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  1. I'm not getting my hopes up because of what happened the last two times but if my cover of "A Boy and His Machine Gun" is up to the standards, its available to download on my site... http://www.virb.com/themorningmarch
  2. I don't think so. I remember the phonecall Ben made was at a marina though. Could be where the boat was parked.
  3. So did Ben kill Penny then? Was that the deal with the 'unfinished business' and the blood? Because that's just not cool.
  4. I disagree. I think they have their ideas penned out and they know how to get there. Its amazing, watching these first two episodes, how many things tie in to each other from the past. Gives you a sense of how they've been planning out the main plot for a long time. With the added complexity of timetravel they're bound to lose some of their casual viewers but who cares. The episodes are fantastic, the acting is top notch and the storytelling is better than a lot of movies these days. I welcome it all with open arms. Lost has never been better.
  5. I haven't been here in a while but I figured I'd contribute my best of 08 list... though its a little longer than some and a little late. 2008 was a very solid year for music. If 09 comes even close, I may just be the happiest guy in Vancouver. 1. The Constantines
  6. You know, I think the character development is what I was having a problem with. Every character who was inherently good, was becoming bad and vice-versa, which in itself isn't a bad thing but they were acting so out of character that it wasn't believable. SPOILER (Highlight to View) This last episode though, cleared up the Hiro/Ando thing and showed that Peter, though still hungering for killing, was trying to be better. It sort of cleared up things and drew a bit of a line between good and evil. It made the Season Arc a little more believable. As long as they have episodes like this last one to ground things, I don't mind the episodes that are bloated with sloppy action and confusing nonsense.
  7. Good to see you both have new stuff up. Sounds good. I've got my new stuff up on virb... www.virb.com/themorningmarch For some reason, every once in a while I update my myspace too. http://www.myspace.com/themorningmarch
  8. Okay, this show is getting a little weird... like they're trying too hard and don't really know where they want to go.
  9. Yeah, after repeated listens I can say that it doesn't hit the highs of Define The Great Line. It seems like they tried to focus more on their short-schizophrenic-slap-you-around-type of heavier songs rather than their more experimental side. Which isn't a bad thing; the beginning of "The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed" is fantastic. This record definitely has its moments though. The drumming is fantastic and the screaming is top notch. I'd give it a good 4/5 I think. What other heavy albums from this year are you listening to?
  10. Nice man, real nice. I definitely don't have the same sentiments towards their new one. Since its release, its made its way into my top five albums of all time. With the exception of Oblivion; not being up to par with the other songs, its perfect. But they did take a different approach to this album and I can see how it could put people off.
  11. Yeah, its a sad day in internet times when people can't voice their "useless" opinions without getting shit for it. On another note, is anyone hearing hints of Wintersleep in the group People In Planes? I'm just getting into them lately, and obviously they're more mainstream sounding but I swear their styles are pretty similar. The song "Flesh and Blood" off their new album perhaps? Maybe I'm just looking for something to fill the gap between releases.
  12. I'm pretty sure it'll be at the Nelson CDPlus... Loser Anthems was a limited release and I bought it there. 10,000 is a lot. I don't think they'll sell that fast. But I'm basing this off the fact that Universal is releasing this... if they're not, then who knows.
  13. I thought for sure Mohinder was about to start growing blue fur at one point... he would make a perfect Beast. I bet Heroes will rip off the marvel universe and make Mihinder a similar character. I think heroes have cleaned up their cast nicely and with the exception of Nikki maybe,(I wasn't a fan of her before), have storylines that are all interesting (in the beginning at least). The previous seasons had problems with that. I'm also loving all the flash-forwards and time travel. It really makes the show interesting. Plus I <3 Kirsten Bell. ;)
  14. Holy shit. I'm having trouble deciding whether or not that was a sloppily-written mess or sheer genius. I think I'm leaning towards the latter... the new season is shaping up to be pretty cool.
  15. Anyone check out their "Welcome to the Night Sky" b-side - 'The Kids Are Ultra-Violent'? I think its great. I'm a fan of the newer vocal style... and it seems like the guys are so much tighter as a band. (Compared to the first two albums.) To me, this song showcases that pretty well. Not sure if it would have worked on the album though. Might be better left off.
  16. I'm not really feeling this one. I think I like the lyrics though... or at least the ideas they shed light on. "Chalk it up to how cars get crushed When there's nothing left for them to steal" I love that line. Should be an interesting record.
  17. Ever since Showcase picked it up it got weirder and weirder. Probably for the better though. I mean, who can go naked the longest? Ludicrous. I think the day I watched that I lost whatever little bit of innocence I had left.
  18. I'll have to agree. This album's fantastic. I can't get through the whole thing for the life of me. Its so good that it inspires me to pick up my guitar and as a result I turn it off.
  19. Are there still Underoath fans here? Anyone have the new album? Thoughts? So far its not Define the Great Line but it might be close once it sinks in a little bit.
  20. No love for Lydia eh? I would have thought this stuff was right up you guys' alley... Well, can't say I haven't tried. Here's a preview of my favourite song by them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd68fspiys8
  21. Wow, this thing really grew on me. It is one hellofa solid album. I can honestly say, I never really got into their first album, but this one is definitely my cup of tea. "Language City" and "Fine Young Cannibals" rock my socks!
  22. I did a quick search and I don't see any love for one of my favourite releases of the year. Lydia's 'Illuminate' is an incredible album. The music is pretty mellow overall, great lyrics, great instrumentation. It has a way of working its way into your head and evoking emotions, in a way that is rare in music these days. Top Songs: Sleep Well This Is Twice Now And Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving I'd say their new album is easily in my top 5 for this year. If you haven't heard of them already. Check them out! If you have, what do you think? http://www.myspace.com/lydia
  23. I like how you can set your top 8 to a 7 day setting and then its like an instantly updating weekly top artists... works way better than having to wait for an update every sunday.
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