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    Some of mine are never going to happen and songs that weren’t released or pre-mgb but what the hell, we can dream right? Dusk Tidal wave Champions of nothing Rabbits Suburbia Truffle pigs Advertising Tripoli House of smoke and mirrors Girl in the war (cover) Flight recorder Prime time deliverance Near fantastica Set me on fire Los alamos Harridan Running for home Empty road Rat who would be king Joe’s in trouble And if Matt is ever taking suggestions for covers I would like to submit Mike Scott’s “A Wild Holy Band” it’s ten minutes of amazing and I think it would be wonderful.
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    This would be amazing. This would ACTUALLY be my everything. Holy moly.
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    I prefer these solo acoustic tours to the full band ones so this news was very welcomed by me...Oddly enough, the "hits" since going solo are all my least favorite songs of his - I am hoping this tour will have the same vibe as some previous solo acoustic tours - they were my favorite performances...I will say when he played WWWHR a tour or so ago live I wept....like a GD baby...never thought I would hear that song live...if it gets a repeat solo acoustic I would be over the moon.... JEN'S DREAM SETLIST - (I will probably leave some obvious ones out, don't murder me): She's Got a New Disguise, Haven't Slept in Years, Change of Seasons, Strange Days, I Miss New Wave, Let's Get it On, Running for Home, Fina Art of Falling Apart, Tripoli, Truffle Pigs, I, The Throw Away, WWWHR, A Long Way Down, House of Smoke & Mirrors, Were So Heavy, Empty Road, Champions of Nothing, 99%/Failure, On Nights Like Tonight, Volcanoes, Suburbia, How It Goes, Shallow's Low, Non Populous, Set Me On Fire, Via Delorosa, Mutineering, Guns of Carolina, Moment, Los Alamos, Harridan, This is Night, Something Like a Storm.
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