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  2. Originally planned on attending the NYC show but Buffalo is now looking like a much safer/healthier option. Hoping to maybe attend a full band show as well, will see what border restrictions look like then.
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  4. My show was cancelled unfortunately. Oh well, shit happens. Maybe next time. I hope the venue gives me a refund. I've already sent in the request.
  5. Some extra info in case anyone is also in this position: I am unable to make the rescheduled date that I purchased VIP for. Emailed sound rink and they were super helpful and transferred my VIP to a different tour date for me. Here’s to hoping this tour actually happens...
  6. My county in the US was moved to the yellow face yesterday. Basically meaning some retail shops were allowed to open and gatherings of 25 or less are allowed. Naturally a bunch of people were out acting like idiots. Hopefully the virus is contained or at least most of life is back to normal by fall.
  7. It depends, I imagine we will be in for a few stages of restriction lifting in the time to come, a Matthew Good show is a different world than a Rolling Stones show as far as pandemic spread is concerned. I could easily see these smaller style theater concert and movie theater type situations being on the reopen list in the next six months if the virus continues to be reasonably contained. Interesting that some shows seem to have not been rescheduled like the Nanaimo show, wonder if they will just cancel that outright or if they are waiting for a date to be confirmed.
  8. great to see the tour has been rescheduled but i wonder if we'll actually be past the pandemic by then.
  9. Judging on past few years, weather here (Buffalo) has been fairly tame in November. I’m sure that means we will get 7 feet dumped on us by september 1 still planning on my hometown date. Had VIP booked for Kitchener but it is thanksgiving day and we host dinner, so not sure I can get out of that. Going to see if I can transfer the VIP to another show. It’s either that or a refund so hopefully it goes my way.
  10. this is going to be a tricky one. Plan on doing Buffalo but the weather in Buffalo in November could be good or it could be miserable. Last couple of years I have had good weather where I live but I drive past the snow belt to get to Buffalo. Hopefully the world is in a better place and the border restrictions are lifted by then.
  11. I have an airplane ticket credit. I wonder if it would be safe to travel to New York by then or if I should get a refund for the NY show. That's a tough one.
  12. Very cool to read these. Re: the Sept 15th 2001 show in Saskatoon - I had tickets to that concert. Then September 11th happened and everything was cancelled
  13. You two should check your inbox next time you're online here. And yeah, Adam talked to Matt about the videos during a Q and A session last year.
  14. Very cool. Thanks for providing. Got through a few and some interesting reads.
  15. I read through em all and found out some interesting things: 1) Matt was inspired to write Deep Six after watching a Noel Gallagher interview: "He was going on about how rock 'n' roll shouldn't mean anything and how you shouldn't really try to say anything. And I was thinking, well, that's pretty weak, but whatever, he's got his f---ing point of view, right? And then he starts going on about how the world's a great place and we're all having a good time. And then I just sat up and said, `Do you wake up on the same planet I do? Why don't you f---ing flip over to CNN and check it out?' That's where I got the line, `I don't know where you think you are.' " 2) Matt was inspired to write Automatic after watching a show on liposuction: "I was watching some show about how this woman had to get this (stuff) sucked out of her hips so she could fit into her dress to go to an opera," says Good. "It's a song about how things are so accessible. People used to worry about things like making sure there was gas in the truck so they could drive their wares to market and now they're worried about getting a new nose. And I find that pathetic." 3) Matt played violin from age 3 to 14. 4) Matt wrote 52 songs for Beautiful Midnight. 5) Matt said Carmelina was "too bass-y". 6) In 2002, Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar called Matt “Matt Average” and then said this: "I don't want to slag the guy, because his music is really good. But why does he have to be such an idiot? Matthew Good is a twerp. He is not nice to anybody. He's nasty to his fans, he's nasty to the press, he's nasty to the record label, he's nasty to the guys in his band. Wake up! You're Matthew Good. You are not Matthew The Great. You're just good." And this is a guy who toured with Matt just a few years before. There's more interesting stuff you may not have known or have forgotten. Here's the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20041012103943/http://www.canoe.com/JamMusicArtistsG/good_matthew.html
  16. Came across this guy when I discovered a cover he did of MG's Sicily. He has some really unique originals, imo, that I've quite enjoyed listening to.
  17. Not too sure where else to post this so I thought I would post it here. Anyways, the 4 of you should check your message boxes if you see this.
  18. i finally started playing my switch again (smash bros ultimate) but then started playing stellaris on pc. smash just isn't as fun without other people. i need to finish zelda before the sequel comes out.
  19. I just finished Trials of Mana. That was really fun! I'm going to do another run with the 3 characters I didn't use. It will be a challenge since I won't have any healers or mage's but the item system is pretty good at keeping you alive. I'm having trouble keeping interest in Jedi Fallen Order, but I'll keep at it.
  20. I really like the new "Back of the Tiger" on his site. Victory is Free sounds like the Sheepdogs:
  21. Totally agreed. This is pretty awesome! I love the unexpected variety, even some electronic stuff which is very unusual for Matt. The sounds with those clips are a pretty nice effect. I like all of them but Victory Is Free is the most fun.
  22. I like Moving Walls, as a whole. But I freaking LOVE this new experiment. I went into the two new tracks thinking they might be similar to daylight actual and then I was completely blown away. More of this please.
  23. Wow. Just wow. For my money, Matthew Good is firing on all cylinders--i am absolutely loving this era of his career: Moving Walls just completely torpedoed me back into fandom-mode, and this "Crisis Airlines" collection? Wonderful Not quite sure what I was anticipating prior to listening (maybe a few slightly north of average b-sides?), but this is something wholly separate from the place I imagined Good to be. As much I adore MW, what perhaps is fueling my excitement for MG's output even more is how quickly and effortlessly this little side project seems to've taken shape. The music is interesting, a wee bit playful, and delightfully unexpected/ unexpectedly delightful. Now I'm wanting Good to forgo the album (only for a little while! ...you can put the pitchforks down ) and create a slew of EPs...
  24. All 3 are now just in the link that Gweeps just shared above and are available for download. I have to say that I'm liking both new songs. The piano and the bridge in Victory is Free are standouts to me and his use of strings and electronic elements in Back of the Tiger (on top of the themes touched on in the sound clips he used are pretty poignant. I like the fact that he used them from John. F. Kennedy who really was an incredibly president). Also have to say I'm always surprised by how proficient Matt is at using the drums in Garageband considering you have to be good at using a key board to produce them in first place which is not the easiest thing.
  25. https://www.matthewgood.org/crisis-airlines
  26. That is so weird because I was watching this on YouTube just 2 weeks ago.
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