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    When I wrote this album I knew that a lot of this would emerge. The reality is that many are stuck in the past and can’t get beyond what they perceive as what my “sonics” should be. Songwriting is not paint by numbers. My favourite song is Tangled Up In Blue by Bob Dylan - a song of verses, amazing lyrics, but no choruses, and no massive sonic shifts. Storytelling is an art. A Thousand Tons, for example, tells a story, and how it’s musically arranged matches it. Explosions or “big finishes” etc are not the point. The emptiness that it suddenly returns to is the point. The reality is the “typical” course of action is deferred to as “what should be done” rather than attempting to seriously examine how the song imparts a message. I have, over the last few months, contemplated retiring. I have confronted what actors must endure with regards to type casting, and given my age and the fact that I can just make music at home for myself and my friends, it might be more fulfilling. I’m almost 50 and have zero interest in making consecutive Beautiful Midnights, etc. That was decades ago. And even those albums since, especially the last one, were written without facing any internal compulsion to change. And that’s on me. After Lights, I should have just kept going. When I sat down and wrote Arrows it was just easy. I’d seen the dissatisfaction on the faces of concert goers on the Lights tour and knee jerked. It’s something I should never have done. The same is true of Chaotic Neutral which should have sustained the vibe of Harridan, Tiger, Cold Water, Los Alamos, etc, without the interjection of “rock songs”. Again, that’s on me. At some point you’ve got to look at yourself and make a decision. The knee jerk reactions that occur given significant successes decades ago cannot be the present. In fact, in many cases, they should never have remained in your subconscious and turned you away from going somewhere else. In the end, given music today, all of this is basically pointless. Artistry has no worth. For a monthly fee on a streaming service you can listen to whatever you want. Ask a plumber to work for $8.99 a month and they’d laugh at you. Reading comments complaining about ticket prices is also rather hilarious when you think that people pay over $100 to see a stadium show sitting in the nose bleeds. It’s all relative, and to me all very perplexing and disheartening. Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi sold for $450 million dollars in 2017. It is the most expensive piece of art ever sold. To me, Mozart is worth no less. In truth, his collected works, given the impact they’ve had, are worth vastly more. But you can download all of Don Giovanni for the price of a monthly music subscription. What artists do is not pedestrian. Were that the case, everyone would be an artist. There is good and bad art, art is subjective. There are artists whose genius is not realized in their lifetimes, there are artists whose genius alters the discourse of entire generations during their lifetimes. There are catchy tunes that are massive hits that are laughed at a decade later. There are albums that sell next to nothing that spread like spider webs to influence thousands in the deepest recesses of their soul. The most important aspect of art is, in truth, not how it initially impacts us, but how it challenges us intellectually and spiritually to succumb to something we are not so easily accustomed to. Satiating the masses at any given point given popular methodologies is not difficult. Challenging individuals to discover something buried within them that transverses the barrier between instant gratification and the longevity of a love affair is not the goal of an artist, but the dream of every artist. Because to accomplish the latter is to leave a legacy. In the words of Marcel Duchamp - “What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. It's not what you see that is art; art is the gap.” So mind the gap.
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    Alright folks, here it is. My apologies for the length of time it took to get this shared, btw. It was recorded on July 4th, but I just got busy with life and work. That's not to mention that because I'm a nerd I wanted to create an intro for this to kind of commemorate how special an album I honestly believe it is, so that also took a couple days on top of all the uploading problems I had with this video due to the length. Given that it's my first time doing anything like it I'm sure it'll come off kind of corny, but regardless I figured I might as well get some practice. You'll probably need to adjust the volume levels at first as my narration came out a little louder in the final conversion than it was in the editing program I was using and I am not going back to redo it after all the time it took to convert and upload this to Youtube, lol. As the title suggests the main focus of the interview is LOTGA, but it's also just a really informal chat between two people who hadn't talked for a long time. In fact, despite the fact that I throw out a few questions here and there, I wouldn't even call it an interview as much as I would just a video podcast of sorts. Both John and Ian seemed like they were having a good time conversing which was fantastic (because I wasn't exactly on top form for interviewing people anyways, as you'll probably notice). Plus, more to the point, I didn't want to interrupt that flow much because them just informally talking back and forth led to a lot of interesting conversation where they actually answered questions I was going to ask before I even had the chance to ask them, haha. Lastly, this is sort of just part 1. I'm going to be interviewing Ian again this Sunday where we'll cover everything under the sun after LOTGA, up until the present regarding his time after MGB too. So when that's done I'll share it too. And of course, again, a "huge" thanks to Ian and John for doing this.
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    Greetings All! This is John Shepp, Producer/Engineer/Multi-instrumentalist. I know, too many hats to wear. On July 1, 2020, it will be exactly 25 years to the day the lead off single "Alabama Motel Room" was tracked at Utopia Parkway Studio B. It was one of the last songs we recorded in the span of time between early 1994 (a year and a half) and completion some time in August of 1995. Three different band lineups, an award winning demo (Euphony), an EMI publishing deal, a management deal, a ground breaking indy debut, a record deal... and poof, the Astronaut was launched to become the Underdog. You know I've never told my part of this story to the interwebs, just to people who wanted to know. Perhaps I should?
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    Last year i mentioned some footage i was hoping to obtain that would contain some pretty rare video of the Matthew Good Band. Well after many months of waiting i was finally able to get that material, transfer it and with Chad's help we have got it uploaded and it will be shared through his site tomorrow. Unfortunately the amount of material was less than originally thought thanks to tapes being lent and never returned however the material that was still there although brief is still pretty incredible and goes right back to the start of the Matthew Good Band. For most here theyve probably never seen any of this. And those that have its probably been well over twenty years since they did. Im Very excited to have been able to find this stuff and get it transfered and very grateful for Chad offering his web site to host this material so that Matt Good fans can see it. I recently asked Matt if he would consider a chronological live album or footage release and while i wont go into specifics of his reasoning here, he was pretty emphatic that he would not. So for the time being these kinds of attic discoveries are our only way to find material such as this. So if you know anyone who might have taped shows on MUCH or videoed concerts they went to, reach out and ask if they happened to record any Matthew Good. You never know what might be turned up. Finally these tapes are being released as a tribute to MGB bass player Geoff Lloyd. Most of this material stems from Geoffs time in the band and is some of the only live footage we have from Geoffs era. It really showcases what he brought to the group and his contributions to some incredible music. Im very proud to be a part of the group putting this stuff out there because hopefully it will help people to remember Geoff and the band during his tenure.
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    I am working on something for all of you at the moment that will include the complete video of Sharks Of Downtown among others. stay posted.
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    Sorry guys patience will have to be of the essence here. What ive found is a large collection of video material throughout Matt's career. a portion of it is stuff none of us here have ever seen before. The material is being collected from a few sources and being sent to me. As I do not have any of it yet it is naturally impossible to give a time frame. All I can do is wait until I receive it all then I can do my part aling with another member here to get it out to you. What I have right now are samples sent to me to verify the material in the collection. This includes the entire video of Sharks. i have not been given permission to share yet so im not going to jeopardize getting several hours worth of footage by jumping the gun on a couple minutes worth of samples. Hang tight the material is coming but an ETA is out of my control at the moment
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    I attended the Amex live session this evening as a friend offered me his ticket to join in, so here's a run down of what happened. It was quick with four songs and a few Q&A's thrown in. MG comment: Attendees can vote for the closing song: Born Losers, Strange Days, Beauty Song 1: Load Me Up Q: Most memorable concert you played? A: The Who Song 2: Hello Time Bomb MG comment: Acoustic rendition of HTB created during encore after a fan request and it stuck. Second guess song is working out every time it's played. Song 3: Apparitions Q: Expand on the process of creating Moving Walls? Why pick Moving Walls as title? A: Sounded cool. Can't tell from where I'm sitting but I wrote and recorded parts of the demos from the garage and went in to Bathouse Studios Warne L. To create the record. Anytime I write strings and me and Warne get a hold of them we have to do it for real. Q: Do you think Arsenal has a chance at winning Premier League? Favorite player? A: No chance "hell no", squad isn't cohesive. Potential to win league under but a matter of it want to see if get right players. Song 4: Strange Days MG stumbled during the song and did a second take. Q: Favorite song of all time? A: Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan. This is the song of all songs MG comment: Wraps it up for us, thanks for joining. Trip report: Great sound and excellent video feed. First time using sessionsonlive and was impressed with the results. The setlist featured "hits" which I anticipated for this performance but I love the acoustic versions and updates to Time Bomb so no complaints from this fan. That's it, show was done in under 30 minutes.
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    Alright. Finally done. Again, my apologies for the delay to the few people who might have been waiting for this. Hopefully it's enjoyable. Anyways, I'm tired so I'm going bed now. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon to clarify a few things. Hope everyone is well. Edit- Okay, so- a few clarifications and explanations for anyone who might wonder: -As I note in the introduction, most of this interview is focused on Ian's time with MGB, hence why I shared it in the MGB section on the Bored here again. -We had some technical problems connecting on FB Messenger originally so before the recording starts we were actually talking on the phone a little. Part of our discussion touched on Edward Snowden and cell phones which is why I was laughing a little at the start of the interview. Ian had mentioned he's not a fan of using FB Messenger in general for private conversations which is why we had trouble connecting at first. I thought we were going to have to try and connect on Google Hangouts again, but he simply realized he had to enable the microphone and camera on FB Messenger and that's the point where the interview starts recording. -From about 1:10:00 to 1:21:30 the video becomes rather choppy. I believe this is simply a flaw that occurs in the conversion upload process to Youtube because that was not in the original version we recorded. It passes after about 11 minutes. -Big shout out to Chad for letting me use picture content from his website that I spliced into the interview. I also used a little bit of video content (without audio) from his Youtube channel. -Like the last one I think the vast majority of this interview stays on a positive path of reflection and I was glad for that. The last thing I would ever want to do as someone who is grateful for the music that Matt- and everyone he has ever worked with- has helped create, is facilitate and produce something that causes any more unneeded tension between people. It's been a crappy enough year for most people (especially Matt based on his Instagram posts) and I wouldn't release this if I thought it would cause him or anyone else to feel angry or bad in general. Again, I think the vast majority of this interview is positive. And yet, as is the case when people talk for hours on end about a large time period of their life, not "everything" is reflected on in a way that is 100 percent positive, and I think that is definitely understandable. After all, very few people are lucky enough to be able to look back on their lives and be happy or content with "everything" that happened. With regards to the very small amount of content in this interview that wasn't 100 percent positive, the question I had as the producer and editor of this was whether I had the right to edit someone else's freedom of expression in the name of preventing any possible extra tension in the future. Now, in the previous interview all three of us agreed there were a couple small parts that were best edited out. Given what happened literally a week later we definitely made the right choice. In this interview, upon review, there was nothing Ian flagged that he felt needed to be edited out. However, there is a small section in here where Dave's influence on the music is discussed. Most of it is positive, but there is a little that is not completely positive and I'll admit I was uneasy about leaving it in because I am never comfortable discussing someone else when that specific person is not around to offer their own perspective on everything as well. However, everything that was discussed has, for the most part, already been discussed publicly by both Matt and Dave, so that played a part in why I chose not to edit it out. Likewise, that's why I included a small section of Dave's talk at 1:35:00 that he gave at the Nimbus School of Music back in 2016 where he discussed his time with the band a bit. As I said when I originally shared the full link to the talk on the Bored here over 3 years ago, I thought he came across as very humble, mature, introspective, and even somewhat regretful. Lastly, in the end I ended up leaving in the full section about Dave because to have edited it out would have meant editing out Ian clarifying that he didn't feel it was really accurate for himself to have been lumped in with Dave as having been around simply because he was supposedly only interested in money at that time period. Indeed, Ian took the time to do this with me and since he has never really spoken publicly about that time period I felt it would have been rather unfair to cut that section out. Ultimately I was glad that specific part of the interview is immediately followed by an interesting discussion about Dave's positive influence on the albums too. Anyways, while it might seem strange to some people, that is also why I'm posting the entire interview that he (Dave) did as well back in 2016- because if someone is going to be discussed I think it's only fair to share their perspective too: -All that considered, I know in the past that Matt has commented how he is not crazy about the fact that people sometimes focus on the past at the expense of the present, and that is completely understandable too. As such, I hope that me posting all of this here doesn't bother him because I honestly believe the majority of us here are able to appreciate both the past and the present at the same time (in most cases). Aside from the fact that Ian is just a really interesting and easy guy to talk to, the fact that we've never really heard much from him about his time with the band was also another reason why I felt this was worth doing and sharing. Anyways, as usual if anyone has any questions feel free to share them and I'll do my best to answer them. Cheers.
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    Really didn't expect Matt to play a 25 minute rendition of Rico.
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    And the videos are now live on my site http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/downloads-video.php The first 5 videos on the page are the newly added ones, with the awesomeness of the first video being the entire performance of Sharks Of Downtown! I did create an MP3 of the song from the video. linked on the main page (http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/) as well as on the audio downloads page
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    Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well. I took a break from interacting on here but wanted to jump back on to go over the acoustic tour next year. First, the dates that have been randomly coming out are because certain community theatres have to announce their schedules ahead of time for the courtesy of their patrons. That would be why theatres in smaller towns have announced shows, because I’m on their performance schedule for the year. That said, this month the entire tour is being rolled out and will include shows in major centres. The tour is actually pretty extensive and I’ll be playing some smaller places that I’d otherwise not. Given it’s an acoustic tour, and I’ve not done one in Canada since Hospital Music, I’m really looking forward to it. The downside is that I might have to endure reading the entirety of “The Art Of The Deal” to find the best passages to read during shows (hehe). Anyway, I know I’d mentioned an idea of doing very small shows at higher ticket prices, in excess of $100, but we decided it would be better to do things normally. I’ll check back and try and answer some questions if I can. Best. Matt.
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    Yeah, it sucks to get screwed out of fees, but we should all remember that Matt, who makes his living playing these shows, is the one who really got screwed here. I hope he's doing well...as a struggeling artist (with a dayjob) myself, I can't even imagine what must be going through his mind. Dude dropped one of his best albums and then the bottom fell out...his grace in the wake of all that has been an inspiration to say the least.
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    As an exercise over the years, I've designed a ton of (alternate) album art, some using other artists' materials, some entirely self-generated. If you've ever seen that Cold Harbor cover with the blacked out figure looking at a ship, that's one of mine-- though embarrassingly bad since I wasn't an art director yet. I figured I'd drop them in here for the only group of people who'd really be interested. Enjoy.
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    There are no words for it in this moment. Go. Listen. https://www.matthewgood.org/datlight-actual
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    Metal Airplanes Strange Days Radicals Alert Status Red Fine Art Born Losers Load Me Up Parts Rabbits Time Bomb Tripoli Appartions Selling You My Heart
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    I'm going to drop some live shows in the download section throughout the week. Trying to get shows Rich was a part of. Some may have them, some may not. Will likely start this tonight.
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    The first run of CD's had the well known misprint of the word Ghetto as Ghello, but did you know it also had Matt's birthday, MGB290671? That's today, so happy 49th birthday Matt!
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    Today is my son's birthday... he would have been 11. We're having Kraft Dinner (Mac and Cheese) with chocolate cake for supper. Some of his favourite foods. It also happens to be autism awareness day, he had Asperger's. He loved video games. Mine-craft, Super Mario, Zelda (Breath of the Wild), Pokemon. I introduced him when he was 3 years old. He started with Mario 3 on GBA. He beat Breath of the Wild when he was 8 years old. He also loved the music from video games. He would sit in the van with the GBA to his ear listening to the music from the Final Fantasy Beastiary. He also liked the music from Undertale and Chrono Trigger. It's a good day though you know. Life is good, don't take anything for granted.
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    Matt's father passed away last night. Matt announced that he intends to go on with the tour. Much respect to Matt and my thoughts and prayers go out to Matt and his family.
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    For certain reasons, I can't provide footage from the show. However, I have uploaded one track from the show as an unlisted video on YouTube for the members of this board. Please do not circulate or share this link outside of this forum. Haven't Slept In Years - Cheers
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    Sorry if this is too much video to post at once. Please delete if so. These are the videos I took of Matthew Good. Some of these videos almost sound better to me than actually being there somehow. Like his voice is louder/clearer. From where I was it was decently loud for the most part but I thought it could be louder.
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    Here's a crack at the lyrics for Sharks of Downtown. I will say this is probably 80% right, there are some things that are hard to make out and somethings that I probably think I nailed but will turn out I was totally off base on, but this should be pretty close. I dream of Dolphins all the time Casual palm trees don't do well in my backyard I drink cocktails with rum Sit in the sun, casually undone The fish never move on my shower curtains The Sharks of downtown Wear dolphin skin suits and they hold on to girls who didn't listen when their mothers told them not to see guys like me Going nowhere Going nowhere I dream of dolphins all the time ? Nuclear submarines They will dream about you and I Not like this guy Not today, Not today The Sharks of Downtown Wear blackened turtle necks and hold on to words I was gonna use to tell you about guys like me Going nowhere Going nowhere See you lying in the shower nothing happens I'm glad to pay our debt to the realm of human beings and tomorrow I'll try the game and keep searching for the dolphin the same as all, all these seas I'm nervous when I'm next to you I am nervous when I'm not Cause after everything is said and done you're just looking to get caught and the engine ? It's all the same It's all the same thing Yippie Kai ai eh Yippie Kai ai eh Yippie Kai ai eh Yippie Kai ai eh I think about it all the time That's the rule When you are what you eat But not what they preach I won't dream about you and I Not like this guy Not today, No not today, No not today, no The Sharks of Downtown Wear dolphin skin suits and they Own all the earth Or at least the one that was made in seven days Guys like me are going nowhere Going nowhere Yippie Kai ai eh Yippie Kai ai eh Yippie Kai ai eh Yippie Kai ai eh
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    Definitely want to thank Anton for doing this. One of the better administrators on the web. Does a great job and doesn't get near the thanks he should. Thank you Anton for 16 years. Hoping for another 16!!
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    Bones Hillman just died from cancer. Rich Priske also died this year, plus Geoff Lloyd. That's 3 Matthew Good bassists now dead. Plus Matt just lost his mom, and his dad died earlier in the year. What a terrible year.
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    For Matt's health I am very okay with this move. Yes I was looking forward to it, but it was not looking to be safe the way things are going.
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    bit.ly/MGSessionsLive I got a ticket quick this time. Different site but guessing can still sell out again. Only $15 and there's an email address to submit song requests. Should be fun.
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    Tested Negative!!! But damn was that uncomfortable.
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    Thanks, William. Glad u enjoyed it Anyways, I tried uploading the new one 3 different times today straight from VideoPad and had no luck, unfortunately. Gonna try a few different things tomorrow. In the meantime- just as a teaser for anyone waiting- I figured I’d share 2 things. The first is the intro I created for the actual interview. I uploaded it to my personal channel last week after finishing it so I could review it myself. As will be noticed by some, the intro is of course composed of clips from a lot of different sources. I don’t know if it’s necessary but regardless most of the substantial clips will be linked and credited in the final and full video that is eventually published. They include Chad’s clip of AOE playing live, the article I quote discussing the importance of drummers, Andy Herrin’s interview with Ian from earlier this year, and the full video of the clip I use at the end of this introduction (on top of the EITS and BW video referenced too). The second is just a 6 minute clip of Ian discussing Apparitions and what the song writing process was like in MGB. And of course, the actual, full finished product though will be on the same channel I published the first interview on (Reveries) and not this channel I’m sharing here. It’ll clock in at around the 2 hour and 10 minute mark.
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    Here it is kids! Be advised no audio in this video for legal reasons, and it should generate a few questions.
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    Hi Adam, I'm glad this whole topic has been well received by the fans of MGB. The great thing about the interview was the stuff that was uncovered that perhaps had forgotten. I think given the timeline, the new line up (power trio or with Dave Genn) had a good period of time to gel and define a style. At first the reference points rhythmically were far from the more progressive folk of the previous incarnation of the band, throwing a lot more Police and Pixies into the mix. With Dave in there, this was glued. So the song titles in the vault are as follows: Last of the Ghetto Astronauts: 1. Revenge (very radio friendly uptempo track with Charlie on the drums) 2. Not What You wanted (slacker anthem, laid back and loose) 3. Leaving On A Hijack Jet Plane (Similar to Radio Bomb, a lot of humor and silliness, great drum groove, definitely a b-side) 4. If The Desert Was The Ocean (another downtempo song, the lyrics start with the line "Dolphins don't go the Heaven, they're not allowed") 5. Endless Slow Poison (Total Power trio rocker, sounds like the offspring of Alabama Motel Room and Haven't Slept In Years) No Dave on this one, just loads of guitars. ====================== The Lost Album: 1. Black Penny (Very dark and brooding, progressive song about Social Inequity, dense lyrics) 2. Awkward (the heaviest song on the record, some Alabama in there as well, but the bridge becomes a platform for Steve Codlings piano) 3. The Navigator (Amazing lyrical folk pop song, loads of cello, was intended to lead in to Joe's in Trouble from Euphony reused. We even had a seperate multitrack reel to do this) 4. Ceiling Song (Tongue in cheek song about the thoughts of a "Sunday bored little kid" with a Chorus that's just "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Given the way alot of Milenial music uses this type of hook, it was way ahead of it's time) 5. Wherever We May Go (Change of Season, Apparitions, Symbolistic, etc. Total power ballad) 6. Twelve Second Tour (Similar to Black Penny, heavy, progressive, lyrically dense) 7. Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode cover, big guitar solo section at the end) 8. Healers and Saints (Dylanesque guitar and vocal, lovely lyrics and sentiment Those are the studio recordings/masters that I retain that fall outside of the releases. I don't recall any recordings of any live dates the band did, in effect I was present at only a few shows as it was, including the Gate (Underdogs), Town Pump and Gastown Music Hall.That said, I know that when I was playing at local venues with my bands, we would always try to record the show, but that question would be better put to any members of the tour production crew the band used, rather than me. I think it likely they would be recordings. ========================= The Ghetto release does have several incantations. That's because at first it was an indie release distributed by Outside Music. Yes there were two version, or rather three, as the first had a misprint of the work Ghetto as Ghello. That release was having challenges in retail, because of the MGB title, so fans would ask for Matthew Good Band, but staff would not locate it. So, the full band name became the rejig you see on the second release, still under Outside. Eventually, the title would migrate through to A&M and UMG though I'm not sure when. When Raygun was released, it was intended for marketing in the US, but Private Music/Windham Hill ceased to exist, so it got absorbed into the Darktown label, which was the company Simkin and Co. set up to administer all aspects of the MGB and MG business, so Darktown is an indie label distributed at that point. I only have the cardboard version with the swirly grey CD art. Try not confuse EMI publishing with EMI the Record label, they are different entities. The result of all these versions is really a sign of the mergers that occurred during the 1990's and has resulted in some unique and different CD's. E&OE
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    I'm just finishing the final touches on the intro to the interview tonight and will edit out just a couple seconds of material from various parts tomorrow. So hopefully I'll have this posted in the next few days if all goes well.
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    I listened to Audio of Being yesterday while doing yardwork and thought alot of the MGB days. Such an awesome album. I feel so fortunate to meet all four members including Rich after seeing MGB for the first time in early 2001. RIP in Rich.
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    Hey Tips no sweat, happy to say my say! The transition was not gradual at all. We had just finished mixing the Lost Album (actually I did most of it while the original lineup was on tour) then, boom, one phone call later, I was at Matt's apartment meeting Geoff Lloyd. I believe I didn't meet Ian that day but could be wrong. I believe Geoff relates this story in the memorial thread, about him being at Undertones and getting the call. At any rate the only orginal member on the newer material at that point would be Judy. LOTGA proper started in March of 1995, with the Charlie Quintana session, at which Charlie laid the song Revenge down, then a tambourine track, then Ian stepped in a delivered Fearless and Vermillion. Dave was there throughout and we cut some organ tracks on Vermillion and Revenge, the follow sessions were to overdub Steve Black's Piano on Fearless, Judy's cello, and Ian did the background vocals. Dave was a hired gun at first, but he was fully into it. and was really a big reason this album had legs, he added so much glue to the arrangements. Funny memory comes up. He'd always have to haul the organ rig from the Town Pump where it was stored and we'd hump it in. After hours of tooling re tooling the tracks we'd haul it all back into the van at 3am or some ungodly hour. He'd always say "Don't dont call me to come back and fix anything!" So essentially, when it became Ian, Geoff and Dave, we quickly forgot about the previous Lost Album material. Everything you hear occurred after the Charlie session, and ultimately, Charlie's contributions were forgotten too as Revenge was not in the final lineup. There we at the end three different sequences to what became LOTGA, at first it was something like 15 songs but it was eventually culled down to the final order you hear. Raygun happened likely out of a need to expose MGB to the US market, but there's been plenty said about the Private deal already, I have nothing to add there. When you look at the albums that MGB did after, well, Dave and Matt were collaberating then. But on LOTGA, the only co-write is Alabama Motel Room (Good, Lloyd,Browne) So still confusion about the band lineup? Euphony had Danny and Joe 15 hours and the Lost album had Ariel and Erin LOTGA had Geoff and Ian Judy was on all three The was a marked difference in the material on Lost, way more folk, way more lyrics. More Talk Talk than Pixies, and LOTGA had a blend between the two.
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    Hey y'all, been awhile. This might be common knowledge at this point, I dunno, but I know some of you have been searching a long time for a lossless version of All Together. Well, I'm re-doing my music library and trying to plug holes, and just happened to find that 7digital.ca has FLAC All Together for sale! I don't know how long that's been there, but I had never found it before! There is also a live acoustic version of Prime Time Deliverance as a bonus track to Vancouver (likely from the same show as the other Vancouver digital acoustic bonus tracks). Go now, and send MG a couple of bucks so he can tour again when it's possible!
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    I like Moving Walls, as a whole. But I freaking LOVE this new experiment. I went into the two new tracks thinking they might be similar to daylight actual and then I was completely blown away. More of this please.
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    Thanks for posting this Daniel. So often on forums like these members just vanish and you never know what became of them. Did they lose interest, or just have less spare time to devote to their interests. It's hard to believe Travis is gone since it seems like just the other day we were at his place meeting him for the first time. Travis was a member here for a short while, but left a big impact. When I found clips of the footage he shot on the tapes I transferred for Geoff Lloyd's sister Sue, I was surprised to find that there appeared to be very good footage of several points of the show, and since it wasn't filmed by MUCH there may be a chance it might be accessible. But I had no leads on how to track it down. Miraculously a short time later, Travis stumbled upon his original tapes and decided to do an internet search to try and find the date of the show. When he did he found our forum here and our discussion about it. There are times in life where coincidence is so bizarre. As I later recanted to Travis, Sue had held onto those tapes for nearly 25 years before I was able to transfer and upload them. If she had held on just 6 months longer, Travis would have found his tapes, did an internet search, not found any of our discussion or footage and in all likelihood would have missed getting in touch with us all together. Conversely if Travis not stumbled across his tapes when he did with his tragic passing they would have been most likely lost forever. Travis was a fan of MGB growing up, but his musical tastes had diverged into different areas in recent years. But when he found out how much seeing that footage meant to Daniel and I, he immediately set into motion a set of circumstances that would allow it. He spent countless hours editing and always trying to improve the footage, with some great results. He then offered if Daniel and I were willing to travel to his place he would show it to us in the theater room of his apartment complex. He even offered his couch to crash on, to complete strangers, just because we happened to share a common interest, such was the nature of the man. Daniel and I had a great time watching the MGB footage was incredible and then we just hung out, talked music, watched some South Park, Travis struck me as a very caring person with a great sense of humour. I had hope next time Matt came to town to buy Travis a ticket and convince him to come along, but unfortunately fate stepped in the way. I'll miss Travis and I'm thankful for the brief period I got to know him and for all the benefit that brief meeting has given me. It was Travis' hope to be able to share his footage with everyone, but he had some stipulations. Because he had shot it as part of his profession he was weary to share it without approval from the band members. He was able to reach out and get copies to Dave and Ian, but unfortunately we were unable to get in touch with Matt. He dedicated the footage to the memory of Geoff Lloyd, but I suppose now it serves as his epitaph as well. May he too rest in "Rawk Heaven."
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    would like to see mg score a movie or show one day. seems like it'd be pretty easy for him.
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    If anybody is really that interested, I've posted the full interview from the '98 show (all 4 clumsy minutes of it) here - feel free to do with it as you wish - I couldn't even bear listening to it so I hope it turned out haha... https://youtu.be/h-CVoS2oMV0 Cheers Travis
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    Hi guys, Thanks for the discretion in keeping the link private. I felt I should address the replies that have followed since my first posts - As much as I'd love to provide the whole show for every MGB fan on this board and worldwide, there's a plethora of reasons of why I cannot. The major reasons involve media/journalist integrity - footage like this is supposed to be only used sparingly as B-Roll (like what was used in the Rogers piece) and then discarded once the final piece is finished. I had already overstepped my boundaries by recording almost the entire show (usually you only need about 5-10 minutes at most for a story like that), which I'm sure I certainly wouldn't have gotten permission to do had anyone in the MGB camp known. Being as I am still a camera op, I cannot risk gaining a reputation of abusing media privileges by releasing footage containing material that technically shouldn't exist, is unauthorized, unapproved, and copyrighted out to anybody. I know now that this footage is apparently quite rare, but it doesn't change the fact. While this does seem like a trustworthy group, it's just something I cannot do. Even privately, with the promise of not spreading it around, it doesn't change the fact that it's not my material to distribute. In afterthought, even posting that one song on Youtube was something I shouldn't have done. Even as an unlisted video, it already has a copyright claim against it, so who knows how long it'll even exist up there. Another reason is that I don't want to ruffle any feathers with record labels, their lawyers, and especially Matthew himself. While I hear he used to have a much larger online social presence, including historically posting to this forum, I'm certain as the day is long that if he found any of this footage circulating around without his prior direct consent (and the consent of his record label and management likely), that he'd be pretty f*cking pissed at that clumsy 17 year kid who fumbled through likely the worst interview of his life 20 years ago, and I don't want that kind of karma from someone I respect. From what I hear, Matthew does not have a very fond place in his spiritual mindset for nostalgia, or the past in general (or at least he doesn't anymore). I attempted to track down a method of communication in which to reach him directly (just to let him know that the footage exists, and if he wanted a copy of it), but he seems to currently have a fortress around his online social presence and it looks to me like he doesn't want anything to do with random fans/people sending him messages. I don't think there's even much attention paid to his official website anymore because there's little actual content, the MG smartphone app that is advertised all over the site no longer exists, and there's not even a contact option. However, if any of you still have direct contact with him, or Ian/Dave, then by all means, pass along the information, tell them that the offer is available to them, and maybe they'll consent to letting you keep a copy for yourself. And for the guys above offering me money to send them the show in exchange for secrecy - I appreciate the offer - I know you mean well, and that it's a "holy grail" of sorts, but profiting off of the footage would makes things worse tenfold. I'm really sorry everyone - I didn't mean to open Pandora's box - I didn't know that footage like this was so rare. I kind of dropped off the MG(B) radar once they broke up, and I had just assumed that much more material would be available since they were the biggest band in Canada for at least a couple of years. Anyways, I just wanted to explain myself so I didn't leave anyone hanging with their hopes up. I mean - for god sakes - that awfully done Rogers Cable story/interview I made surfaced on Youtube 20 years later - imagine how many places the source material would find itself if it ever saw the light of internet day. Keep rockin' y'all - don't hate me! Cheers, Travis
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    This is...really epic, exciting, and organic sounding https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw8p_t-g_v2/ Hopefully it leads somewhere big. Though Something Like a Storm sounded like it was going somewhere massive too and then just faded out, so hopefully this one is a little different in that sense. I doubt Matt would share the climax of a song before it was finished.
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    Hard to believe that 20 years ago this month (Sept 14th to be exact) is when Beautiful Midnight was released. Man, do I feel old now lol An album that lived up to and exceeded expectations....I still remember where I bought it, opening it up and seeing the monkey mask on the CD and the little words “hidden” in the liner notes booklet printed in clear ink (if that makes any sense), how I listened to it, what songs really hooked me, and how it was the soundtrack to my life then and marked some significant changes in my life. Thx to Matt & crew for that album - such a masterpiece.
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    A Boy And His Machine Gun Let's Get It On
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    It's been a month and MG is winding down his tour on the run back through the West. Of the Alberta shows I attended the Edmonton (March 20) one at Starlite Room was the one I anticipated the least. Starlite Room is a GA venue geared towards loud shows and after hearing pin drop quiet rooms in St. Albert, Camrose or Ft. Saskatchewan I worried that there were be "woo" birds, drink/bar noise and talking throughout. Thankfully it was quieter than I expected but still noisier than I would have liked. The evening started with the VIP Experience (at 6PM when doors were at 8PM, so a quick turnaround). MG played Selling You My Heart, Men at the Door and Hopeless. I've refrained from hearing any of the "new" songs and it was great to finally hear this in person; Men at the Door was excellent and Hopeless had a fun upbeat sound to it. During the Q&A I asked about the lack of a proper Something Like a Storm headlining tour and MG acknowledged that it didn't get one but he does play what he likes from the record and admits that there are some he can't play solo. As the album was recorded in two stages and this affects how he looks back on the record. With the new album being mostly acoustic the supporting tour may not see much more than we already have from the album. MG took the stage at 10PM and played for about an 1h40m, I'll have to check the runtime (late night, short sleep, more on that later), but the setlist had 17 songs and So Long Mrs. Smith was more than a snippet, and may have been the highlight for me. MG also served up a few verses of Tangled Up in Blue (Dylan) before Load Me Up, so there was good reason for a slightly longer runtime. The "new to me" songs were Selling You My Heart, Men At the Door, So Long Mrs. Smith and Avalanche; and for being my fourth show to still get a quarter of the setlist that is fresh is stunning. Avalanche was thrown in to the final spot in place of Blue Skies and I don't think anyone complained about that. A song that's typically in the opener spot fits in quite well as a closer. For a long few months of touring I was worried that illness would haunt MG at every show but he was in good spirits, seemed relaxed during the VIP Experience and had some nice song banter in the main set. The crowd was mostly respectful and quiet...or as much as you can be in a bar. There was talking, there was the sound of coins clinking in a glass, but there were also people "shushing" others so the majority tried to be quiet. Unfortunately it doesn't take much crowd noise to ruin a haunting performance of Los Alamos or lessen the impact of Fated. Like I said at the start, it was better than I expected (I was bracing for Grande Prairie and constant talking) but unfortunate that there was distracting noises all the same. The crowd was in to the Load Me Up challenge and failed on the second verse but they still wanted to sing along anyway. The one benefit of playing in a bar is that the crowd seems more conducive to sing alongs so it was probably the best crowd interaction of the Alberta shows I saw...even if they went 0/4 in the game. Despite a late start for the show PlasticSoldier, NonPopulus and my other friend went to have a post-show chat at a nearby bar. We were kicked out of there at 1AM and with a 5AM wake up I didn't have a chance to do any playback of my recording, start editing or call out a special moment or two from the night. Prior to MG taking the stage I noticed I had about 2h left of storage space on my recording device and in my haste I was purging older files and deleted the VIP Experience recording before I even had a chance to play it back or offload it. This was pretty crushing as it appears that the VIP Experience is my Kryptonite as I had a technical problem at the Calgary 2017 one so I guess I have to try a third time to see if I can correct my wrongs. Look for a song sample from the Edmonton show later this weekend (I am heading to Banff tonight but should have a chance to edit material) and possibly other musings that come to me while listening back to the show.
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    We had a celebration of life gathering for him on Wednesday. The whole community, friends, co-workers and family came out. Hundreds of people came and went. It was nice. Here is the Eulogy and speech I wrote for him (forgive the grammar mistakes): Henry was my only son. I wasn’t as close to him as he was with his mother. We didn’t have the same kind of relationship. However, I could see as he was getting older, that he was starting to show interest in spending time with me. Just a few weeks ago I began teaching him how to play Chess. He loved it, and I could see it was something he could accel at. We did spend lots of time together, over the years, playing video games, watching movies, going to the Sault etc; but he had his own interests, and he had his own routine that he liked to follow. I took him fishing for the first time the summer before last. He really enjoyed that, (we went a few times) and he would often ask me when we were going to go again. “Next summer son...” I told him. He was really looking forward to it, and so was I. It’s only been over the past year that I’ve really come to understand my son. Why he liked the things he liked, why he did the things he did, the way he did them, and how he did them. I was hard on him for a long time. I wanted my son to be a responsible adult when he grew up and I had high standards for discipline and behavior. But most importantly, I wanted my son to know that Jesus was his Lord and Savior. It was often a struggle for me, to communicate with my son. My wife understood him better than I, and tried very hard to help me understand him. I was bull headed and stubborn and it took a long time. I wasn’t good at bending. Eventually though, I came to understand him better, but I give my wife all of the credit. Henry’s death was very sudden and unexpected. His illness came out of nowhere. My wife stayed with him the whole time, keeping his spirits up, encouraging him and keeping him from being afraid. She stayed with him until the very end. She was strong for him. I will always remember that for the rest of my life. There was a point during this process where Henry asked my wife “Mom, am I going to die?” and she responded “You might die, but the doctors are going to do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen, but if you do, you know where you are going, so you don’t have to be afraid." Psalm 139:13-16 says “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” See.. God knew what Henry was going to be like before he was born. God knew what kind of mother and father he needed to help him through life and death. God chose my wife and I to be his parents, and we were very blessed. God laid everything out before us and took care of us. He took care of Henry and our family during this most difficult of times, and he continues too. Henry knew where he was going. I take great comfort in knowing that the last face he saw before going to sleep was his mother, and the next face he saw was Jesus Christ. I want to thank everyone for their support over the past few weeks. We are very grateful for everything everyone has done for us and for the prayers. We know you loved our Henry. Most importantly, I want to thank God for helping us, for being there for my only son Henry. He knows how I feel, because he lost a son once too.
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    Here's some photo's of him throughout his childhood. Oh yes and I forgot to mention... when Chaotic Neutral came out and I listened to it in the Van, he loved "Army of Lions" and would ask me to play it if I was listening to Matthew Good while driving. So now that song will always remind of him.
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    Also he is apparently working on Change of Season to add in as the tour goes on, which if he does play it will be the first time in over twenty years I believe, so pretty cool to see some of the ideas hes kicking around for this tour. Should also mention that I bought a ticket for my friend to attend the final stop on the tour in Vancouver and like he did on the BM tour he will record and film the entire concert.
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    As sad as I am about this, I was also upset when I went back to re-read my interactions with her on here - and discovered that all of her posts were gone. This is the last time I'll make a big deal about this, but people, including any admins, should not have the power to wipe out entire post histories, with the exception of troll and spam accounts. And this is precisely why - they're the record of our interactions - they're our memories. We already lose so much that we know and remember about people when they're no longer with us. (PS: I'm assuming the deletions must have happened some time ago.)
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    He’s back. Commenting is disabled. For the best for now I think.
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    "symbolistic white vinyl"
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