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    Also he is apparently working on Change of Season to add in as the tour goes on, which if he does play it will be the first time in over twenty years I believe, so pretty cool to see some of the ideas hes kicking around for this tour. Should also mention that I bought a ticket for my friend to attend the final stop on the tour in Vancouver and like he did on the BM tour he will record and film the entire concert.
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    Grabbed a photo of the pedal board from tonight's VIP show. I also asked Matt a question about how to market my band and after the photo op was done he asked me to send him a copy of it. I had a cd of it in my car so I went out and grabbed that for him. Now Matt owns the first copy of our EP outside of my band and our family!!
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    I just got back from the Sidney show. I'm not going to go on in a lot of detail, I'm not really sure what to say. Amazing. I've been waiting over 10 years to see Matt play acoustically and it was even better than I expected. I've seen him with the band 7 times before this, not to take anything away from the band, but this is definitely my favourite show I've seen. There was tons of between-song banter (between all the songs), lots of hilarious moments. Matt's show was about 2 hours 10 minutes. It felt like a very personal performance, the venue only has 8 rows of seats. Amazing, I don't know what else to say. I'll take my best stab at the setlist. The beginning and the encore will be correct, the rest will be completely out of order, and there may be some I forget: Fearless Sort of a Protest Song Prime Time Deliverance Born Losers *Unknown New Song* While We Were Hunting Rabbits Tripoli Fated The Fine Art of Falling Apart Alert Status Red Load Me Up Los Alamos Apparitions Strange Days Men At The Door 99% of Us is Failure I don't think I forgot any, but I may have, I quickly scrolled through the album tracklists to try to remember all that was played. Like I said, order is way wrong in the middle. The new song was awesome, not sure if it was ever posted as a demo. The most memorable lyrics were "Once you break it you've bought it, and once you've bought it, it's breakable" (hope I got that right). Oh, some other interesting information we got about the next album: - The working title of the album is currently "Moving Walls", it sounded like that's what Matt wants to call it - There are 16 songs, only 1 has electric guitar - It will be recorded in studio after this tour I still have the Campbell River and Victoria shows to go.
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    I had a message board for a while too (before my hosting messed up and lost the database a few too many times), as did Prime Time Deliverance. PTD had a lot of us who didn't feel like we fit in with groups on Running For Home's board. After PTD wasn't around, I had my board, The Double Life, for a while. MGB during the AOB days linked to Running For Home's board (the APA [Amusement Park Accident]). Nation Of Cool had an official board, was that the Metro?. the official MG.org site had an official board on and off too. There's been so many it's hard to keep track. I'm sure Whorrible and other pre-Running For Home sites had some too. but man was that forever ago to remember considering my site itself is 18 years old
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    Wow, I love this forum. Haha. Good luck to Adam on his adventure. Hope we see you tonight in St. Albert.
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    I am absolutely loving them. Each concert set is completely different from the next. It is refreshing to hear the rarities and new songs too.
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    Hey, team. I’m going to the Airdrie show tonight. This will be my first of ten shows on this tour, so I’ll be busy over the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping for some good clean fun. We don’t need any fisticuffs in the crowd, especially at an acoustic show.
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    In Lake Country Matt debuted Time Bomb and Empty Road. Tonight in Nelson Time Bomv was played again but empty road was dropped. Sounds like there was a fist fight in the crowd in Nelson tonight too
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    I have always felt the same way, I would add that I am also not a huge fan of double life and would always skip those two songs in a row
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    Attended the Nanaimo show last night, and right from the opening song it just seemed this one was going to be special. Some notes on the show - Matt opened with Champions which was quite a surprise. Usually by the time a tour is a half dozen or so shows in, you feel like you know what to expect a little. When Victoria had no songs get a tour debut, I thought the rotating list of songs from the first few shows would likely be "the list" for the first half of the tour. The opening notes of Champions proved my assumption wrong! What a way to start a show - The crowd in Nanaimo is always very into the shows. I usually go to most if not all the shows on the Island and usually Nanaimo winds up being the highlight. Peoples comments from the crowd had Matt crack up a few times. There was also one guy shouting repeatedly for Apparitions from about the third song of the show onward. Matt addressed him pointing out there was just no chance it wouldn't be played seeing as how he has never not played it since 1996. Definitely more interaction between crowd and performer compared to the last show in Victoria, and as such the show was a full 20 minutes longer just reaching 2 hours. - Is Matt's fan base largely musically ignorant? He made a ton of references to artists and bands tonight and you could literally hear the people in the crowd going "who?" haha - Two other songs got tour debuts tonight, Advertising on Police Cars, which he played because he wrote it back in 2001 while waiting for a ferry in Horseshoe Bay to come to Nanaimo, and A Boy and his Machine Gun. - Matt's voice is in incredible shape, he is just nailing these songs and it was just giving me chills. His guitar playing has really tightened up since the first night in Sidney and its incredible how a week on tour can get your chops back into top shape. The odd screw up now is nearly undetectable and the songs have such precision and impact, even though as Matt says music should be kept messy. - He continues to improvise on some songs even if slightly, meaning that even if a song has been played several times on the tour he sometimes alternates how he plays it so there is a uniqueness to each performance. This was my 41st time seeing Matt, and it was one of those shows that you just felt was going to have a special vibe to it. You get to know when a performer is really feeling a show and Matt's demeanour and performance seemed to suggest he was enjoying playing on this night and continue to expand on his adventurous setlists, that as have been noted are definitely catering to the hardcore longtime fans. A song like A Boy and his Machine Gun may not get the approval recognition cheers like Apparitions or Born Losers, but for a few dozen people in the audience, it can be one of the greatest moments they've ever experienced at a concert. Being that we were just talking about how Matt busted this out in 2014 twice and now he picked it back up, I cant help but wonder if he was reading this thread. If that's the case, if you really wanna blow people's minds Matt, open a show with Sharks of Downtown, haha some obscure song that wasn't even on a record and was only played briefly 23 years ago. You'd literally hear a collective "WTF is this?"
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    I know it's kind of a cliche, but Song For the Girl is rancid dick. Granted, music is subjective, so whatever. But the objective failure of the song is that its deleterious to Avalanche as an album, and that just exacerbates my contempt for the tune. The lyrics are hollow, the melody is uninspired, and it taints a record that would otherwise be, imo, a masterpiece. edit: i really just don't like this song.
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    http://www.matthewgood.org/news/2019/1/11/the-challenges-of-current-affairs ” Of the fourteen songs I’ve written for the next record, only one dwells in one might characterize as the political realm. One of the great difficulties any writer faces is examining lyrical content so that it’s both timely and timeless. A failed example on my part would be North American For Life from 2004’s White Light Rock And Roll Review in which I specifically evoke George Bush’s name. So there is certainly an art to it. Masters Of War, for example, remains, in my opinion, the greatest lament against conflict and the arms industry ever penned - and it was released in 1963. So it’s a tricky thing. To open this song I had to find a way to characterize both President Trump, his supporters, and the rise of the far right, both in the US and Europe, without it being overly conspicuous. I then had to do the same with regards to other subjects. I tend to get a lot of questions from song writers, be they casual enthusiasts or musicians starting out, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to address this particular topic given I wrote and demoed this track last night. The next two weeks will be spent rehearsing for the tour, so last night’s final “command save” was the end of the writing process for me on this one. I’m very much looking forward to getting into the studio in the spring and laying it down. As is customary, the demo will be taken down shortly.”
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    Dammit. At least we got kind of an ending.
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    Off the top of my head... Alert Status Red... Born Losers... It's Been a While Since...
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    I would maybe also ask him any plans to release an official live cd/cd's or dvd. Inquiring minds gots to know!!
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    I don't think it did. If I remember correctly, MGB had an official site that may have linked to RFH.net and then the Metro after that. The MGB site itself never had one. This board was around, around the time of Metro and I think it gained more members once Metro shut down. Again, I'm not 100% certain here but if memory serves, this is what happened. Please anyone feel free to correct me. It was a bit of wild west I guess but there were moderators and such but we were the first generation that was able to interact with each other the way we did. Matt involving himself was a bonus.
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    Not to get too far off topic, but did MG or MGB's official page ever directly have a message board? Or did it go Running From Home to Metro to this site or something? Wasn't really following the web stuff for Matt back then, just listening to the tunes. I'm curious hearing all these crazy stories about these sites. Wild early internet days it sounds like.
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    I was a member of that board which eventually became the "Metro" on another site. It was a pretty toxic and cliquey place near the end. Lots of people on there were assholes. Though it makes sense since most of them were 17-23 years old. I remember some people purposefully trying to egg Matt on into an argument. That was kind of funny to be honest now that I look back on it.
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    I hope the formatting isn't off here. I copied the lyrics from the post the demo had while it was still up. Here are the ones that Matt put up. Sit atop a mountain Listen with a soup can In the south he’s not a liar Just the leader of a bad band That in Europe get together An in secret praise the people That my grandad fought in the lowlands At the Scheldt got shot to pieces So they could rehash their allegiance To a national convenience That preys on easy difference You know fear it’s just a weakness And ya, it’s been one of them years Well the poor they’re there to pity But only from a distance Pull on your tender heart strings The price of an every day existence Emma Lazarus was wrong Fuck your teeming huddled parasitics Somehow kids from Nicaragua Well they’re invading West Virginia Maybe they’re looking for Ollie North Maybe what you got you get it in you I seem to remember things that mattered That no longer count as anything And ya, it’s been one of them years Oh the sea ain’t really rising baby You’re just getting shorter Never mind the science Them vaccinations cause dysphoria And them pictures of the planet They’ve been doctored So it looks like a place akin to heaven But only from a distance Nobody likes your headscarf But they wear masks in the resistance Who don’t really have any answers But they’re great at pointing fingers And ya, it’s been one of them years You can only fool the people The other half the time we’re sleeping So that’s pretty much the bag And bag men never want for reasons So drinks are on the house Because the house always wins And baby you know that I’ve wasted a lot of time A lot of time just thinking When thinking’s overrated Compared to reactionary blinking So I’m sitting here reflecting On what I could’ve done And ya, it’s been one of them years Sit atop a mountain Listen with a soup can For a distant whistle Buy a dog so he can And ya it’s been one of them years
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    ok this one's a bit older, but i bought Dragon Age Inquisition game of the year edition on black friday for $10 CAD. i'm loving it. i played the previous 2 games when they originally came out, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but i think this one is the best; there's a lot of really great characters.
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    I'm a window. Actually, In love with a bad idea. That song was a bad idea lol

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