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  2. Im treating the Stones like my Ozzy ticket, up in the air this point with their ages. Even if shows start back up in 2021, I don't think we should be rushing 70 year old's on stage in this climate lol.
  3. Did they cancel the Stones? Thought it was still rescheduled.
  4. I'm currently awaiting a response from MRG. Couldn't roll my eyes hard enough after reading the word "credits" after spending the year fighting to get back my refunds for TOOL...Rage...Stones... from the giant Ticketmaster. Heeere We Go Again. If they do give out refunds without stating it anywhere and actually helping their customers, doubt I'd ever give them my money again. Matt's team is scrambling on social media trying to help people fortunately.
  5. I received the email with the 110% credit and after two exchanges was able to get in line for a cash refund.
  6. I notice the email indicated process fees will not be refunded
  7. Just got the email from SoundRink, VIP will be refunded within 30 days.
  8. For Matt's health I am very okay with this move. Yes I was looking forward to it, but it was not looking to be safe the way things are going.
  9. Just a heads up, I just received an email telling me that the rescheduled December Vancouver shows have been cancelled. Sad news to hear but understandable given that the number of cases in the city have skyrocketed. Note: the promoters just issued me 110% credit since I never asked for a refund. Haven't heard anything yet about the VIP packages. Not sure if this is going to be for every show or on a city by city basis but may want to keep an eye on your email for messages from the venues. e: Whole tour cancelled
  10. Matt announced on social media the tour is cancelled and refunds will be given out. He obviously made the right call. 2020 has been a wild year and I am hoping you are all safe and well. Possibly we could have another 1-2 garage shows as they have been incredible.
  11. Earlier
  12. Wow, beyond impressed. I gotta ask, are you a freelance artist? And if so, do you have a website? I am going to be in need of both a book cover and an album cover in the next few months, and I'd love to go through an indie-artist!
  13. wow, those are amazing. as a guy who abhors trying to find a decent picture for my itunes album art, i love people like you!
  14. there's not much here i'm missing. i have bon temp, but not the songs listed underneath it (jack and merle, etc).
  15. No, I think there's just not a lot of people here in general. I, for one, enjou the Daniel Craig Bond films and am very excited for this!
  16. We live in the Cleveland area—which, as far as football goes, well, yeah....
  17. We've had a couple of 'close calls' where I work, but thus far, I only know one person (my aunt) who has tested positive. Thankfully, Ohio was ahead of the curve in regards to reaction in a lot of ways, and while it sucked at the time, in retrospect, a 2-month closure looks prudent to say the least.
  18. Williammunny11


    This is incredibly well-stated—I couldn't agree more.
  19. Thanks guys. I'm gonna try Debut and Video Pad on a small section of the tape first. They are of course unfortunately all 4 to 6 hour tapes so I'll see how easy it is on a section of it. It goes in and out of sync, which I just don't understand. Not even when it switches to something else that was taped, seems like from the same session it was recorded it turns up out of sync. I have a decently new PC with 12GB RAM so was hoping it wasn't the PC, but maybe that is too much for it. The VHS to DVD to PC rip is a good idea if I can't get the above to work. That is manageable too. Thanks.
  20. I am a medical professional in a long term care facility.
  21. I used to do transfers through a fire wire but would frequently have issues like Steve is having. As Daniel said it can be fixed after the fact without too much trouble by just adjusting the audio track, usually if you can sync it up in one place it will sync up everywhere, of course if there are multiple glitches that kind of process quickly becomes a nightmare. I always found feeding and capturing directly on a computer to introduce too many issues in the chain, so I went with a more old school setup. I actually run a VHS player through a dvd recorder and just record the feed directly onto a DVD. I then rip the DVD to the computer. It adds an extra step but I've never had sync issues doing it that way and I've been pretty happy with that setup.
  22. @adam_777, u have any info on this subject? I've never used Elgato- or even done VHS to digital transfers- but with regards to the video/audio being out of sync, if u can't find any other solutions there are other programs you can use. I had a similar problem with the one I used to record the interviews I did with Ian and John this past July. It's called "Debut". After the interviews were done I would play them back and the audio/video would be out of sync. As such, when I would upload them into VideoPad to do the editing I would just separate the audio/video tracks and then move one or the other backwards or forwards so they could be placed back in sync. Admittedly with the second interview the audio was still slightly out of place, but that had more to do with the extra clips I spliced in during the interview moving the video and audio out of place again after I had originally fixed it. For your problem, if all else fails, you could download VP, upload your converted material from Elgato into it and then fix the sync issue from there. https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/download-now.html Keep in mind though VP is really only good for short projects (like 20-30 minutes) because the export time from the program once you're done editing can be rather frustrating.
  23. Wow, do you mind me asking where you work, Mike?
  24. Decided to stop ignoring the box of VHS tapes I have and get to transferring some of my home and sport stuff to digital. I am using Elgato and you just let the tape run in the VHS player and play on your desktop and forget about it until its done. It's nice but I seem to be getting audio out of sync by a couple seconds. Went through their FAQ and asked around and not much help. Anyone else do any VHS transferring and have success with Elgato or a different program that isn't too complicated?
  25. It's been one of those years lol.
  26. I agree with most of your post. I really hope this grows on me because quite frankly, I'm not feeling this one. Wow it's been a while lol
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