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  1. Christ it's good to hear someone say this, agreed Arrows is easily top 4 for me. That record and tour got me legitimately excited, because honestly I felt about half of both Vancouver and LOES covered familiar territory I wasn't keen to hear revisited. Arrows on the other hand channelled the big, rocking momentum of such songs on AOB/Avalanche/WLRR, while sounding fresh as fuck. It still sounds fresh. There are few MG records, or any records for that matter, which are great from start to finish. Arrows kept my interest as a fan, as did most of Chaotic Neutral. Two superb records in a row, and
  2. Came across this piece by Mac Cameron recently, I know you guys'd appreciate it. A thoughtfully articulated commentary on many (most) of my favourite musicians can be elusive, this is good reflection from a true fan. https://dominionated.ca/features/loser-anthems-matthew-good/
  3. I agree they're very similar. When Mark Hollis passed away in February I finally took the time to listen to some Talk Talk. Both of these songs sound musically and vocally inspired by 'New Grass' from Talk Talk's '91 record Laughing Stock. I think there's little chance they aren't, given the similarities. They're all beautiful pieces in their own right, easily top third of Matt's catalogue in my opinion.
  4. Song for the Girl, even though it pops in my head once and awhile of its own accord. WLRRR is actually one of my favourite records, period. But I do share the sentiment of others here on the board that Little Terror is not a great song. 99% of Us is Failure I'm a Window Last Parade Zero Orchestra The last two records (Arrows and Chaotic) have been phenomenal in my opinion, the only tracks from each that don't blow my mind being Letters in Wartime and All You Sons and Daughters.
  5. I've noticed all of the solo records have at least one classically 'pop' song, each with a similar cohesion in terms of how it fits on the album (a 'soft spot') and the reaction it elicits in the listener (head bobbing). Every time, every record has that moment! There's a mental acknowledgement every time 'that' track comes around. Maybe it's the tempo overall. Anyone else agree/disagree? Arrows of Desire (2013) Hey Hell Heaven Lights of Endangered Species (2011) In a Place of Lesser Men Vancouver (2009) Us Remains Impossible Hospital Music (2007) The Devil's in Your Detail
  6. I'm A Window. I do find Little Terror and Zero Orchestra a bit tedious as well...
  7. http://www.dimeadozen.org/ Sign up and Wheeee, away you go! Thanks Michael for uploading :) NEAT
  8. Agreed, fair assessment Nick. And I see the truck prominently as well in the Boy Come Home... that and the unemployment line stretched to the desert! I always see 'the clear' that the narrator came upon in While We Were Hunting Rabbits. A big open meadow under a huge, bright night sky. I'm sure this is a pretty common association, it's a powerful image, along with the boat on the ocean. For House of Smoke and Mirrors, I see a lot of plum purple with dusty yellow patches of light... and some orange near the end. Ha, maybe a mirror or two? And LOL, Marco, my name's Christian - 'kickass' i
  9. I have colour/texture association more than anything. A Boy and His Machine Gun, for example, I've always seen an orange and black static-e/molten pattern. Your ex was a real cold tony, forget her; remember your old friend :)
  10. I really wanted to hear 'How It Goes' on the last tour. Omissions?? Life Beyond?? Amazing. Buh. BUHH
  11. Off-topic, but I'm going to take this opportunity to reaffirm my opinion that WLRRR is one of Matt's better albums, and my personal favourite. A brilliant recording that captures a certain 'spirit of the day', and yet felt like a classic from the moment of its release.
  12. Yes alcohol addiction is indeed no laughing matter, but lighten up. Girl's comment was a less direct way of saying 'wtf this dude was unconscious at a matt good show!'
  13. Only a 3 hr drive to Rochester... hm.
  14. Agreed, crowd was nuts tonight. I missed the first half hour though, what'd they open with? I had dudes left and right air-guitaring, it was ridiculous! Anolder gentleman was sitting beside me, with his grandson. When they played apparitions, the man said to the boy, 'now here's a classic one'.
  15. Got a ticket for tonight's show :) wonder if they'll play Hornets?? I have to agree with Jesse, this band is one of the best incarnations, and they're just warming up! Christian thor Valdson will always be held in highest regard in my eyes though; I fucking LOVED his band Copyright, and his touring on Avalanche & WLRRR shows was brilliant. Digression aside, hope you folks with tix enjoy the show tonite! It's likely going to be exceptional.
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