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  2. When I read the books, her chapters were my faviourite. I was always hoping the next chapter would be her!
  3. I've got "and I've a grenade with our names scratched on the side, but that's just love" on my forearm (from The Rat Who Would Be King)
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  5. Sly Botts


    My sister-in-law Jessica Allossery (who is a musician) put together a tribute video for my son, featuring her new single "Happy Place" at the 10:38 mark.
  6. I'm so sorry to read that Mike, but very happy to read Jesus was his personal Saviour and your faith is very uplifting and encouraging. Beautiful words and I would like to pray for your family. Death is so sad for loved ones but can be a beautiful thing when you have repented and trusted Christ alone to save you from your sins.
  7. Arya Stark for the win. I LOVE her 'faceless man' arch.
  8. added Aug 3 in St. John, Newbrunswick for Area 506 Fest
  9. At the Milton VIP they were working out the pedal effect so he could play it on the 6 string as we were walking in. He mentioned at the show that night that he was happy with the sound and could burn the 12 string. I may have volunteered my yard.
  10. WOWOWOWOW! Amazing . Thank you so much!!
  11. I figure these will start to pop up similar to the Solo Acoustic shows tour dates as Festivals get announced/reveal their lineups. So far: June 21 - Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival Beaumont, Alberta [Info | Tickets | Facebook] July 14 - Roxodus Music Fest Edenvale Airport, Clearview, Ontario [Info | Tickets | Facebook] August 3 - Area 506 Festival St. John, New Brunswick [Info | Tickets | Facebook] Roxodus: I assume Roxodus will have single day tickets on sale after April 14th, as that is what the current list says the sale date ends, and FAQ says there will be single day general admission and vip. What weird lineups....
  12. Yeah I usually try figuring them out on my own because of this. These new versions are all basic chords (whereas before there were a lot open chords). All these have the guitar tuned half a step down Rabbits, capo on third. C : 032010 C (variation he uses sometimes) : 332010 D : 000232 (or 000230) F : 033010 G : 320033 Am : 002210 C/D (I don't know the real name of this chord) : 020010 G/E (I don't know the real name of this chord) : 200033 The first part is C, C/D, G, C, C/D, Am. Then it's F, C, G, C, C/D, Am. Chorus: Em, G, Cadd9, G, G/E, Em Alert Status Red is the same as the record. Men at the Door, capo on second fret (he used to have it on third during the Something Like a Storm tour). Verse: D, Am, C, Em, D Chorus : Am, Em, C Fearless, no capo Verse: Am, G, Em, D Pre-chorus: Em, G, D Chorus : C, Em, G, D Fine Art, capo on 3rd Verse: G, Em, Am, C "Chorus" (The "We're surfacing" and "I'm certain of it" parts) : Em, G, C Hello Time Bomb, no capo Verse: Em, G, Am, C Chorus: Am, C, G, D "Hello Time Bomb, I'm ready to go off" part: Am, C, G, D
  13. Does anyone have a decent place to find tabs/chords for MG? The only ones I can find out there are super old. I'm specifically looking for some of the songs he played on the acoustic tour. For example... The Fine Art of Falling Apart - He played with a capo in standard tuning... very different than the recorded version. Fearless - Obviously very different than the album Hello Time Bomb - In Edmonton he mentioned how he just started playing random chords in an encore early in the tour and sang the melody of Hello Time Bomb. Eventually he landed on something that was really good. Totally different than the album and totally awesome. Did anyone catch those chords? Selling you my heart - New awesome song Symbolistic White Walls - The latest version was similar to previous live versions he's played but totally different than the album. Rabbits Men at the Door Alert Status Red Any newer tabs/chords would be awesome. That site MGTabArchive is great but just stopped after In a Coma. If you are out there, please bring that site back to life!! Thanks!!
  14. I forgot to post it when they came out, but it's a really good interview. I remember hearing it back in the day when it originally aired. By the way, Alan's show and podcast are second to none when it comes to music journalism. There's a ton of episodes available on the podcast channel, and he keeps adding more from the archives every week.
  15. Thanks for posting this!
  16. http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads/audio/ohnm/inhisownwordspart1.mp3 http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads/audio/ohnm/inhisownwordspart2.mp3
  17. Part 2 came out today. Btw - this is archival - recorded and originally released on 102.1 The Edge in 2009 (11/15/09 and 11/22/09). Worth a listen regardless.
  18. Just a heads up, the Ongoing History of New Music has just released an interview with Matt. It’s only part 1 so far but I found it very insightful about the early MGB days.
  19. A Kind Of Magic is in my top-5 Queen albums.
  20. I'm very interested to see where they take Season 3 as well. The second season, in a lot of ways, provided some closure to a lot of the loose threads from Season 1. That being said, there are so many different directions they can go in now. maintaining the balance of paying homage to all those classic sci-fi elements without becoming derivative will be the true challenge I suspect.
  21. Glad to see the Fara Fawcett hairspray is back.
  22. I think that's part of the genius of Stranger Things - the show has both depth and accessibility; a true cross-over.
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