matt Good fansite message board. It was either on runningforhome or nationofcool.
  9. No, that one was the animated music video. I'm not sure what the one Bit was referring to is but it wasn't the In A Coma one.
  10. Might be my favorite video since In A World Called Catastrophe
  11. This. I was a little 'meh' at first, but every time I revisit this song, I find myself more and more invested...reminds me of "In a Place of Lesser Men" from a decade ago, which was another single that I grew to love.
  12. Gotta love the Vintage interwebs. That Spacejam movie page (https://www.spacejam.com/archive/spacejam/movie/jam.htm) is so classic!
  13. I am so happy I purchased Chaotic Neutral and Something Like A Storm when they were first released. As single LP's, I listen to them a ton, where as LOES (double LP) I rarely listen to because of the constant flipping.
  14. I am beyond excited. Last time I saw Matt was some years back at the Cleveland House of Blues during his acoustic tour. Looks like I'll be at Detroit or Buffalo (or maybe both?) in April!
  15. I'll be at the Kitchener show if anyone wants to get together I'll buy them a beer
  16. Secured tickets for Buffalo and Kitchener. Buffalo is a no brainer since we live here, but my husband who is amazing, had no qualms about me fitting in a full band show as well. He said he knew I would be disappointed to miss it. So, Kitchener, here we come!
  17. Secured tickets for Calgary and NYC!
  18. Ya after the last tour which did so many shows in Alberta I was a little surprised to see how few were on this tour, so doesn't give you Northern Albertans too many options without some pretty extended driving.
  19. Just the Edmonton show, few other potential shows to be announced in the year that i want to go to and I don't want to push my luck with the wife haha plus i have a hard time doing long drives, I don't want to get in an accident just for a concert
  20. Hey y’all. Long time no login. see you in Kingston, Ottawa x2 and Montreal. Maybe if I’m feeling crazy I might add Toronto. But we’ll see XD Side note: I was very surprised that for a full band show...Corona theatre was assigned seats and not GA??? Even for the seated acoustic show it was still GA. So, yeah. Curveball surprise. I would’ve hauled ass to get my Montreal ticket first this morning before Ottawa if I had known that lol.
  21. Just my locals this time, Nanaimo two in Victoria two in Vancouver. All are GA except Nanaimo. How bout yourself?
  22. Got my Edmonton ticket! What shows are you eyeing up @adam_777? (Or got already?)
  23. Yes exactly, buy your ticket today, then when VIP goes on sale in a few days buy that as well...just make sure you buy the VIP for the show you are going to...Like say you were going to the Victoria show on April 8th, make sure you buy the VIP for the 8th as well.
  24. It says the VIP is an add-on sale item does this mean you can pre-order the regular tickets today and add the VIP on the 13th - I don't want to end up buying twice the amount of tickets
  25. A few days too early it seems, VIP tickets will go on sale along with the public on-sale.
  26. Does anyone know how to buy the VIP pass the link does not appear to be working the MG site?
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