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    For Matt's health I am very okay with this move. Yes I was looking forward to it, but it was not looking to be safe the way things are going.
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    Thanks for the additions, I'll add them to the list! I'm also open to more suggestions as well.
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    Just wanted to say a quick 'thanks!' for keeping this place up and running—it's very appreciated!
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    It was for AOB. He had throat surgery to remove nodules on his vocal cords and couldn't speak/sing for a while. The first song he wrote for the record was Tripoli which he had to sing in his head because until he could sing again. I don't think the singing lessons were an idea of his then girlfriend. I remember him saying he had to re-learn how to sing after that and since his nodules were cause by the way he sang before, he had to learn to sing correctly. He recorded AOB with this new singing method which is why there's no hard screaming on it like on previous records.
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    This interview describes a little bit of what you're looking for. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/from-bad-to-good/article1333990/ I do remember reading about him spending a few weeks in Whistler working on AOB songs, if he had a back-pocket song like "Weapon" or "Avalanche" I bet it would have made the album. If anyone can correct me I also think the AOB tour never happened because of 9/11, they planned a U.S tour but could never leave Canada due to all flights being grounded, thus causing them to breakup. That's leaving 1 year for Matt to create Rabbits (in the article) and use the politics & everything happening in the news as a muse to forge together Avalanche. It's impressive considering some of that time would have even been spent in the studio in 2002 (Weapon was released as a single in October 2002). PLUS a year after he releases White Light Rock & Roll Review in 2004. Side note: Near Fantastica was apparently written in '96 & A Long Way Down was the last song written on the album, from the words of wiki. Nonetheless for any artist to pull off those type of in-depth albums in such a short span of time win my vote.
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    Matt announced on social media the tour is cancelled and refunds will be given out. He obviously made the right call. 2020 has been a wild year and I am hoping you are all safe and well. Possibly we could have another 1-2 garage shows as they have been incredible.
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    I ordered one of the soccer jerseys. Lets hope I still fit into it after the pandemic ends.
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    The MG Team has offered a 30% discount off the merchandise
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    Im treating the Stones like my Ozzy ticket, up in the air this point with their ages. Even if shows start back up in 2021, I don't think we should be rushing 70 year old's on stage in this climate lol.
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    I'm currently awaiting a response from MRG. Couldn't roll my eyes hard enough after reading the word "credits" after spending the year fighting to get back my refunds for TOOL...Rage...Stones... from the giant Ticketmaster. Heeere We Go Again. If they do give out refunds without stating it anywhere and actually helping their customers, doubt I'd ever give them my money again. Matt's team is scrambling on social media trying to help people fortunately.
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    where are you located William? Things here in the US are nuts. You have to either love Trump or love Biden. No room for guys like me he can't stand either. You have to be chocolate or vanilla, no room for strawberry. Pretty shitty to say the least. At least we have football tonight though!!
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    This is amazing...thanks for posting!
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