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  2. It has been almost 20 years. They probably forget half the things they even fought over, and I'm sure minds change over time.
  3. The console gaming industry is virtually dead. It's sad. Games on phones now I guess.
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  5. Tricky thing is that apologizing and admitting guilt could make him more vulnerable to potential harassment lawsuits or whatnot from whomever. But not really addressing/owning anything means there will always be an elephant in the room. He's in a tough spot. I also hope he seeks help for his own sake at least.
  6. Scary tweet. I hope for everyone's sake there is a positive resolution to all this. To me the best case would be MG reaches out to whoever he should apologize to and does so genuinely. Also commit to getting some help and being a better person. That would be a positive example to set and allow some good to come from this. Less important: I've listened to a couple of MG's songs in the past couple weeks. Just a couple. I've found myself still appreciating the music and having a connection with it.
  7. I apparently put this on my kobo wishlist at some point and I've added it to my notes file on my phones about books I want to read b/c my kobo wishlist is a bit... overwhelming. Here is what I have read so far this year: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss Agents of Dreamland; Black Helicopters; The Tindalos Asset by Caitlin R Kiernan Firestarter by Stephen King A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G. Summers Shovel Ready; Near Enemy by Adam Sternbergh Halting State; Rule 34 by Charles Stross The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet; A Closed and Common
  8. Curious how this is working in Canada currently. I received a text from my boss that they were giving out vaccines at the Dick's Sporting Good's headquarters. I signed up Tuesday and got the first shot yesterday. The nurse told me they did 4000 shots yesterday. Kind of nervous based off of media and hear say but my dad is getting open heart surgery in 2 weeks and I wanted to see him when he is home resting. I figured if I get fully vaccinated it would lower his risk. My arm was a bit sore after a couple hours but no sickness or anything else and I went right back to the office after.
  9. Hayley posted something from a 2019 email where he used the same quote. I think the email was 2019 could be wrong. I feel bad for all involved. I feel bad for the kids who will see all of this online if they haven't already. I feel bad for Hayley and the girls because they obviously feel as if they were wronged by Matt. I feel bad for Matt because he's damned if he speaks out and he's damned if he doesn't. Lastly I feel bad for all of us. Whether we choose to say it or not, Matt has been a hero/inspiration to all of us. We all have bonded due to the music he created whether it be solo or
  10. Tried to edit the above post but it won't let me. Tweet has since been deleted.
  11. A little diversion, but I'm quite pleased with this cover I did of Jimi Hendrix Experience's Fire https://youtu.be/v2EVWrrbmFE
  12. Thanks very much, I'm glad you're enjoying the tracks. I never did pursue getting the material ready for live as I was quite busy playing out with my studio partner's band and producing, doing live sound and all the other stuff. I would have been fun to do however, it would have likely been a four piece group.
  13. Been a few months and made time the past few days to again listen to your album Mixed Emotions John. It's still really enjoyable every time. Voices, Essential Truth and Enchanted are probably my favorites if I'm forced to pick between tracks. But hard not to include Lovers Canyon, I really like that outro. Great musicianship but more importantly to me are all the great songs. Did you have any time between that recording schedule to get a band together and get these songs played live?
  14. Admittedly I wasn't really a fan of the first hour and 15 minutes of the film (save for Steppenwolf's amazing entrance), but I have to admit after that time point, it got surprisingly a lot better and finished with a great climax (miles ahead of the theatrical cut). Anyone else had a chance to check out his original 4 hour long version of the film yet?
  15. Rave and Drool host a Canadian Rock from the 90s podcast and they are doing a March madness style tournament of Canadian bands. The current matchup for our boys is against "Lowest of the Low" and MGB is down by about 8 votes. Let's get them into the next round! https://twitter.com/RaveDrool/status/1374084985494327314?s=20
  16. It was different. It used to be his picture. It changed shortly after all this started.
  17. Speaking of pills, I don't know if this is of note, since I'm not sure what was on the site before all of this started, but the mention of pills got me thinking about what's on the main page for the website. When I did a search of green and white pill capsules it cited Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride, which apparently is used for alcohol withdrawal. The pic on his front page looks quite similar to Chlordiazepoxide Hydrochloride capsules. Does anyone know if the front page was different back in January?
  18. Have played a lot over the last little while: The Last of Us 2 NHL 21 Assassin's Creed Valhalla Control (again) Outer Wilds Carrion Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Resident Evil 3 Remake Currently playing Persona 5 Royal. Anxiously awaiting Resident Evil Village and Mass Effect Legendary (and I booked their release weeks off! not purposely for that reason but I'm not complaining)
  19. I had the original version of "All together" in MP3 format for years but lost it when I was trying to partition my HDD. Under older versions of windows, during installation you could clear a partition and only install on that without having to clear the whole drive, unfortunately with windows 10 installation, I couldn't do that and I lost everything. (Maybe it was windows 7). Anyway, I liked the unmastered version better. I don't like the creepy circus music they added and the weird sound effect. Its ok but meh thats me.
  20. I think this is the same version as what's on youtube: Maybe it's different than the version in the store you linked, but I cant tell the difference haha
  21. I have to wonder what his next steps are here. He's openly pondered retirement before... just creating things quietly and sharing them with friends. At the same time he's described the past few years as financially ruinous, so is retirement in his cards? He's openly pushed back against the "going it alone" style of a lot of artists in favour of having his label take care of the more laborious parts of the business. Is that something he'd have to learn to embrace if he wanted to keep going?
  22. For my parents this would be April Wine. MGB is the April Wine of our era. Most people are like "April who?" Then they hear a song and go ooooh yeah I recognize that. MG and MGB are that now. I work with lots of younger women in their early to late 20s who don't know who mg or mgb is but play Weapon and they go "oh yeah ok". Play time bomb though... nope sorry.
  23. I wouldn't go that far. With the current publicity coupled with being dropped by a label and management, there's no way he'd have anything up on his website. He will more likely attempt to "relaunch" his career (or what's left of it) once a good year-plus has passed and if nothing further comes of this entire situation. It's strictly a wait and see but it doesn't look too good right now.
  24. Anyone else notice the MG website is absolute bare bones? The shop is gone. All it says is to enjoy music on your favorite streaming device. Not good. Anyone think this is a sign that he's packing in his career?
  25. such a short time to have been sold and then found randomly collecting dust..
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