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    I attended the Amex live session this evening as a friend offered me his ticket to join in, so here's a run down of what happened. It was quick with four songs and a few Q&A's thrown in. MG comment: Attendees can vote for the closing song: Born Losers, Strange Days, Beauty Song 1: Load Me Up Q: Most memorable concert you played? A: The Who Song 2: Hello Time Bomb MG comment: Acoustic rendition of HTB created during encore after a fan request and it stuck. Second guess song is working out every time it's played. Song 3: Apparitions Q: Expand on the process of creating Moving Walls? Why pick Moving Walls as title? A: Sounded cool. Can't tell from where I'm sitting but I wrote and recorded parts of the demos from the garage and went in to Bathouse Studios Warne L. To create the record. Anytime I write strings and me and Warne get a hold of them we have to do it for real. Q: Do you think Arsenal has a chance at winning Premier League? Favorite player? A: No chance "hell no", squad isn't cohesive. Potential to win league under but a matter of it want to see if get right players. Song 4: Strange Days MG stumbled during the song and did a second take. Q: Favorite song of all time? A: Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan. This is the song of all songs MG comment: Wraps it up for us, thanks for joining. Trip report: Great sound and excellent video feed. First time using sessionsonlive and was impressed with the results. The setlist featured "hits" which I anticipated for this performance but I love the acoustic versions and updates to Time Bomb so no complaints from this fan. That's it, show was done in under 30 minutes.
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    Yeah, it sucks to get screwed out of fees, but we should all remember that Matt, who makes his living playing these shows, is the one who really got screwed here. I hope he's doing well...as a struggeling artist (with a dayjob) myself, I can't even imagine what must be going through his mind. Dude dropped one of his best albums and then the bottom fell out...his grace in the wake of all that has been an inspiration to say the least.
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    Bones Hillman just died from cancer. Rich Priske also died this year, plus Geoff Lloyd. That's 3 Matthew Good bassists now dead. Plus Matt just lost his mom, and his dad died earlier in the year. What a terrible year.
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    Definitely want to thank Anton for doing this. One of the better administrators on the web. Does a great job and doesn't get near the thanks he should. Thank you Anton for 16 years. Hoping for another 16!!
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    I was thinking the other day that this site has been around since 2004. That's 16 years of this place where we've all come over the years to interact and communicate with each other. Aside from random discussions about whatever topic that gets raised, this place has also let us get to know each other better and even do meet ups in person, on top of getting to hear from members of the band and Matt himself over the years. And none of this would have been possible without Anton starting and maintaining this message board. So, since I don't know if anyone has ever said so publicly, I just wanted to say thanks for the work you put into starting this place and for keeping it running all these years. I have no idea what kind of work goes into it, but I am appreciate none the less. So thanks, Anton. Means a lot.
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    it is nice to have this board to be on still So many forums come and gone over the years. I miss having mine, but it died off a bunch when my hosting screwed it up twice, and then people were here so i never brought it back. Saying this is 16 makes me realize in January my site will be 20 Indeed thanks Anton for keeping a place for us to show up frequently around tour time and casually the rest of the time haha
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    Thanks folks. Here's to another 16!
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    I did end up getting my refunds last month so hopefully you get yours soon man. The company that handled the vip also kept the $11! I hope that gives them enough to refund some other fans though.
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    A tiny little home for us hooligans to come and hide once in awhile, i love it. I've probably put more hours & words into this site than facebook/twitter/instagram combined throughout my life. Thanks Anton! Here's to another 16!
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    Congrats Anton on keeping this going for 16 years. And for keeping this group of MG fans communicating. Lots of info here that I would never find elsewhere.
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    That must have been a cool concert. I don’t know how I feel about the car horn honking though. It sounds kind of loud. I believe Big Wreck did a live stream of their last drive-in concert, but I forgot to buy a ticket. I hope the comeback of drive-in theater music concerts continues into 2021. I would love to attend at least one of them in my lifetime just for the experience.
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    I thought Cornell's version was great too. The guitar and drum variation made it refreshing. Wasn't just a note for note cover with Cornell singing. Probably why I like it even more.
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    Big Wreck seem to have found a cool and interesting way around the restrictions by borrowing from the come back of drive in theaters:
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    Chris Cornell's cover of Guns N' Roses song "Patience" This is the best cover song I have ever heard in my life. Beautiful song. https://youtu.be/myZ32Pf-5PE On an unrelated note, Ian Thornley’s voice (of Big Wreck) sure sounds a lot like Chris Cornell. Maybe I will go see Big Wreck in January if live concerts are safe, and they're following COVID-19 guidelines and protocol.
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    This year just keeps going. RIP Bones Hillman Always thought this was a beautiful performance they did together as a band.
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    I had the pleasure seeing Bones play in December 2015 in Toronto, ON at the Danforth Music Hall. Amazing seeing him on the bass. RIP Bones.
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    Oh Jesus christ almighty. My condolences to the whole Warne/Good/Midnight Oil/Hillman family. Goodness gracious nobody can catch a break lately. Please be well, everyone. Truly.
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    Lebron was big on defund the police. He just found out his brother's sister was murdered in Akron Ohio and now Lebron is calling for the police to find the murderer. While I hope I never know the pain Lebron is feeling it is unjust to use your fame to push a narrative only to do a complete 360 when you need the help. The bigger issue though isn't BLM it's the media. The media is dividing the United States. It's not Trump, not Biden, it's the media fueling the fire. If Trump were to lose I shudder to think what the media would talk about 24/7. SNL might as well just throw in the towel.
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    I agree. BLM is a political movement that wants a revolution. They want to tear down our existing system and replace it with a Marxist Utopia (To simplify it). They are not just about policing, but are using police issues to their advantage. If you want better police, they need more money and training, not less. Everything you hear about "privilege" "oppressors" etc comes from Critical Race Theory and Marxist Ideology. Its a theory being touted as fact and has an almost cult like following now. (ie; see cancel culture). Sam is completely right about police. Are there corrupt police? Yeah, but defunding them or getting rid of them is an idiotic concept based on flawed ideology. It's the "Woke" cult mentality. Sorry I used a lot of buzzwords there. I just don't have the energy to completely deconstruct this issue as it is so complex and complicated. I don't deny racism exists, I'm just simplifying it to this being a political issue.
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    I sent a complaint to Sound Rink via the Better Business Bureau and got my money back https://www.bbb.org/us/me/portland/profile/event-ticket-sales/sound-rink-inc-0021-143327/complaints
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    I think they view this as they still had to handle the initial transaction and then now the refund. That $11 is not part of the VIP experience you are paying for. Definitely not a MG thing either way. I get the frustration though, imagine if you pick up 4-5 tickets and this happens, it adds up.
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    and sound rink just manages the VIP....
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    To be fair, I don't think mg has much if any control over those refunds and fees. Pretty sure he got nothing from them. Those credit card fees are charged by the credit card companies too and I'm guessing these vendors can't afford to take the hit. I would mail them back and see if they'll do it for you but I understand where they're coming from.
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    Imagine being in a band and being told how to play and what instrument to play and not getting proper writing credit. No wonder he left the band.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say that it was by her request and under special circumstances, some time ago, and that we no longer do this. Apologies, we didn't really have a policy in place and obviously did not foresee what kind of impact it would have. Marcy was a great contributor to this site and the MG community as a whole and she will be sorely missed. My sincerest condolences to her loved ones.
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