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  1. Jay, as in Baruchel, who was at the show from the looks of it.
  2. I don't complain about these things much but.. closing with Guns every night is a bummer for me, my least favourite track from the new album.
  3. I'm only seeing Arrows, Long Gone and Had it Coming on the lyrics page, where's the rest?
  4. Not nearly as epic as say, Non Populus, but man Letters in Wartime is going to rock live. Also totally in love with Mutineering
  5. Its not summer, nor is it a tour, but I was at the show tonight. As to be expected, lots of drunk idiots, and obviously the setlist was pretty much all singles. Still, good times. Giant Load Me Up X Rated Born Losers Zero Orchestra Alert Status Red Time Bomb Automatic Apparations Weapon Champions of Nothing!
  6. Since it's tattooed onto me, I'm going to have to go with Avalanche.
  7. They opened with Rabbits. I brought a friend of mine who, of course, I'd given a bunch of Matt's music to prior, and she'd said that Rabbits was her favourite song. After the first couple notes I leaned over and said "Rabbits!" and her eyes lit up and she went crazy. So awesome. Great atmosphere tonight. Apparitions being a "classic one" makes me feel old.. shit
  8. aaand they did. last night's show was great, especially being front row centre and all, but man, so much more energy from the band and the crowd. Agreed on CtV, loved him, but definitely no complaints about the new band, and even though he seems less energetic/intense than the last two drummers(especially Pat), Ian's rocking it.
  9. Looking forward to the next two nights. Didn't really look until just now oddly enough, but I ended up with row A pretty much in the centre for the Thursday show. Sadly I had to work a late shift tonight otherwise I would've been at the Edge show too. but I was able to get the next two nights off so hey, thems the breaks
  10. With Avalanche being my favourite MG/MGB album, I like the sounds of this, that said, I'm not listening to shit until I have that cd in my hands. So, so hard.
  11. broke down and bought an IMac. and 2 shirts, and some overly priced candles as a house warming gift for a friend. it all hurt alot because I'm cheap.
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