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  1. Still waiting to get mine but both of my parents are vaccinated now at least. From the people I know who got the Pfizer vaccine, seems like mild headaches are the only symptom people are getting. Not too happy about the 4 month delay between doses though. Canada really needs to spin up its own vaccine manufacturing again, hopefully this will encourage that.
  2. i finally have my full build now, I have zero games that will make good use of the 3080 though. rgb is also so tacky and none of my colours match. re: back orders, CC and memex only take them in person.
  3. so in less stressful news... seems like all my parts are finally arriving at this point, i would just backorder or you'll be waiting forever
  4. Hello everyone, In the interest of transparency, we have let the discussions here continue unhindered but please try to be civil. We very much understand that these are quite stressful and trying times but we ask that posters please stop making personal attacks against each other. If you want to insult each other then take that elsewhere. Please feel free to use the report button if you see any violations of this, this option is available in the forums and in private messaging. Posters can also opt to ignore/block each other through the profile screen. This is the only warning we will be giving out in regards to personal attacks. We would also like to ask that posters refrain from posting any of their personal assumptions on what the intentions are of the parties involved in these very serious allegations and that you do not post anyone’s personal information. Thank you. FYI: Some posts were removed at the request of the posters who made them.
  5. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/54-40-stolen-guitar-found-surre-bc-1.5893369 In Surrey of course!
  6. Bad Pennies is great and I still think Matt should put it on an album!
  7. nice. i put myself on the memex and canada computers waitlist for the 5600x and 3080 and, honestly, memex has been a much better experience. i wish i hadn't ordered anything from CC. the 5600x showed up at memex but i'm just "#1 in line" at CC for the 5600x and 3080. the only way i even found out that i was #1 was by going into the store and asking, they're so understaffed that they've essentially stopped answering the phone/tickets/email. as poorly managed as ncix was, i really miss them.
  8. man, i've been waiting for my 3080 and 5600x for quite awhile now. did you ever get your 3070?
  9. Hi everyone, As you may have noticed, I've upgraded the forums again! The NF Store is still broken but I'll get around to fixing it eventually! Please let me know if you run into any issues with the forums. I am going to try to fix up the themes again a bit since the navigation bar up top doesn't look as nice as before. Hope you're all doing well and happy new year!! Best, Anton
  10. Thanks folks. Here's to another 16!
  11. I did end up getting my refunds last month so hopefully you get yours soon man. The company that handled the vip also kept the $11! I hope that gives them enough to refund some other fans though.
  12. To be fair, I don't think mg has much if any control over those refunds and fees. Pretty sure he got nothing from them. Those credit card fees are charged by the credit card companies too and I'm guessing these vendors can't afford to take the hit. I would mail them back and see if they'll do it for you but I understand where they're coming from.
  13. I ordered one of the soccer jerseys. Lets hope I still fit into it after the pandemic ends.
  14. Did they cancel the Stones? Thought it was still rescheduled.
  15. Just got the email from SoundRink, VIP will be refunded within 30 days.
  16. Just a heads up, I just received an email telling me that the rescheduled December Vancouver shows have been cancelled. Sad news to hear but understandable given that the number of cases in the city have skyrocketed. Note: the promoters just issued me 110% credit since I never asked for a refund. Haven't heard anything yet about the VIP packages. Not sure if this is going to be for every show or on a city by city basis but may want to keep an eye on your email for messages from the venues. e: Whole tour cancelled
  17. Please do not post links to bootlegs of the streams. Thank you.
  18. Glad you tested negative!
  19. Welp. My connection dropped for a bit and I missed the ending lol Was the last song Apparitions?
  20. The audio quality is really good on this stream. I ended up just fullscreening MG and put him on the TV. The chat and all those popups is really distracting lol
  21. I was able to get into the stream but looks like MG and co are having a hard time getting in themselves. https://sessionslive.com/MatthewGood/live I had to do a hard refresh though (F12 in Chrome then CTRL-Shift-R). Matt's up now though Sound is really low though e: I ended up just streaming it to my TV and raised the volume on that. PC speakers are not good for this. Sort of a Protest Song as first song!
  22. Just looked through some logs and it looks like that site is getting hammered, seeing error 500s. Guess this is the first time they've had a very large show?
  23. Hm. The site isn't loading for me. Anyone else having issues?
  24. Too long to be processed might mean actual video length. I think new YouTube accounts might only be allowed to have 10 minute long videos? Not 100% sure but it used to be like that way back when. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/71673?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en It seems to be 15 minutes.
  25. Really didn't expect Matt to play a 25 minute rendition of Rico.
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