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  1. re: dancing like Thom Yorke I don't think anyone can do that but Thom. Anyone take a stab at the lyrics yet?
  2. More info about the show: You do not need to have a Zoom account to view the show. You will likely be muted. Please feel free to use the chat and turn on your video to engage with the community. If possible, use hard-wired internet rather than Wi-Fi (connected to your modem via an ethernet cable). If using Wi-Fi, turn off any other devices on your Wi-Fi network to protect your bandwidth. Please be respectful of the performer(s) and other guests.
  3. great to see the tour has been rescheduled but i wonder if we'll actually be past the pandemic by then.
  4. i finally started playing my switch again (smash bros ultimate) but then started playing stellaris on pc. smash just isn't as fun without other people. i need to finish zelda before the sequel comes out.
  5. would like to see mg score a movie or show one day. seems like it'd be pretty easy for him.
  6. I'd prefer that there weren't any gofundmes or anything like that on this site. Thanks. I think the best way to support the artists we like are to buy their merch/albums directly through their sites and to sell out their shows when this whole pandemic has ended.
  7. Hm, thanks for letting me know. Taking a look. Seems to work fine for me? Can you press F12 and let me know if you see any red error messages?
  8. I'm in Japan right now and venues and attractions all over the country are closing. The coronavirus is a pretty serious thing and a lot of concerts have been cancelled here. I've been trying to keep up with the news back home and it seems the cases in Canada and the US are increasing as well. Hopefully we don't get any cancellations but I can definitely understand the hesitation to buy tickets for a show where you'll likely be cramped together with strangers.
  9. Definitely still works on this site if you have Flash installed. e: Might be adblocking or browser security permissions around the site. Flash is pretty terrible tbh so modern software blocks it, just haven't had time to work on this site as much as when I was a kid.
  10. Anyone watching this? I've committed myself to watching all of it but it's pretty terrible so far.
  11. i'm really happy matthew is making videos again. quite like the song and the video is good.
  12. Pre-sale codes so far are either MOVINGWALLS2020 or GOOD.
  13. It was on the In a Coma DVD I think. https://www.nearfantastica.com/albums/in-a-coma/
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