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  2. It is Leonard, yeah. It's funny you should ask what he has been up to. When Travis passed away last year I noted that it was interesting that, as a fan of MGB, he too was, for a time, heavily into creating music himself and that so many other people MGB/Matt's music has inspired also got into music themselves. As it turns out, Leonard was/is no exception to that either. Apparently he is an audio engineer and is writing/recording music himself too. Here's a song on his Youtube channel from one of his albums. And thanks for sharing that Chris. I was going to do so myself but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Travis felt he did a horrible job at the interview, but especially for a 17 year old who was doing his first interview, I thought he did a fine job. Even with regards to the concert itself me and Adam had to keep telling him to not to beat himself up. He was quite critical of certain aspects of it despite the overall quality, lol. And while I think a lot of people have already seen it, here is the segment he put together of the concert and the interview he did with Matt. It gives a little more back ground into the concert itself: Some other random thoughts about the concert were that it's amazing not only how into the show the whole crowd was, but also just how laid back the entire band was too. At one point during EIA, a girl gets up on stage, starts dancing, shakes Dave's hand (to which Dave is quite polite and amenable), then actually grabs Matt's hand as he is trying to play guitar and then kisses him on the cheek. Through it all neither Matt or Dave miss a beat and Matt even chuckles/eventually comments (after the song is done) "What're ya gonna do?", lol. Another thing me, Adam and Travis were laughing about when we first watched this together was the psychology of those who throw their shows at concerts (which happened a lot at this one). I mean, what do people who throw their shoes do afterwards? I mean, do you go home barefoot? Hahaha. Really, who in their right mind throws a shoe? That is unless they've stolen someone else's It's was interesting though because in later years Matt would take a hardline approach against people throwing things which was understandable given the dangers of throwing certain things and just the general disrespect involved in such an act. But, their laid back attitude in this show just made it all the more apparent how special everyone probably felt it was.
  3. That was a nice trip down memory lane. Thank you. That must be a picture of Leonard, the guy who ran the unofficial MGB website, Massage Board forum, and was in the Rico music video. I wonder what he’s been up to and if he still listens to Matthew Good Band’s music.
  4. I am speechless. This is everything as a fan I would ever want. Right around the time I discovered MGB, every song is phenomenal. Thank you so much to those who worked on it.
  5. There is nothing out there that compares to this show. With no official live video from the MGB days, it can't be overstated how awesome this is and how much work Daniel, Travis and Adam put into getting this out. Great stuff.
  6. Last week
  7. I feel like I’ve sat on this for too long. The only reason I didn’t release it sooner was that before Travis passed away last year he asked if we ever did release it that said release would only be done with Matt’s (and or Dave/Ian’s) permission. I contacted Matt last year and asked, but unfortunately wasn’t able to get a response back. However, both Ian and Dave have said they are fine with it being released. Likewise, given that Matt never explicitly said he was against the release either after reading the message (at least I'm assuming he read it since there was a "read" receipt), I’m assuming if he didn’t want it to see the light of day he would have said so. To that end, given the continuing crappy times we’re all living through, I thought I should finally give this a public release for those who are still interested in MGB and Matt’s music. Hopefully it'll give a lift to a few people and their day whenever they see it. In my honest opinion, it is an incredibly special concert for various reasons. The first has to do with Travis himself. He was only 17 when he filmed it and it was the first/only one he would record. Watching it though you’d think he’d been doing it for far, far longer a period of time. Likewise, this almost never saw the light of day. Were it not for this community and Adam digitizing/sharing old video footage that Sue (Geoff’s sister) was kind enough to lend out, Travis never would have seen the old TV spot online where they shared his clips from the concert/interview he did with Matt afterwards. Had he not seen that, he probably never would have bothered to dig up the full concert, restore the footage, and eventually share the HSIY performance he shared here, which eventually led to me and Adam going to meet him in Langley, watching the concert in person at his personal theater in his apartment complex, and then eventually being given copies ourselves. The second has to do with the performance itself. Aside from it being the first and only concert Matt ever played in his home town, he continually references how cool it was to be performing in his home town. Right near the end he says something along the lines of, “And I’ll tell you one thing- between now and the end of fucking time I’ll probably remember this night more than anything else, so thanks for that”. Indeed, imo, you can always tell whether bands are into the music they're playing or whether it's just another gig for them. There's something about the energy from all the band members that either is or just isn't there. Aside from Matt's statements regarding the nature of the night, you can tell as well that both Ian and Dave were having a great time too. Hell, even Geoff who looked like he might possibly not have been in the greatest mood at the start, appeared to not be able to help himself from getting into the music as the show went on. Lastly, there is a song that was played live that night that there exists no other recorded audio or video footage of anywhere that I am aware of. In fact, when Travis first shared the setlist I thought he was probably mistaken. When I clarified with him he assured me it was indeed the correct song. When he told me how it was preformed I was beyond excited and blown away. When I actually saw/heard it finally, it definitely did not disappoint. For those of you who don't remember the original thread, I won't spoil the surprise, but hopefully those who are still fans of MGB's music will appreciate it as much as I did when they get to the encore section. It's one of the most haunting and beautiful things I've ever heard. Anyways, I have no idea how many people will or won't be interested in this, but hopefully for those of you who are, this will be fun to watch and a nice trip down memory lane. If anyone wants to, please feel free to share your thoughts below. P.S- If Matt does end up seeing this and would like it removed, out of respect for Travis and out of respect for all Matt's music has done for me over the decades, I will respect that wish and remove it if I receive a request to do so. While I don't expect to receive such a request- and while I do believe Travis would be okay with this since we were just in the process of trying to get ahold of Matt right before Travis passed away- because those were his wishes beforehand, I want to make sure I do respect those wishes if, on the off chance, they needed to be respected. Lastly, if anyone does happen to have any old video or audio footage like this laying around in their own storage that has never seen the light of day (or happens to know someone who does) I would ask that you consider digging it up and getting a hold of @adam_777 He knows how to restore and digitize old footage that could otherwise degrade and become unplayable due to old age. Stuff like this, while not possessing a huge market, means a lot to more than a few of us and being able to get it online is sort of like adding things to a (digital) museum, imo. Saving it is important because, aside from the importance of music and art themselves in all our lives, unshared art and live performances are another kind of experience/art altogether. Indeed, to capture a new kind of energy to a song, or to hear something that has never before been heard (or played live), is what makes art/music so compelling- the surprise, excitement, and reveries created are one of a kind/timeless because worthwhile art is timeless. I don't think I understood that when I was younger, but as I've gotten older and been lucky enough to meet/know all the people who've been kind/gracious enough to share things I would have never gotten to see/hear otherwise, I've gained an appreciation for that fact. So hopefully this can be a small way for me to continue giving back in turn and just maybe might inspire others who have similar material in their possession to get it out and online as well (provided the original creators/band members are not against the release). Cheers, everyone
  8. Nov 13, 2021 Raine Maida & Chantal Kreviazuk @ Bo’s Bar & Stage, Red Deer
  9. The best site for anything MG(B) related is: http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/video.php It has all the videos that YouTube doesnt seem to want to have.
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15nmaY3YBDZXTN8A4YHpFMvL4P7tQo75R/view?usp=sharing
  11. Earlier
  12. That's pretty cool. Yeah it was at the Flickinger Centre. I remember 30 STM got tons of hate from the crowd. Capricorn closed the set. It was stuffy and in a gym lol.
  13. Learned just a while ago that we can tag people in posts. @gursky don't know if your message notifications are on, but you might want to check your inbox too.
  14. i was there too! At the ECC Flickenger Center. Fingertight opened for both bands. I met Jared Leto before the show. Also chatted with Raine and Jeremy as well as all of Fingertight. I went out and bought the Fingertight album after the show. I was working for FYE at the time.
  15. heh whoops. and I saw 30STM on that tour in Buffalo opening for OLP, must have been around that time.
  16. In September 2002, Matt did a show in Ottawa. The show was promoted in the Carleton U newspaper, but in the promotion they included pics of Dave and Ian, even though the band broke up almost a year before. lol Here's the link: https://archive.org/details/thecharleton32carl/page/86/mode/2up
  17. Thanks for the heads up. Just picked up AOB and Underdogs Vinyl. Here is a 20% off code: MERCH20
  18. Thanks! As a matter of fact, I noticed that yesterday afternoon and did manage to score a copy of Vancouver while it was in stock. Got my order confirmation so fingers crossed that it ships!
  19. Keep an eye on this link, https://rockpapermerch.com/collections/matthew-good/products/vancouver-2009?variant=39269953536084 I noticed on matthewgood.org, there is a link now to Online Merchandise.
  20. Weapon was likely one of the first songs written, as I still remember the chills I got hearing it for the first time at the Western Fair in 2002. I bought a MGB T-shirt at that show that advertised the "hard liquor & handguns revolution 2001" so I don't think there was any updated merch for that regrouping tour.
  21. Not to dredge up this topic, but I've been processing since the news came out and just need to join in the collective venting. I'm in a similar situation as you, Graham. Matt's music was a fundamental part of my teenage years and beyond. Each album release has somehow come along at the perfect point in my own life, giving me the perfect thing to relate to and reflect upon at the time. My father liked to say MG was "the soundtrack of your life." He passed away back in May. I've been to practically every show he's done in my town over the years - with my brother mostly, once with my dad, other times with friends. For the solo acoustic tour in 2006, my best friend and I missed out on tickets as cash-strapped pre-university students; we found tickets being scalped for a ridiculous markup on eBay, so my friend emailed him to highlight this to his management and dash the opportunistic jerk's schemes. Matt thanked us and, despite there being no request or insinuation to this effect, he had us put on the guest list for the show. We waited around to see if he would come out after the show but ultimately left without giving our thanks (and days later I heard about the hospitalization that would go on to inspire Hospital Music). I did eventually meet him at a VIP experience during the LOES tour and got to utter an awkward "thanks, you had such an impact etc" speech to him. Another beloved artist in my life has been in a much more cut-and-dry situation. They owned up to the allegation, and it's honestly still hard to listen to most of their band's music, especially older and more sophomoric songs, and when I do listen to it, there are new meanings that denigrate what these songs once meant. That same best friend was much more attached to this band, and it took them years to be able to stomach listening to them again. (Pausing here to add, none of this is to paint myself or other fans as any sort of victim, because that's absolutely not true. The victims here are the people who were harassed. The rest of us are just reckoning with our connection to an artist whose reputation has been tarnished. Any discomfort we have listening to the harassers' art pales in comparison to the pain caused by the actual crimes.) My gut, knee-jerk reaction here was that "it couldn't be Matt." After years of reading his various writings - his manifestos on politics and the nature of the world, and his work with Amnesty International, helped open my eyes and make me a better citizen - I thought he wasn't capable of the heinous acts he was accused of. And it still doesn't seem like the best version of himself... but he's not. At the end of the day he's a rock musician who came up in the 90s. I've seen his own longtime bandmate leaving a show with a woman under each arm. His own words are right there in the threads of accusations, and I can see how this is the worst parts of him coming out. (Had it only been the cringey pick-up talk about orgasms, I would have thought the simplest explanation was that his account was hacked, but unfortunately it's so much more.) When it comes to his exes, there is always some he-said-she-said element. There are undeniably some mental health issues at play (thanks to @daniel_v for that well-written post on that matter). But ultimately there were wrongs done that need atoning for. And I also don't want this to be the end of his career and legacy, as that "living ghost" tweet brought to mind. I had stopped listening to MG when the news broke, mainly because I currently rely on online streaming services these days instead of my carefully curated physical or MP3 collections. I had to break that stance and listen to comfort songs when my dad passed in May, but beyond that I'm only just starting to get back to a place where I can throw on his music for background noise. And that's what prompted this self-indulgent post.
  22. Don't have that sadly.... Most of the swag is gone, just vinyl left now which I think most of us all have.
  23. One thing I'm looking for, despite all of this, is three "Near Fantastica" promo CD with the original 4 minute version. And thanks for approving my request. :)
  24. Matt doesn't owe anybody anything
  25. I don't think he could really say anything even if he wanted to because of legal reasons.
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