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    For certain reasons, I can't provide footage from the show. However, I have uploaded one track from the show as an unlisted video on YouTube for the members of this board. Please do not circulate or share this link outside of this forum. Haven't Slept In Years - Cheers
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    Pretty cool. Second professional video Matt's been in since 2004. Really like the setting, lighting, fireworks and, for the most part, the editing. Nice to see he included his new girlfriend in the video too. Glad to see the guy has someone in his life again. Also just appreciated Matt's presence in the video in general. He always seems to convey a good sense of authenticity (I'm thinking specifically of the Apparitions and Strange Day videos). Thoughts?
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    Dear all, dear Rhu8ar8Pi3, I apologize if this message is not appropriate in this section of the forum, but I would like –if the administrators let me– to STRONGLY THANK this member from this wonderful group (Rhu8ar8Pi3) for all the gifts I have just received today related to our adored MG. This means a lot to me. For me it is very difficult to see MG live, to even talk to him or simply saying that "I am a great Spanish fan" of him, living so far away from Canada. For that reason, receiving these gifts makes me very, very happy, closer to MG and very thankful. I just wanted to publicly thank Rhu8ar8Pi3 for her kindness and generosity sharing all these things with me. Thanks a lot, honest. I feel very proud of being a member of this group and be in touch with such nice and generous people here Big hugs from Spain, Juanpe
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    If anybody is really that interested, I've posted the full interview from the '98 show (all 4 clumsy minutes of it) here - feel free to do with it as you wish - I couldn't even bear listening to it so I hope it turned out haha... https://youtu.be/h-CVoS2oMV0 Cheers Travis
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    Hi guys, Thanks for the discretion in keeping the link private. I felt I should address the replies that have followed since my first posts - As much as I'd love to provide the whole show for every MGB fan on this board and worldwide, there's a plethora of reasons of why I cannot. The major reasons involve media/journalist integrity - footage like this is supposed to be only used sparingly as B-Roll (like what was used in the Rogers piece) and then discarded once the final piece is finished. I had already overstepped my boundaries by recording almost the entire show (usually you only need about 5-10 minutes at most for a story like that), which I'm sure I certainly wouldn't have gotten permission to do had anyone in the MGB camp known. Being as I am still a camera op, I cannot risk gaining a reputation of abusing media privileges by releasing footage containing material that technically shouldn't exist, is unauthorized, unapproved, and copyrighted out to anybody. I know now that this footage is apparently quite rare, but it doesn't change the fact. While this does seem like a trustworthy group, it's just something I cannot do. Even privately, with the promise of not spreading it around, it doesn't change the fact that it's not my material to distribute. In afterthought, even posting that one song on Youtube was something I shouldn't have done. Even as an unlisted video, it already has a copyright claim against it, so who knows how long it'll even exist up there. Another reason is that I don't want to ruffle any feathers with record labels, their lawyers, and especially Matthew himself. While I hear he used to have a much larger online social presence, including historically posting to this forum, I'm certain as the day is long that if he found any of this footage circulating around without his prior direct consent (and the consent of his record label and management likely), that he'd be pretty f*cking pissed at that clumsy 17 year kid who fumbled through likely the worst interview of his life 20 years ago, and I don't want that kind of karma from someone I respect. From what I hear, Matthew does not have a very fond place in his spiritual mindset for nostalgia, or the past in general (or at least he doesn't anymore). I attempted to track down a method of communication in which to reach him directly (just to let him know that the footage exists, and if he wanted a copy of it), but he seems to currently have a fortress around his online social presence and it looks to me like he doesn't want anything to do with random fans/people sending him messages. I don't think there's even much attention paid to his official website anymore because there's little actual content, the MG smartphone app that is advertised all over the site no longer exists, and there's not even a contact option. However, if any of you still have direct contact with him, or Ian/Dave, then by all means, pass along the information, tell them that the offer is available to them, and maybe they'll consent to letting you keep a copy for yourself. And for the guys above offering me money to send them the show in exchange for secrecy - I appreciate the offer - I know you mean well, and that it's a "holy grail" of sorts, but profiting off of the footage would makes things worse tenfold. I'm really sorry everyone - I didn't mean to open Pandora's box - I didn't know that footage like this was so rare. I kind of dropped off the MG(B) radar once they broke up, and I had just assumed that much more material would be available since they were the biggest band in Canada for at least a couple of years. Anyways, I just wanted to explain myself so I didn't leave anyone hanging with their hopes up. I mean - for god sakes - that awfully done Rogers Cable story/interview I made surfaced on Youtube 20 years later - imagine how many places the source material would find itself if it ever saw the light of internet day. Keep rockin' y'all - don't hate me! Cheers, Travis
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    My pleasure, Juanpe. Anytime.
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    Whoa!! I've been gone for awhile in Qatar on a work assignment and come back to this!!! Amazing. To the poster I'l throw down $100 to your paypal acct right now and promise not to distribute to youtube for a copy of the full vid. Must hear Inescapable US live before I die.
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    This was the set list from the May 8th Coquitlam show: 1 - My Out Of Style Is Coming Back 2 - Strangest One Of All 3 - Haven't Slept In Years 4 - Apparitions 5 - Everything Is Automatic 6 - Raygun 7 - Deep Six 8 - Prime Time Deliverance 9 - Look Happy, It's The End Of The World 10 - Rico 11 - Generation X-Wing 12 - Indestructible 13 - Symbolistic White Walls 14 - Invasion 1 There was also a brief cover of Thunderstruck in between one of the songs above (about 30 seconds of it - before they stopped and Matt said "That's about all we know from that one"). For the encore, it was: 1 - The Inescapable Us 2 - Middle Class Gangsters 3 - Alabama Motel Room
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    With regards to the topic/theme of the video/song, I think the fact that different people are drawing different things from it goes to show how Matt is still great at crafting. Anytime people can look at/listen to something and get different things out of it, that means it can reach more people, and that's one of the reasons Matt's work is so impactful- because it's crafted in a way that is subjective and open to interpretation. Personally, I love it when artists (even though something obviously has its own personal meaning to them) leave it up to the audience to interpret the theme. As far as the video goes, Matt spoke to ET Canada just recently and has this to say about it: The intent behind the video was to juxtapose the oddity of the saddened perception of the clowns with their obvious companionship and the strength of it revealed in the video,” Good said in a statement. “It’s a comment on how, in this day and age, the complexities of emotion are presented as uncomfortable. That one must be a standardized happy to be happy.” https://etcanada.com/news/544482/matthew-good-debuts-music-video-for-his-emotional-new-single-sicily/ On a slightly different topic, I have to admit, it has been a pleasant surprise that because I like the video so much it seems to have made me appreciate the song itself more. I'll admit, when I first heard Sicily I was kind of..."meh" about it. Didn't think it was bad and didn't think it was great. Now every time I hear it I picture the video in my head and it makes me appreciate the song more. Funny how association works like that.
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    That's a completely different vibe from what I got. When he says "Cause I feel everything and you know maybe it's time I oughta" and the face he does when he sings it, what I got is that he may have been emotionnally numb in some aspects of his life or purposefully ignoring some feelings he had and now he's been able to feel them and/or go through what he had to and feels better now. Also someone on Matt's Instagram complained that it was cheesy to write a song with the name of the city he visited and Matt said that he didn't go to Sicily and that it had nothing to do with the title.
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    I think this is Matt's best video in at least 15 years. It's a great video. The song is catchy, and the lyrics are great. My first guess as to the meaning of the song/video is that he's talking about all the shit his fans/the public gives him about his personal life and relationships, and how even though he's famous and should be accustomed to it these comments still hurt him. This eludes to him wearing the clown makeup also, maybe he feels like sometimes he's treated as just a performer simply for our own entertainment (a clown) and us fans sometimes don't treat him like a real human being with feelings. I get that from this: " Maybe I'm just bad at things, Maybe I'm just better off camera, 'Cause I feel everything, And you know, maybe it's time I oughta". I think Sicily, where Matt vacationed to Italy recently, was maybe a place Matt could feel free, and completely anonymous without all the BS that comes with fame, a place where he and a new relationship can be free of the burdens and drama of Canada. Maybe the song is referring to him getting over his ex, some drama between them that's happened, and moving on to a new relationship.
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    I quite enjoyed it. I haven't seen a music video of his that used lighting this well in a while, it was very refreshing to see. I noticed that the description says the album is called "Moving Walls". It's an interesting title and I'm curious to know how that plays in to the broader context of the album.
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    Just curious if there would be any difference in the possibility of an audio only extraction of the footage?
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    Yes, I just had a delay of fixing my computer, it'll be updated later tonight
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    I would do the same!
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    Really appreciate hearing your recollection of the show. There are a very limited amount of audio bootlegs floating around from the 1998-2001 period and most of them seem to be recorded with mini disc's which you can imagine doesn't exactly create a high fidelity recording. What they do capture though is the insanity of which you speak. There are moments where the crowd is going absolutely bonkers and sometimes at moments that dont seem to be anything particularly special, so we're left to only speculate as to what was happening at that point in the show to cause such a reaction, without video, and with so few people around who actually saw MGB in their prime the details are lost to time. Still as rough as some of those recordings are they are treasured by a few of us here because they are our only access to an incredible, and as you pointed out earlier, very tight band that just doesn't exist anymore. For someone like myself who was 10 when this Coquitlam concert took place, I just never had the chance to see this band, so there has always been a little bit of a mystique about it, especially when the bootlegs show how amazing they were performance wise and how enthusiastic the crowds were. So your footage might give the best example of what it was really like to be there at one of these concerts, the fact it was a hometown show in Coquitlam is pretty cool in and of itself. As for your concerns over the audio, while it may not be pro quality, what I have heard of it is very enjoyable and far above the fidelity of the bootlegs, and since so little pro material is available from this period of the bands existence it's probably the best there is. Very interesting about the wireless feed being red lined, that must have been frustrating! Still the song samples i've heard and the entire Haven't Slept in Years sound just great to me, but perhaps I've spent so long with the bootlegs anything that doesnt sound like it was recorded through a pair of tin cans from the back of the arena sounds like some form of audible chocolate to these ears haha! I was wondering where exactly you had filmed this, the view definitely is from a high angle, and I figured that angle would be achievable in a large double decked arena like Rogers Arena, but obviously that's not what this venue in Coquitlam was, so I figured you had to be damn near strapped to the ceiling. That camera is pretty impressive to record such clear visuals from that distance over 20 years ago. It's interesting you can see a guy right up front filming with a camera as well, backing up my theory that there was probably tons of footage shot of this band over the years, but there just isn't much demand for that kind of thing to be dug up and released unfortunately. It's one of those situations where to the people that care about it, it would mean everything, but its such a small audience who would care these days that there just isn't really a commercial angle to release something like an archive MGB video/album. It's a shame when you see just how incredible some of these performances were. That whole 90's Can Rock movement really was a special and enthusiastic scene, as a kid I kind of thought it would have more longevity than it did, within a matter of years it was over and most of the audience had moved on, but these kinds of videos are perfect time capsule and something I've always been incredibly grateful for when someone out of the blue posts something like this. Every time I see footage like this it feels like I'm a little bit closer to understanding just what all those people on those bootleg recordings were shouting so frantically about.
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    Thank you for the kind comments. I guess I just shot it the way that I would have looked around with my eyes if I wasn't using a camera. Admittedly though - most of that footage was almost full-zoom anyway - I was pretty far back and high up. I can't remember exactly where I shot from (it wasn't in the arena seating area, i think it was some rickety platform meant for service techs or something. I now recall - I sat behind my camera waiting for the main show to start. The stage and arena were pretty much bathed in darkness ... Everything was fine - people were just milling around, talking, the normal pre-show stuff. Then, with no warning, the Imperial March from Star Wars just starts blasting over the loudspeakers. One-by-one the band filed in on the still-darkened stage, and with a simple "Hey, how's everybody doin' - Let's get right to the point, yeah?" from Matt, the lights come up and they immediately break into My Out Of Style. Well. F Me. Immediate chaos. For the first third of the song, there were so many people going crazy in this place that the structure of whatever surface I was set up on was fluctuating to an almost comical degree - making the footage look like the band were playing through a major earthquake just ignoring it. It was almost as if the entire crowd had their brains swapped with apes and then injected with a near-fatal dose of adrenaline shot all at once, all at the same time. Those crazy kids right?? Lol It's unfortunate that the audio quality is a bit lacking - the FOH guy gave me a wireless feed and he obviously wasn't very adept because he red-lined the crap out if it. I had a shotgun microphone on the camera so I used that to try and tone down the mix but it crapped out for half the show too which is unfortunate. One other notable tidbit was from Matt, right before they ended the encore with Alabama Motel Room. He said: "I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. And I'll tell you one thing - out of everything I might do from now until the end of f*cking time, I'll probably remember tonight more than anything, so thanks a lot". If only we could go back in time, eh? Cheers, Travis
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    That's incredible. Geoff said before he passed that the band had played all the songs off Underdogs live at least once, pretty amazing that they played all of them except Change of Season in this one show. Thats a pretty cool and unique setlist, especially since once Beautiful Midnight came in many of those songs were dropped and never played again by Matt with the band or solo. Its kind of amazing to me that more fan shot MGB footage isnt out there because of how big they were at the time, but any of that material was probably long ago forgotten or disposed of, long before sites like youtube became prominent and easy for people to upload material. I really loved this footage when I first saw the snippets of it because its a fixed angle shot from a distance so you can experience it like you were actually at the concert. In addition you can usually see the whole band and the energy in the crowd too...yet its not so distant that you feel like you can barely see the band. Its a really great angle to capture this show and very different from the extreme close up and numberous cut method that was popular for MUCH proshot broadcasts at the time. Also this view allows you to focus on individual band members more, where close ups usually restrict you to watching the more photogenic band members more than the others.
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    wow thanks so much for posting that, too bad you aren't able to share the entire thing but I can certainly understand. What was the setlist for the show? There is so little information about shows from that era so even knowing what the setlist was would be amazing. Also thanks again so much not just for sharing this but for taking the time to film it all in the first place. a request for other members to please respect the posters wishes not to share elsewhere, I know some people like to get this stuff up on youtube, but lets be grateful for what has been shared here, and keep it here as requested.
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    Wow thank you for this story, actually I love stories like this, like Jeff Stein with The Who, just a fan who somehow got himself into a position to basically be working for the band. Very cool you not only got to see the show, but video it and interview Matt as well, must have been a very exciting time. Do you have any of this footage still, or do you know what became of it? I am assuming you shot the whole gig? Its some amazing footage of MGB in their prime with the original line up and there is so little footage of that era of the band. If more exists the small audience here would be incredibly grateful to see more of it, please feel free to get in touch if you have any of this left! Thanks for posting!
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    I shot and put together the piece from the Rogers Cable video (Coquitlam 1998). I was then a 17 year old camera guy who used this as an excuse to go to the show and interview him (I was a rabid fan). After I spoke with their manager, Frank, on the phone (nice guy), I was surprisingly given the approval to shoot the show and talk with Matthew afterwards. I never had thought that anyone would see it (Rogers was a public access channel) and it was my one and only time acting as interviewer, because for me, it was a godawful experience but it was well worth it. I can't believe that it actually resurfaced on the internet over 20 years later. The Show was fantastic, they were truly a very tight band. It's a shame they never got the attention, respect, or success that they deserved. Geoff was a fantastic player, played great at this show, and it's a goddamn shame he is no longer when us. Thanks for bringing back the memories of my foolish fantasy of being a MuchMusic cameraman!
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