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  2. Such a real feeling song and video. I really like how natural and emotional the video feels. Matt's voice and singing sounds really good here, really clean and some nice higher range. And the strings sound grand. Much more up my alley than Sicily or quite a bit of the last album.
  3. I don't think it's too short. When I watch the video and listen to the song I get this realization that I've been following MG's career for so long and we're both in very different places in our lives all these years later. Matt and his music have aged and matured over the years as have I and I feel like we're all growing older with the music together. This song feels more mature than past stuff......I dunno what I'm really trying to say.
  4. Cool, thanks. I love Vancouver. It's such a nice city.
  5. Vancouver, The Metropolitan Vancouver Hotel in one of the suites. I stayed there not long ago, different room, but recognized the view looking toward the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  6. i'm really happy matthew is making videos again. quite like the song and the video is good.
  7. I agree. Wow, that was hauntingly beautiful. I almost had tears welled up in me around 1:08 too. Nice video. I'm curious where that was filmed. Maybe Vancouver? I can't wait for February 21st.
  8. So hauntingly beautiful. Not gonna lie...I choked up/teared up when I saw his facial expressions at 1:08 for the first time
  9. It interesting, I was watching some of that footage of MGB on Much Music during their LOTGA days and Matt seemed so excited and full of energy, then you see some of the late Underdogs, early BM era footage and you can see a change in his demeanour a little. Things starting to wear on him.
  10. a drunkard in Hamburg lost in Stadtpark sleeping in wet glass (grass?) marching vodka tonight I'm a series of long shots forever selling you my heart selling you my heart gotta think gotta think carefully the PR of inaccuracy photographs of the back of me photographs of the back of me face down long hair sit up and start get dressed, stand there the flashes arc last night I was memory of broken parts selling you my heart selling you my heart gotta think gotta think carefully the PR of inaccuracy photographs of the back of me photographs of the back of me of the back me of the back me of the back me of the back me ... Feel free to correct
  11. Such a beautiful song. So intimate. So sweet. I just love it. Way too short, I agree. I would have loved it to last it longer.
  12. The cd and vinyl are up on official store for pre-order Vinyl- https://matthewgood.store-08.com/featured/mg050037-matthew-good-moving-walls-2x12-vinyl-black/ CD- https://matthewgood.store-08.com/featured/mg050036-matthew-good-moving-walls-cd/ Probably other places soon
  13. Amazing song but way too short. This would have deserved a Champions of Nothing kind of treatment!
  14. Really glad to see this song get a video. Wasn't a huge fan of Sicily although I did enjoy the video itself, But this song is everything I love about Matt's music. Can't wait for this new album! I've really liked most of what I've heard from it so far.
  15. Wow this is a great song. Kinda reminds me of an oldschool MG tune in a way. Love it.
  16. 1. One Of Them Years 2. A Momentary Truth 3. Beauty 4. Sicily 5. Boobytrapped 6. Radicals 7. Dreading It 8. Your Rainy Sound 9. Fingernails 10. Lumière Noire 11. A Thousand Tons 12. The Heights 13. Selling You My Heart 14. Thorn Bird 15. Parts
  17. Video just uploaded to YouTube. Pretty good!
  18. Lol, seems like you were right. Instead of "tomorrow" we got it tonight.
  19. Yes but no. For years Matt has lamented the fact that nowadays in the music business there's no surprise anymore. I remember on one bootleg or interview he said something like "When Kiss had a new album release we knew on the same day". I get the feeling he's going for that with this record. We learnt about Sicily on the day before it was released. I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happened for the second second and if we got the tracklisting the day before the release too.
  20. Haven't seen a thing. Kinda weird.
  21. Sort of related but there hasn't been anything available for preorder either and a month lead seems the norm. I looked through my order history of albums and there is usually something in advance (CD, vinyl and a potential that some albums were autographed). "Something Like a Storm" was released in October and preorder was in September "Chaotic Neutral" was released in October and preorder was in August "Arrows of Desire" was released in September and I don't think there was a preorder (my order was for the same day as the album was released) "Lights of Endangered Species" was released May and preorder was March (vinyl was available in May)
  22. Earlier
  23. I did the last few VIPs. The sound check is a wonderful experience. One time they did a chat afterward and on the solo tour Matt took a Q & A. In my opinion the biggest advantage is the early entry, and this is only applicable if you are going to a GA venue and value being in the front. Last year a guy did ask to get something autographed but I don’t know that this is the norm for Matt any longer, with trying to keep healthy during the tour. This years swag is I think an autographed set list, which is a weird thing to have before seeing the show. Usually there is a tour poster but the price seems to have gone down so that’s cool. I think there is definitely also a difference between full band vs solo experience. If you’ve never done it before and have the cash to spend, I would go for it.
  24. Has anyone seen a track list for Moving walls? The album release is about a month away and normally MG has released way more info by now. I am hoping "Selling you my Heart" made it onto the final album. I can't wait until Feb 21. I realize that title might be a little click bait so I'm sorry.
  25. Thank you @adam_777!! Great post. Very interesting comments. I am going to listen to Avalanche right now!
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