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    I used to blog and tweet about Quebec politics and social issues and stopped largely because of all the anger I received. At some point, the hatred online becomes vicious and violent and it's hard to just stand up and not let trolls win. I've had several "Ahh fuck that shit" moments when I torched my Twitter account completely and came back months later (I've had 3 or 4 different Twitter accounts since 2010) in the last decade because of that. Now, when I tweet, I talk about tech and no one bothers me anymore. For a celebrity like Matt, it's much worst than my experience because of the sheer number of people who know who he is. He's always been very direct and honest in what he thinks even if it's not the popular opinion. So in that respect, I'm sure we can't begin to fathom the amount and the ferocity of the comments he probably endured before doing this. Chris I completely understand what you mean but you have to keep in mind all the things we don't know. I hope he comes back but I can completely understand him going "fuck it". If he's not happy using social media, then it's better he doesn't.
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    Yeah, I was the one taking you to task on the FB page. Sorry, Chris, I want to assert that I respectfully disagree with your position and only respond to you with such zeal because I think we all care about Matt and want him to be okay. I'll repeat my remarks for posterity here: As much as I agree that historically he has indeed reacted to certain comments with anger, I did see the comments that were posted on his Instagram before he removed everything. This is much different. The person in question was brazenly and destructively making personal comments and speculation to the point that ANY logical person might've been turned off by social media as a result. I will absolutely not reproduce them here because they were disgusting beyond words. Again, deleting his interactions with us here or in other locales I don't think suggests that he did not care about those interactions. In fact, when he left here, he sent a statement to Anton that spoke positively about the beneficial aspects of being apart of this community. Matt has been more accessible than artists typically are over the years, and unfortunately this has opened him up to those who would exploit that for attention or to get a rise out of him. We absolutely have no entitlement to personal interaction from him; that I myself have sent him private messages on social media and he has responded to me personally, for instance, is something that I will always cherish no matter what has happened. Matt is the most important artist in my life, and he always will be. I think it's up to us, as his die hard fans, to stand behind him during this difficult time, context be damned. I miss his presence here, and if he chooses to minimize his social media presence in the future, I will miss that, as well. But I have his music, and I have the twenty plus shows I have been to, and I have the remarkably positive interactions from him when he was around. And I have the overwhelmingly positive experience of being apart of this fan community; that, while we can disagree as to the form or motivations of Matt's newfound absence from social media, the reason we're even talking about it is just because we just want him to be okay. We care about him. And he deserves it.
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