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  1. Sure it's all yours, foats. Expect a gigantic box of all his CDs and MG merch. Shipping is on me. It's my treat.
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  2. Project: Vintage DOS/Win98 gaming machine is complete! (sans 3.5 " floppy drive). Specs: Motherboard: Epox brand, Slot 1 CPU, Intel 440bx chipset, x1 AGP 3.3v slot, x4 PCI slots, x3 ISA slots. SD and EDO RAM compatibility. First gen USB. 66 or 100mhz FSB. CPU: Pentium III 600mhz RAM: 512MB SDRAM 133 running at 100mhz with timings 2-2-2. VIDEO: Voodoo 3 2000 AGP 16MB @ 2x AGP speed. (For late 90s glide API games and DOS). Geforce4 4200 128MB AGP 8x (For early 00's Quake 3 engine and newer games). Sound: ISA Sound blaster 16 Vibra S with onboard
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  3. You're a very kind and generous person. Don't change, even if you get hurt sometimes.
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  4. Well since you asked OriginalSpecies, I have one last copy of the Matthew Good notebook, pen and lanyard from the his solo tour VIP soundcheck. I also have a White Light Rock & Roll Review CD, with no CD booklet, and an Our Lady Peace-MG tour VIP lanyard. I don't know if you want that. PM me your details and they're yours. That's all I have for extras. Thanks for saying that.
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  5. Sadly, I can’t keep enjoying the art for art’s sake, including live performances. It’s a done deal for me and there's no going back. I’m at the point where I want to get rid of all my Matthew Good merch and burn it. I was around when he shared new material, but I chose not to listen to it. Edit: You're not allowed to air grievances or diss Matt in here? I am looking at the RickDalton's pictures above. In the past, I would have admired it and thought it looked nice. But now, I can't help it. It looks more to me like a wall of shame.
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