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  2. Not only that but I saw he also worked with Gob. Guy is definitely talented and a very genuine person. Glad to have met him through the Bored.
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  4. Not that I doubted him, but John wasn't joking when he said he's a multi-instrumentalist, lol. Guy wrote, recorded and performed some decent songs of his own throughout the decades and seems to have more workable vocals styles than almost any artist I know. Been Down Vancouver 2010 Blues We Are Not One
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  6. I'm in a little late here, but hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday—new forum looks great btw!
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  8. The mobile version is much nicer than previously, so thats nice!
  9. Happy new year to you Anton! Thank you for everything that you've done for the community over the years!
  10. Thank you for all you do! Happy New Year to you as well Anton!
  11. man, i've been waiting for my 3080 and 5600x for quite awhile now. did you ever get your 3070?
  12. Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, I've upgraded the forums again! The NF Store is still broken but I'll get around to fixing it eventually! Please let me know if you run into any issues with the forums. I am going to try to fix up the themes again a bit since the navigation bar up top doesn't look as nice as before. Hope you're all doing well and happy new year!! Best, Anton
  13. Pretty sure what I hue is different than this. I’ll check the tape this upcoming weekend and let you know.
  14. I think should all be okay now. I love that the main image thumbnail for the video is the gum commercial haha
  15. ugh, godaddy is annoying me lately. they keep saying my site migration is delayed, and then it doesnt do anything. i'll look into it, since the main part works, not that that helps anything... edit: it seems to be in the middle of the migration finally.... so the files don't exist yet on the version it is pulling up... i'll see if i can just re-upload them to make it live again
  16. As always, thanks a lot for the effort that you 3 put into getting this out there I downloaded it yesterday. Aside from the picture quality being amazing, there's a little part at 12:11 (as they are finishing HSIY) that stuck out to me. Dave just has the biggest smile on his face. You could tell how much he enjoyed performing the song that night. Plus, Matt seemed really into their performance of Deep Six which is always great to watch. However, am I the only one that is now getting a "404- not found" message when clicking on Chad's site?
  17. Would be very interested in the Much West stuff if it's longer than what we currently have. shows a brief interview, a handful of 10-15 second live clips from both Under the Influence and Strange Days from the first show Matt played without MGB at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on May 10th 2002. It also contains his New Music West inteverview fragments which was most likely filmed the next day before the concert at The Vogue Theater. So footage from the second gig may exist, but certainly at least some does of a few songs of the first gig. My hope with that footage from
  18. The MuchWest is a longer segment I believe - I’ll have to go back and check it. And yes most of that other stuff is pretty common, the holy grail is live material which there isn’t much of as it was pre-iPhone days. I remember how happy I was to find that “live in Munich” audio recording way back then as it was the only “live” audio of MGB that I had ever come across at that point in time.
  19. It says Tay's Tape and has a listing of the couple things on it Snowjobs and Matthew Good spotlight. I think what you have on the other tape is pretty common stuff, is the MuchWest special just a short segment with a couple live clips? I was always hoping maybe more of that live footage was broadcast but it seems unlikely.
  20. I watched 35 minutes of this concert so far. I am loving it so far. Nicely done, Everett. You did an awesome job taping and preserving your VHS tape and great job on the digitizing, Adam. I am impressed. The video quality is superb, and the audio is clear. Matt sure looks different with the longer hair. It looks really good on him. I wish I could have gone to that concert. I love the nostalgia of Much Music live concerts. I wish we could dig into the Much Music vault and see more Matthew Good Band and other Canadian rock live concerts. Thanks for sharing.
  21. Lol “recorded under a blanket” - couldn’t have described it better myself. Yeah I recall there was some other MGB stuff on there so I look forward to seeing that digitized. There along with some music that was my brother’s taste at the time and not mine ....which makes me think this Snowjob performance might be a dub from the original tape I recorded it on, I’m just not 100% sure. If that other magical unicorn tape shows up - I’ll let you know. Could be just a figment of my imagination too. I found tapes that have a MuchWest special, another one with the making of AOB, and
  22. Wow, this is like the holy grail for me. I put more time into that youtube edit throughout the years than most of the concert dvds I own. Great way to end 2020 for me, I'll enjoy this tomorrow night to close out the year.
  23. I can't say for sure, but MGB was in the studio recording Beautiful Midnight and it sounds like the literally left to come play this concert then go back to record, so it probably was a last minute booking. That was always my impression anyways that an American band ditched out so MGB came to show them how it's done. The aduio quality is quite muffled it seems to be a common issue on older VHS tapes, it's actually pretty clear it just sounds like it was recorded under a blanket or something. I may play around with it and see if I can liven it up a bit. Usually TV related concert pr
  24. I’m trying to remember why at the beginning Matt says “if the Americans aren’t going to show up...” I *think* there was supposed to be a different band (from the US) headlining the Snowjob concert that backed out at the last minute, so MGB got bumped up to be the concert headliner. Does anyone have recollection of this?
  25. I’m Emmit643 on SoundCloud. I haven’t uploaded in a really long time, but I have a good handful of MG covers on there. I’m not much of a guitar player, but an okay vocalist
  26. Whoa! I lived off the version on YouTube that was mentioned, it was the only one I knew of. All distorted and fuzzy but I still enjoyed it. This is an amazing upgrade and find. Thanks to everyone involved in any way. Quite the teamwork from the initial finding and discussion of the tape all the way to it being transferred and hosted. Really appreciate all involved for this! Bonus commercials to get me in that 1999 frame of mind too lol.
  27. Looks like I know what show I'l be adding to the 12 days audio today )
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