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    Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well. I took a break from interacting on here but wanted to jump back on to go over the acoustic tour next year. First, the dates that have been randomly coming out are because certain community theatres have to announce their schedules ahead of time for the courtesy of their patrons. That would be why theatres in smaller towns have announced shows, because I’m on their performance schedule for the year. That said, this month the entire tour is being rolled out and will include shows in major centres. The tour is actually pretty extensive and I’ll be playing some smaller places that I’d otherwise not. Given it’s an acoustic tour, and I’ve not done one in Canada since Hospital Music, I’m really looking forward to it. The downside is that I might have to endure reading the entirety of “The Art Of The Deal” to find the best passages to read during shows (hehe). Anyway, I know I’d mentioned an idea of doing very small shows at higher ticket prices, in excess of $100, but we decided it would be better to do things normally. I’ll check back and try and answer some questions if I can. Best. Matt.
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    Also he is apparently working on Change of Season to add in as the tour goes on, which if he does play it will be the first time in over twenty years I believe, so pretty cool to see some of the ideas hes kicking around for this tour. Should also mention that I bought a ticket for my friend to attend the final stop on the tour in Vancouver and like he did on the BM tour he will record and film the entire concert.
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    As sad as I am about this, I was also upset when I went back to re-read my interactions with her on here - and discovered that all of her posts were gone. This is the last time I'll make a big deal about this, but people, including any admins, should not have the power to wipe out entire post histories, with the exception of troll and spam accounts. And this is precisely why - they're the record of our interactions - they're our memories. We already lose so much that we know and remember about people when they're no longer with us. (PS: I'm assuming the deletions must have happened some time ago.)
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    She was a fixture at every Matt Good concert I'd ever attended in Vancouver. She had one of those larger than life personalities that you couldn't help, but notice her there. Often Matt would single her out in the crowd and sometimes have a brief chat. She was obviously a huge life long fan. Recently she had moved to Victoria and it was strange on the Beautiful Midnight Revisted tour to attend those shows and not notice her at the show. Obviously she was a member of this forum as well and it's tragic to think she is gone so young. Pretty cool for Matt to offer a tribute for her.
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    Grabbed a photo of the pedal board from tonight's VIP show. I also asked Matt a question about how to market my band and after the photo op was done he asked me to send him a copy of it. I had a cd of it in my car so I went out and grabbed that for him. Now Matt owns the first copy of our EP outside of my band and our family!!
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    I just got back from the Sidney show. I'm not going to go on in a lot of detail, I'm not really sure what to say. Amazing. I've been waiting over 10 years to see Matt play acoustically and it was even better than I expected. I've seen him with the band 7 times before this, not to take anything away from the band, but this is definitely my favourite show I've seen. There was tons of between-song banter (between all the songs), lots of hilarious moments. Matt's show was about 2 hours 10 minutes. It felt like a very personal performance, the venue only has 8 rows of seats. Amazing, I don't know what else to say. I'll take my best stab at the setlist. The beginning and the encore will be correct, the rest will be completely out of order, and there may be some I forget: Fearless Sort of a Protest Song Prime Time Deliverance Born Losers *Unknown New Song* While We Were Hunting Rabbits Tripoli Fated The Fine Art of Falling Apart Alert Status Red Load Me Up Los Alamos Apparitions Strange Days Men At The Door 99% of Us is Failure I don't think I forgot any, but I may have, I quickly scrolled through the album tracklists to try to remember all that was played. Like I said, order is way wrong in the middle. The new song was awesome, not sure if it was ever posted as a demo. The most memorable lyrics were "Once you break it you've bought it, and once you've bought it, it's breakable" (hope I got that right). Oh, some other interesting information we got about the next album: - The working title of the album is currently "Moving Walls", it sounded like that's what Matt wants to call it - There are 16 songs, only 1 has electric guitar - It will be recorded in studio after this tour I still have the Campbell River and Victoria shows to go.
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    I had a message board for a while too (before my hosting messed up and lost the database a few too many times), as did Prime Time Deliverance. PTD had a lot of us who didn't feel like we fit in with groups on Running For Home's board. After PTD wasn't around, I had my board, The Double Life, for a while. MGB during the AOB days linked to Running For Home's board (the APA [Amusement Park Accident]). Nation Of Cool had an official board, was that the Metro?. the official MG.org site had an official board on and off too. There's been so many it's hard to keep track. I'm sure Whorrible and other pre-Running For Home sites had some too. but man was that forever ago to remember considering my site itself is 18 years old
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    I don't have AOB but remember that he wanted All Together to come either after or in place of Anti-Pop. I do however have White Light. 1. Put Out Your Lights 2. Poor Man's Grey 3. We're So Heavy 4. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man 5. Hopeless 6. Little Terror 7. North American For Life 8. Ex-Pats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra 9. Empty Road 10. Blue Skies Over Badlands
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    Bad Pennies live and NF acoustic.
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    Some of mine are never going to happen and songs that weren’t released or pre-mgb but what the hell, we can dream right? Dusk Tidal wave Champions of nothing Rabbits Suburbia Truffle pigs Advertising Tripoli House of smoke and mirrors Girl in the war (cover) Flight recorder Prime time deliverance Near fantastica Set me on fire Los alamos Harridan Running for home Empty road Rat who would be king Joe’s in trouble And if Matt is ever taking suggestions for covers I would like to submit Mike Scott’s “A Wild Holy Band” it’s ten minutes of amazing and I think it would be wonderful.
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    You are a class act. Thank you so much for the offer! Unfortunately I must decline on account of me needing 3 tickets, and I managed to score some in the live nation pre-sale just now. I should say rather... the American Express pre-sale. I tried the code "mattgood" and it didn't work, so I tried "acoustic" again, and got in. There were plenty of new tickets, so I just assumed that was the live nation pre-sale doing it's thing. Got some fine seats in the 6th row, made it all the way to the payment and was greeted with a message "You're not using an american express card". I had to make a rather embarrassing phone call to the only person I know with an amex card (my dad), and ask kindly for the number, but also urgently because there is literally a giant clock at the top of the screen ticking down 2 minutes. Moral of the story: be good to your dad, because one day he'll buy your adult-ass and your adult-ass friends some concert tickets.
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    I just realized there are 10 shows in Alberta, but I think I'm going to go for it anyways. What the hell, right? You only live once.
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    I saw their Edmonton show last night (final stop on the North American tour). I've never seen the Pumpkins live before and a 30+ song set that lasted for over 3 hours is quite the introduction! I may not have appreciated some of the songs played but it was a fun show and I definitely got my monies worth. I recorded the show and if anyone is interested you can find the full concert on Dimeadozen and also have a song sample below. SoundCloud (song sample for "Zero"): https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/the-smashing-pumpkins-zero-september-9-2018 Dimeadozen (full concert): http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=630380
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    It's really sad. When you know someone in a context like this, through music, the internet, liking photos on instagram and chatting about songs and stuff you don't get the full picture. But you still feel connected. Marcy talked openly about her struggles and her fight too. Which deepens the personal though still distant/different connection. I wish I had something better to say than I wish I could've done something for her. I feel the loss. I hope she knows the positive impact and touch she had on people's lives and that she'll be missed.
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    My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your child. You'll be in my thoughts. Take care.
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    having a young boy myself, I cant even imagine what you and your family are going through... condolences man
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    I was going to message you asking if you had a giant grin from it haha
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    I am absolutely loving them. Each concert set is completely different from the next. It is refreshing to hear the rarities and new songs too.
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    Never fly on the day of a concert. It's been a rule I've had for 12 years and I've never broken it and have traveled to dozens of shows, and a few times its saved my ass. But I went against my better judgement on this one and booked an 830 flight from victoria to edmonton on the day of the show. Only it was PM not AM which I discovered at 725 this morning at the check in counter. After finding out there was nothing Westjet could do to get me to edmonton any earlier than 9pm tonight I tried Calgary. But even then not till nearly 4 and then I'd have to rent a car and drive to St Albert tonight to maybe just make it. So I checked with Air Canada. Nothing from Vancouver Island. But one option: a 1230 flight out of Vancouver. Only problem; since it's the day of travel cost of that one way flight is $592. Fuck it. Booked the flight and raced for the 9 am ferry. Now I'm on the boat when I get off I'll have a $60 cab fare to get to the airport and should get there in time to make my flight and with a little luck should still make it to St Albert on time albeit just about $700 poorer for my efforts. So if you see a guy passing a donation cap around at the show it'll probably be me. Haha, but I'll be damned if I was gonna miss it. And if Matt happens to play Blue Skies tonight I'll consider it money well spent! See y'all at the show!
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    In Lake Country Matt debuted Time Bomb and Empty Road. Tonight in Nelson Time Bomv was played again but empty road was dropped. Sounds like there was a fist fight in the crowd in Nelson tonight too
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    I know it's kind of a cliche, but Song For the Girl is rancid dick. Granted, music is subjective, so whatever. But the objective failure of the song is that its deleterious to Avalanche as an album, and that just exacerbates my contempt for the tune. The lyrics are hollow, the melody is uninspired, and it taints a record that would otherwise be, imo, a masterpiece. edit: i really just don't like this song.
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    I don't think it did. If I remember correctly, MGB had an official site that may have linked to RFH.net and then the Metro after that. The MGB site itself never had one. This board was around, around the time of Metro and I think it gained more members once Metro shut down. Again, I'm not 100% certain here but if memory serves, this is what happened. Please anyone feel free to correct me. It was a bit of wild west I guess but there were moderators and such but we were the first generation that was able to interact with each other the way we did. Matt involving himself was a bonus.
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    Not to get too far off topic, but did MG or MGB's official page ever directly have a message board? Or did it go Running From Home to Metro to this site or something? Wasn't really following the web stuff for Matt back then, just listening to the tunes. I'm curious hearing all these crazy stories about these sites. Wild early internet days it sounds like.
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    ok this one's a bit older, but i bought Dragon Age Inquisition game of the year edition on black friday for $10 CAD. i'm loving it. i played the previous 2 games when they originally came out, so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but i think this one is the best; there's a lot of really great characters.
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    I assuming it's this one, from an old t-shirt: http://web.archive.org/web/20160406103416/http://matthewgood.store-08.com:80/chaotic-neutral/mg010024-matthew-good-men-s-boy-and-wolf-t-shirt-black/ Welp, the post editor is broken. Corrected link to original: http://web.archive.org/web/20160406103416/matthewgood.store-08.com/chaotic-neutral/mg010024-matthew-good-men-s-boy-and-wolf-t-shirt-black/
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    Thanks for posting those Foats. Very gracious of you. I should have been more clear when I first posted though that I meant the video of it. I was looking for it all over the place and couldn't find it. Eventually, just a few days ago, I got lucky and found that there was a website for the flood aid concert and they have a copy of the entire televised performance. It was just unlisted for some reason which is why it doesn't show up on Youtube searches. Matt and the band start at the 3:33.33 mark. Was a great performance. Jimmy was always intense and lively on guitar and I really miss the dynamic Anthony brought with the keys. He adds some nice texture and depth into the songs.
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    Looks like Chad couldn't make the rescheduled Foo Fighters date but I did. I didn't have tickets to the original sold out date in September and was diligent and monitored Kijiji for the last month looking for a reasonably priced floor ticket to show up and I found one. I haven't seen the Foo Fighters since the late 90's (Edgefest) and in two decades they haven't slowed down a single bit. Looking at setlist.fm prior to the show I was disappointed they were only doing 21-22 songs but what was missing from that is that their set clocked in at nearly three hours. Last night it was 2h50m and it was common to have some songs go for double or triple their runtime (Pretender was 12 minutes, Best of You was 11). I also liked that their encore wasn't a quick "off and on" either. They were off stage for over 7 minutes and it was close to 10 minutes before they played again. As Dave was running around, getting all areas of the arena in to the show I kept thinking how they are the definition of "entertainers". It wouldn't be a concert rundown without some links, so for those curious I have a song sample on SoundCloud and the full show has been posted on Dimeadozen: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sean-gursky/foo-fighters-all-my-life-october-22-2018 Dimeadozen: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=633522 Next up for me is Jack White in November (saw the White Stripes five [seven if you include attending two secret shows in 2007] times in 2005-2007) but first time seeing Jack as a solo artist so I'm pretty excited for that.
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    This would be amazing. This would ACTUALLY be my everything. Holy moly.
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    Quite a few Islanders on this site. I like the idea of the Sidney show, very very small place, super intimate, that whole show will almost be like a VIP experience.
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    I got some better tickets for Victoria this morning in the public sale (front row). I also managed to get 2 front row seats for Sidney, I previously only had 1. I also got VIP for Campbell River, I wonder how many people will be doing VIP there? Maybe it will be a really small group, that would be cool. I have some spare tickets if anyone is interested, PM me. I have 2 in row F for Victoria (right side). I also have a single seat in the front row for Sidney (centre, A19). You can have them for face-value of course (what I paid for them).
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    Hey, russic. I actually have some extra Calgary tickets if you'd like them. I started out my getting some back corner tickets as well, but then four seats in row E opened up so I grabbed them. I have one friend for sure who will attend with me, but if you can't find something better during the public sale, you're welcome to buy one or two of my row E tickets. I also still have my corner ones to contend with. I bought tickets to all of the Alberta shows, so we'll see if this works out.
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    ACOUSTIC worked for me too, yesterday.
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    That made me laugh! But also a little sad. Those of us in the NYC driving range barely get a show anymore..it’s been over five years. I hope you get your wish. I made the trip to Hamilton in 2015 and was not disappointed.
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    I’m so happy to hear that! End of life care is incredibly important and misunderstood. While the experiences you have must be tough, I would guess that there is also much beauty attached to your work. I work in mental health care, with much focus on suicide. I talk about death all the time and find at least as much positive, as negative, though this is not the same as what you deal with day in and day out. Have you seen BJ Miller’s Ted Talk? It is my all time favourite Ted Talk, knocking both Brene Brown and Amanda Palmer off their long held positions at the top of my list. If not, here it is:
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    First on the list is Rico, live @ Much Music in December of 1998 at the Big Shiny Tunes 3 Release Party. Apparently this was the first performance Rich ever played with the band. Again, props to Adam for creating a digital copy here and for all of the others I'm going to post. Muchly appreciated (See what I did there ).
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    I started playing it again a couple weeks ago. It's such a great game. The multiplayer is so much fun still, and the game holds up.
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    The Last of Us is my go-to game I go back to every time there isn't anything out that I am super pumped about. It's also kinda scary and I scare easy so I only play when the wife is around haha
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    I've added Last Parade to my collection now http://mattgood.plastic-soldier.com/single-lastparade.php
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    I purchased a PS4 a couple weeks ago. Played and loved Last of Us remastered. Amazing game. Been playing FIFA, MLB The Show, Kingdom Hearts remaster, and Yakuza 0. If you have PS4 and haven't tried the Yakuza series I highly recommend it.
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    Hey, Edmonton area friends, I have some good news. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Matt is likely playing at the Arden Theatre in St. Albert on February 15, 2019.
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    A little off topic, but I just wanted to say how awesome your site is, btw. The amount of work you've put into that thing is just astounding. Really appreciate all the rare downloads and info on there. I was looking for a full copy of the NMW West speech Matt did in 2002 for a while and your site was the only place I could find it, plus the tour dates and set lists (even if incomplete) are a really cool wealth of dates/info to have. So yeah, muchly appreciated. And thanks (along with TIPS) for the info about when Geoff officially left. Also helps with determining the possible date of the performance.
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    February 28, 2019 - Rose Theatre, Brampton, ON http://www.brampton.ca/sites/Rose-Theatre/en/Events-And-Tickets/Pages/ShowDetails.aspx?ShowID=1431&ShowDate=02/28/2019 March 3, 2019 - Capitol Centre, North Bay, ON http://www.capitolcentre.org/events/matthew-good
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    Another solo acoustic show. February 13, 2019 - Airdrie, AB Do we maybe want to split this thread up and start a separate 2019 solo acoustic thread?
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    Hopefully this works. Last time I had issues uploading from mobile.
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    Matt is apparently playing a free show in New Westminster as part of Recovery Day BC on September 8
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    Can you take a pic of the white album? Want to see what it looks like
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    I didn't notice the social media accounts were gone at the time that it happened...you know, I feel as though the things I really want to reflect on and ask would not be encouraged here. So I really feel as though I have no outlet to discuss MG as I genuinely want to. I'll just echo what somebody else said: I hope he's ok.
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