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  1. lethbridge, I got a bunch of friends who'll help out to
  2. I have a feeling there's a lot more to it than just some wannabe actor saying he buys 10 hookers, hell I'm jealous of any guy who can take 10 at once...
  3. In all honesty do you think incubus would even know who matt good is? Interviewer- So brandon, what do you think of matt good? Brandon- I really liked under the table and dreaming (old joke I know but I still think its funny)
  4. I couldn't tell..If it is I dont remember it. It didn't start with "dear san diego" and the whole wife thing parallels his life a little closer than most of his fiction usualy does. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. all anyone who doesnt understand whats so great about them has to do is read the lyrics to testify and remember they were written BEFORE Bush moved into the white house
  6. I'm pumped...I just want to see the pumpkins on tour, that'd be great
  7. you say this like you're better than everyone...what gives?
  8. Just bought new CD, Totaly amazing, if you liked the first one you'll like this one. Go buy it
  9. it really depends how into the band you are. I have a few "best ofs" or "greatest hits" alblums but just from bands that I'm not super into. A greatest hits CD gets you the singles, the songs you've heard and know you like without the other stuff. I guess I'm really just stating the obvious. It's hard to say whether a CD can be the best of because in the end it all comes down to personal opinion.
  10. califonication is so classic I love it, you can listen to the entire alblum and you just groove throught out the whole thing
  11. she was hot! great artist as well
  12. you are 86% Appreciator and 38% Consumer... Page is Jesus and... Clapton is God
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