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  1. jrok

    London Show?

    I went to this show as well... could anyone fill me in on how I could get my hands on the recording please and thanks????
  2. see you all there.. lets keep our fingers crossed for a 7 song encore.
  3. jrok

    Kitchener Show

    Didn't make it to ticketmaster soon enough....any help?
  4. I have a paper due in one of my classes on Monday that has to be on a singer/band post 1955..if there is at least one reference from a book that would be great.. if anyone has anything at all it would be appreciated..i figured i would just give this a try.... Thanks
  5. I've had them for awhile..if someone tells me how to "yousendit" all of them at once i will post the link.
  6. Last night was i was falling asleep i left The Hour with George Strombosldfaodsidplopspisplslsooplous on...and i swear i heard him mention that Matthew Good would be on today! Anyone have any information about this? I checked the website and didn't see anything.
  7. just curious.. have never heard this one live in the 3 concerts i have been too...
  8. Ya it was the best out of the 3 shows I have been to for sure... I was really impressed with the Drink as a venue..not really a bad spot in the house..Near Fantastica was a highlight for me
  9. i will see you all there...absolutely pumped...set lists have looked fantastic so far...
  10. jrok

    In A Coma

    34.99 is my guess for 2 cds and a dvd.
  11. The U.S treasury ok'd it because it was some sort of "musical" experience...where audioslave visited schools..interacted with children etc..and they weren't allowed to make any political driven statements on stage
  12. http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1501463/2...507/story.jhtml check this out...nice to see music can transcend borders of all kinds.
  13. How did you find this site and what made you decide to start posting on it?
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