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    Alright folks, here it is. My apologies for the length of time it took to get this shared, btw. It was recorded on July 4th, but I just got busy with life and work. That's not to mention that because I'm a nerd I wanted to create an intro for this to kind of commemorate how special an album I honestly believe it is, so that also took a couple days on top of all the uploading problems I had with this video due to the length. Given that it's my first time doing anything like it I'm sure it'll come off kind of corny, but regardless I figured I might as well get some practice. You'll probably need to adjust the volume levels at first as my narration came out a little louder in the final conversion than it was in the editing program I was using and I am not going back to redo it after all the time it took to convert and upload this to Youtube, lol. As the title suggests the main focus of the interview is LOTGA, but it's also just a really informal chat between two people who hadn't talked for a long time. In fact, despite the fact that I throw out a few questions here and there, I wouldn't even call it an interview as much as I would just a video podcast of sorts. Both John and Ian seemed like they were having a good time conversing which was fantastic (because I wasn't exactly on top form for interviewing people anyways, as you'll probably notice). Plus, more to the point, I didn't want to interrupt that flow much because them just informally talking back and forth led to a lot of interesting conversation where they actually answered questions I was going to ask before I even had the chance to ask them, haha. Lastly, this is sort of just part 1. I'm going to be interviewing Ian again this Sunday where we'll cover everything under the sun after LOTGA, up until the present regarding his time after MGB too. So when that's done I'll share it too. And of course, again, a "huge" thanks to Ian and John for doing this.
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