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    a pretty cool idea I think, gives the fans something interesting to look forward to and a chance to give Matt a little support in this difficult time for musicians and artists. Looking forward to the show!
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    Wow, thank you so much for making this and posting it here John! This is legendary. I've never heard of a lot of this info. Minority opinion but LOTGA is my favorite MGB album.
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    Hosted by Dan Mangan and with a Q&A! Tickets are 20 bucks: https://sidedooraccess.com/shows/Jot1rfa1Y0s6lZbzfmV8
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    More info about the show: You do not need to have a Zoom account to view the show. You will likely be muted. Please feel free to use the chat and turn on your video to engage with the community. If possible, use hard-wired internet rather than Wi-Fi (connected to your modem via an ethernet cable). If using Wi-Fi, turn off any other devices on your Wi-Fi network to protect your bandwidth. Please be respectful of the performer(s) and other guests.
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    As an exercise over the years, I've designed a ton of (alternate) album art, some using other artists' materials, some entirely self-generated. If you've ever seen that Cold Harbor cover with the blacked out figure looking at a ship, that's one of mine-- though embarrassingly bad since I wasn't an art director yet. I figured I'd drop them in here for the only group of people who'd really be interested. Enjoy.
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    Hi Steve, Yes I've stayed in touch with all the previous band members, as well as Dave and Ian. Stay tuned, there's an interview video that Ian and I participated in with Daniel that should answer a few more questions and reflects upon our work all those years ago.
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    I consider helping people replace the Vancouver cover to be a public service.
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