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  1. do you have any with good sound quality?
  2. can anyone tell me a live gig matt did that you are able to download the full show on soulseek or something. thanks
  3. opps...i didn't see the exact same topic posted like 5 threads down from this... and i am not that pleased...barely any of the videos on this are working...unless my computer is a piece of shit!
  4. i know this has probably been asked like 20 thousand times, but where can i find some matt good videos!? i've never seen carmelina, nor anti pop...and i really want to!
  5. where did this song come from??? its good! i found it on limewire
  6. whats the deal with the rodchester kings?
  7. if you could have any girl in the world, who would it be!? i think mine would either be alexis bledel or paris hilton!haha
  8. i just download a bunch of live songs from limewire
  9. when i saw him, he came out by himself with an acoustic and played apparations...then the rest of the band came out and played weapon. it was awesome!
  10. im from a small town called mt.uniacke...its about 25mins outside of halifax.
  11. i bought the album when it first came out, so i got the cardboard foldout version, and it had no booklet (shitty). just wonderin what the booklet was like, haha...
  12. hey now, im not a fan of dave matthews, but i will admit he's a talented person, and i have to say i really like is voice. but for good's popularity, i have a lot of music loving friends, but im the only one that "really" listenes to matt good, they all like his songs and stuff, but never took the time to get into any of his albums. its a shame, i don't understand why everyone i know do not have his 2 solo career cds....??? its a mystery....
  13. for me it would have to be "So Long Mrs. Smith". everytime i hear it, i swear my heart drops down into my guts. it really lets you know that slowly your youth is fading...and lets face it, our happiness is at it's peak in our youth, from there, it's all downhill. each line in that song is like a punch in the face. it's perfect (to me anyway). tho he obviously has some personnal references in it (i.e- Edison and Wong's) but i can easily replace them with my own places. i know pretty much all of his songs have amazing lyrics (avalanche, blue skies over badlands, radiobomb) but what ones really stand out for you guys/gals, and explain?
  14. ok, so the short story "The Night Opus" (at last there is nothing left to say) and the song "Jenni's Song" (beautiful midnight) are obviously greatly connected. but does anyone know if this Jennifer Dawn Conners is a actual person, and if so, did she really play a huge part in Matt's early manhood? it drives me nuts everytime i listen to the song....i need to know! if not, what are your opinions?
  15. nope, i never heard of it...im not that good with the internet tho haha...that would be awesome of you to send it tho...i'll try and figure out how to recieve it. thanks!
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