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  2. I am hopeful to hear some new music though I am not holding my breath. I know with the accusations, being dropped by Warner Music Canada, and time for self reflection, I am sure it will take some time before we hear anything. It would be interesting if Tribus was released and all profits redirected to charity supporting women… would Hayley likely do the same? I am sure a lot of the other artists involved on that project would have liked to see their contributions see the light of day.
  3. Awe man, those things are awful. Thankfully, I don't normally see them because I use Ublock Origin on my desktop browser. No youtube ads, no facebook ads. Its great! On my phone though... arg.
  4. Lots of older artists don't even bother recording albums anymore anyway. They are a lot of work and there is no money in them anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if Matt stopped recording albums and just released singles to be streamed every now and then. Honestly, the average person has no clue about all of this controversy and I wouldn't be surprised if Matt continued to tour randomly after COVID and all of this blows over. He would probably still sell out venues because most people who know about him and would go see him, don't come to sites like this, and considering the lack of press
  5. COVID is related to the same virus as SARS. They have been working on vaccines for this virus type for many years. Its not like they just created one in x1 year. Also yes we've have unprecedented cooperation and sharing of information by scientists and money thrown at COVID due to its effect on the global economy. You're darn right they're going to sort this out fast because the world economy depends on it. Funding for research is a major factor for sure. In reality there is only so much money to go around and only so many resources available at any given time and any given place. Its al
  6. I have a feeling the new "Tribus" album will never see the light of day. Permanently shelved and something new put out in it's stead down the line. Given all that's gone on I can't imagine putting out an album that is so infused with what I'll simply call for now "bad press" is beneficial. I sort of imagine putting as much distance between MG and the controversy around him is the goal now, so I just can't see it coming out anymore. Maybe I'm wrong but I kinda think I'm not. Anyone else feel the same way?
  7. Probably. It is from a place called TeeChip. I bought it by mistake. The online store has many bad reviews. They said the mug was black, but clearly it is not.
  8. is that from one of those terrible facebook ad things?
  9. I have one last item in my MG collection. It is unofficial memorabilia. I forgot I had it. It has never been used. Does anyone want it? It is free, and it has never been used. Matt once made comment about it and said,
  10. I know how you feel. Really. I was fourteen in the spring of '99 when I finally got my hands on Underdogs. The conceit of MG's music and writing resonated in a way nothing else had; the subversion, the intellect, the cynicism. I was a badly damaged kid who needed someone to look up to. Damage made sense, so Matt made sense. The year that followed was marked by a severe depression that dovetailed into a psychotic episode; dissociation, disconnection, derealization. Beautiful Midnight weaves in and out of that time for me like connective tissue. The music, and the notion that maybe there wa
  11. This is a rad project. I'm pretty sure my Windows XP gaming-savvy desktop circa 2001 still works in the basement. AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1ghz processor, Sound Blaster sound card, some kind of Radeon card, DVD-writer, Gravis gamepad, Logitech joystick, can't remember the amount of RAM but it was a ton at the time.
  12. The thing is, throughout my life pretty much everything and everyone I've cared about, besides my wonderful parents, has turned out to be a lie. I was taught to believe phony stories about Jesus and God, I believed in Santa Claus, the baseball heroes from my youth whose posters I had on my wall turned out to be steroid cheaters, the He-Man toys and stories i loved turned out to just be a way for a corporation to make cash from plastic and TV cartoon ads, and now Disney is pimping my beloved Star Wars like a whore, not to mention good friends who abandoned me all along the way. Now it tur
  13. You're a very kind and generous person. Don't change, even if you get hurt sometimes.
  14. Thanks @patrickjnixon. Hollis has definite LOES vibes. I like how layered it sounds. A Corridor of Trees, not my favorite kind of track but I like the instrumentation. Lost And Found Kids, interesting to hear the vocals through like a phaser kind of effect. Liked the slow build to the electric guitar. Kinda wanna hear more ....
  15. Well since you asked OriginalSpecies, I have one last copy of the Matthew Good notebook, pen and lanyard from the his solo tour VIP soundcheck. I also have a White Light Rock & Roll Review CD, with no CD booklet, and an Our Lady Peace-MG tour VIP lanyard. I don't know if you want that. PM me your details and they're yours. That's all I have for extras. Thanks for saying that.
  16. Whoa, whoa, whoa--let's not get carried away now... other users might want some merch *nudge*nudge*wink*wink So while my not-so-subtle hint at acquiring a slice of this pie is completely sincere... I just want to say that I'm sorry Personally, my brain could earn a gold medal in gymnastics for the amount of exceptions and rationalizions it took to maintain a fair amount of my Matt Good fandom... but reading through this thread, it's a little annoying to witness all the vitriol that's been thrown your way, simply because your core principles and values render you unable to
  17. still wish i could track down few singles i'm missing Songs have come in here and there and I still enjoy them. We'll see what (if) future work feels like. But old stuff just has too much of my life wrapped into it and for the most part I'd separated art/artist so it's been pushed more to fully separated is all.
  18. Sure it's all yours, foats. Expect a gigantic box of all his CDs and MG merch. Shipping is on me. It's my treat.
  19. I would gladly love your MG merch. I would pay for shipping too. Just let me know.
  20. He released 3 new songs and they are awesome. I grabbed them while they were up. DM me and I can put them into a Google Folder to share with you. Actually, the links are still live from where I DLd them. Thanks to @RickDalton for posting this on the Tribus thread, which is now locked. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce754286e044e6a0cc7d8/1617749861013/05-Lost+and+Found+Kids-CPS-VR2.3.mp3/original/05-Lost+and+Found+Kids-CPS-VR2.3.mp3 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/52f12872e4b06acd907e7ea3/t/606ce893e009de7583199f29/1617
  21. Sadly, I can’t keep enjoying the art for art’s sake, including live performances. It’s a done deal for me and there's no going back. I’m at the point where I want to get rid of all my Matthew Good merch and burn it. I was around when he shared new material, but I chose not to listen to it. Edit: You're not allowed to air grievances or diss Matt in here? I am looking at the RickDalton's pictures above. In the past, I would have admired it and thought it looked nice. But now, I can't help it. It looks more to me like a wall of shame.
  22. I checked out for a while and took a break from the music but I'm at the point where I would like to listen to MG's music again. I apparently missed the new material he shared. Didn't see it on his website when I looked today. I agree there won't be a Moving Walls tour ever. Gotta move on from it at this point.
  23. I remember when he released these on his website. I'm almost positive that nothing was ever released from that song besides this. Yeah it's a really cool clip.
  24. Project: Vintage DOS/Win98 gaming machine is complete! (sans 3.5 " floppy drive). Specs: Motherboard: Epox brand, Slot 1 CPU, Intel 440bx chipset, x1 AGP 3.3v slot, x4 PCI slots, x3 ISA slots. SD and EDO RAM compatibility. First gen USB. 66 or 100mhz FSB. CPU: Pentium III 600mhz RAM: 512MB SDRAM 133 running at 100mhz with timings 2-2-2. VIDEO: Voodoo 3 2000 AGP 16MB @ 2x AGP speed. (For late 90s glide API games and DOS). Geforce4 4200 128MB AGP 8x (For early 00's Quake 3 engine and newer games). Sound: ISA Sound blaster 16 Vibra S with onboard
  25. Hello, I found a 3 part series of clips once on his Blog when he was demoing for Vancouver using GarageBand and showing his demoing process. One of the 3 clips was a sneak peak into what later would become Empty's Theme Park I believe.. The other two clips were about this untitled one: Only a little part (Matt: "Chorus has been done..."), but I absolutely love these few seconds. Does anybody remember this demo, how it's called and has Matt released a hole demo or has he played it live? Thanks for your help!
  26. I don’t think there will be a proper Moving Walls tour. Through previous posts, it seems like it was more of “let’s cut our losses and move onto the next album cycle.” I am hopeful and would very like to hear new music and see a new tour as well.
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