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  2. This one hurts. Beautiful Midnight and Audio of Being are 2 of my favourite and probably the two most important records of my life. They're a huge part of why I wanted to play music and Rich is a big reason about why I wanted to play bass. My life would be so much different without his influence in it.
  3. Damn... I still think of him as the new guy.
  4. Hi John Does there exist any masters of Euphony or 15 Hours still? All the copies out there are from a shitty cassette.
  5. Devastated to hear this news. I was too young to see MGB live as I was under the age of 19, but had the chance to see Rich play on the Avalanche tour... man enjoyed seeing him live on the intro to Near Fantastica. Gonna miss him. RIP Rich.
  6. RIP Rich, Sad that both MGB bassist are no longer with us anymore Really loved Rich's style and live presence. Prayers for his friends and family.
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  8. Network Effect by Martha Wells. I love Murderbot so much.
  9. Never finished FF7 remake what with the awful neighbours making it hard to do anything fun at my last place, so I'll have to come back to that one now that I've moved and I'm in a much better situation and can pay more attention to it. In the meantime, started playing The Last of Us so I can remember what happened so I can play the TLOU2.
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  11. More info about the show: You do not need to have a Zoom account to view the show. You will likely be muted. Please feel free to use the chat and turn on your video to engage with the community. If possible, use hard-wired internet rather than Wi-Fi (connected to your modem via an ethernet cable). If using Wi-Fi, turn off any other devices on your Wi-Fi network to protect your bandwidth. Please be respectful of the performer(s) and other guests.
  12. Super excited about this show. However, I will be traveling next Friday and unable to attend live. Does anyone know if it will be recorded or "on demand"? I will gladly buy a ticket and watch the show later that evening.
  13. It also gives him a chance to live rehearse for the winter tour. I'd love for him to do these weekly or every other week. Could hear some rarities also!
  14. a pretty cool idea I think, gives the fans something interesting to look forward to and a chance to give Matt a little support in this difficult time for musicians and artists. Looking forward to the show!
  15. Nope, this is me being a dummy and making a typo in the topic, which is now fixed!
  16. is this different than the live from home show he is doing July 17th at 9pm EST
  17. Hosted by Dan Mangan and with a Q&A! Tickets are 20 bucks: https://sidedooraccess.com/shows/Jot1rfa1Y0s6lZbzfmV8
  18. Hi Steve, Yes I've stayed in touch with all the previous band members, as well as Dave and Ian. Stay tuned, there's an interview video that Ian and I participated in with Daniel that should answer a few more questions and reflects upon our work all those years ago.
  19. Hi John - did you ever years later get a chance to run into the members of any of the lineups for LOTGA or its previous versions and reflect on those times and what they thought of things?
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  21. I would ask him of any road stories he could share. I am sure he has a ton of fun road stories. Maybe favorite places to play, any memorable live moments.
  22. Where does LOTGA rank in comparison to the rest of the MGB catalog to Ian? Did Ian have any conversations about keeping MGB going before the final dissolving, or any discussion on being involved in the early days of Matt's solo work?
  23. Fascinating All of it. Absolutely fascinating. I was thinking of asking you for a break down of each song but thought that might be a little too much to ask about, lol. You not only describing each song, but also giving a description of all the different subjects addressed (on top of what the feel of each song was like) is greatly appreciated. I mean that. I agree it's definitely too bad it's stuck in a vault, but even getting to hear about the songs individually is truly satisfying simply from a point of curiosity. To know that those political subjects (disharmony, bias, racial injustice, social reform) have always been an interest of Matt's is pretty cool and it's also interesting to note that the other subjects covered (mental health in 12 second tour; the denigration that comes with unhealthy relationships in The Navigator; boredom and imagination in Ceiling Song; etc) are ones that Matt has always had an interest in too. Likewise, the tone and feel of the instrumentals seems like it runs the gamut as is the case in most of Matt's albums which is something that I have always appreciated. You get light songs, dark songs, ballads, heavy rockers, acoustics, etc. Was also cool to see that Matt and the band covered another Depeche Mode song. I hadn't heard of that one before so I had to go look it up. Given how well Matt, Ian, Dave, Geoff did with Enjoy the Silence, I can only imagine that he and the talent of Judy, Steve, Ariel, and Eran must have knocked that one out of the park. Anyways, thanks again!
  24. Ian, who is your favorite drummer of all time and why? What is your favorite MG/MGB song(s)?
  25. Daniel, here's the sequence I came up with for the "Lost Album" 1.Black Penny 2.Awkward 3.The Navigator 4.Ceiling Song 5.Wherever We May Go 6.Twelve Second Tour 7.Never Let Me Down Again 8.Healers And Saints Songs never completed or just demoed and we didn't come back to: -The Boy Who Cried Wolf (not recorded) -A Mile Out Of Paris (single mic recording to document, never produced) -I Dream Of Dolphins (produced, stripped down, vocals, guitar, piano and bass, abandoned) -Sky Pilot (perhaps a title, but never recorded) The general impression of the eight competed songs is like 15 hours, but fully realized and edited. Out of the eight, all are strong compositions, the first two lyrically dark subjects of disharmony, bias, racial injustice, social reform, etc. The Navigator also has a heavy feel to it, a bad relationship song. Then Ceiling song, light and airy, about a bored kid staring at the cieling making up imaginary subjects. 12 Second tour is most Dylanesque tale of what battles of the mind occur to one standing on top of a 40 foot building thinking of jumping (very progressive beats by the rhythm section, lots of trademark vocal heights) Wherever We May Go (Big ballad, like Apparitions, big strings and piano) Never Let Me Down Again - A playful cover of the Depeche Mode song. Matt kicked this vocal out of the park. Healers and Saints, folky guitar and voice, ends with the opening line from Symbolistic White Walls. The sad part perhaps is it sits in the vault, but ultimately, when March of 1995 came along, the band was done, and a whole new scene will new songs emerged, and as they say, the rest is history and counterpoint. You don't know until you know, and when EMI wanted to release, well you just go along and do your best. There was something about the momentum of the first session with ace drummer Charlie Quintana, and songs themselves were more mature and honed than before (most of them). The "Tug Of War" was over, especially near the end when the big guns came out. We never looked back.
  26. Alright, finally have some more time off so I’ll move onto The Lost Album. With regards to it, it’s interesting to read how you describe it. On one hand you note that you felt the songs from the Lost Album were better than those from 15 Hours and yet “still in the progressive folk-rock domain, long etudes, poetic and Dylanesque, but more radio friendly”. But, you also note that it was “way more folk, way more lyrics. More Talk Talk than Pixies…”. That sounds really interesting: Talk Talk meets Dylan in a radio friendly way? Would that be an accurate summary? Another thing that strikes me is all the different songs there were and especially the names: Where Ever We May Go; 12 second Tour; Ceiling Song; Awkward; Black Penny; The Navigator; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; I Dream of Dolphins; Sky Pilot; Never Let Me Down; Healers and Saints; A Mile Out of Paris. So 12 all together (but not all recorded, such as The Boy Who Cried Wolf)? While sometimes names can sound completely different from what the sonic instrumentals are for an actual song, sometimes they sound exactly like what one would expect (The Fall of Man for example). As such, a lot of these names got me thinking about what they all sounded like. For example, I noticed there was a song named Sky Pilot that you were all working on during February 9th of 1995. Being a nerd and thinking of the title I’m imagining something between Blue Bird and Generation X-Wing, though given your description of the album I’m probably off on that. Was it ever finished? -Where Ever We May Go was not only the opening track for the Lost Album, but it was also included in the A list (along with Awkward). Does that mean you and the band were possibly thinking about redoing those two tracks and including them on LOTGA? Likewise were they more in the vein of LOTGA too? When I hear a name like WEWMG I, rightly or wrongly, kind of think of a ballad (similar to Fearless or Apparitions). - I noticed the section in there where you noted there being a "tug of war" with each new submission of songs on the Lost Album. Is that to suggest there was a lot discussion and debate about how the songs would ultimately be finalized? Again, as usual you don’t have to answer all these questions, but I just thought I’d throw them out there because they are what came to mind when first watching this video. Thanks again, John!
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