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  1. Matthew and Ben Lee, Although it would definitely have to be acoustic
  2. Matt bought a Fender and plans on writing the next album with it before any additional instruments
  3. I've met Matt a couple of times and he is always a great guy after the show. I think it was last year in orangeville I took my sister to a gig and promised that we would stick around so she could meet him. Pat,rich and chris had all come out right after the show and chatted with us for a bit, we stuck around until about 1:00am and even at that hour(plus is was freezing) matt with his little shower bag came by and talked to the whole 3 people(sister,myself, and another girl) that were left and didn't hurry anything just took the time to sign,chat and take a few pics
  4. I remember during the Hard Liquor and Hand Guns Tour MGB played in Pt. Colborne and I'm pretty sure that it was just a beer tent
  5. If anyone is looking to get into the show on saturday, it seems I will probaly have an extra ticket, if you want it message me at 1-519-718-1427, or mail me at matthewgood_fan@hotmail.com. I cant find anyone to take the ticket, there will be a charge for the ticket(15$), (I will be arriving at the venue around 7:00-7:30pm tommorrow.)
  6. For the past couple of tours I have seen matt with a Stella on stage
  7. I remember being able to watch Hello Time Bomb at least twice a day on MTV2 when we had the good ole pirated RCA dish in action, but then again MTV2 played anything that wasnt "hip" at the moment. And although Matt didnt name an AOB tour, he had that string of shows that he did after AOB just after Anti-Pop went on the air(The debut of the Chris,pat,and rich line up) I remember the show in london on that tour because he played the slow version of The Future is X-rated (took me forever to find the bootleg)
  8. I called the Starlight Lounge, and tonight's show is canceled. As far as they know, Saturday's show is a go. They're going to try to reschedule tonight's show for either Sunday or Monday.
  9. capo2nd


    Not to attack Reznor, but if we are going to label Cash as a junkie, we should also mention a little thing called herion. As far as the cover of Hurt goes I agree full-heartedly that the NIN version will always be the best, but the Cash version isn't exactly destroying the song
  10. you better off just selling them in toronto, but dont do it right at Fort York. Union station will be scalper heavy to for the show
  11. Feel like making love - BTO Laid - James I would walk - Proclaimers
  12. Some games should stay just as that Games, and now with the trend of making movies into games, all I have to say is I like Fight Club (movie), but I havnt played the game and probaly never will because of how dumb it looks
  13. "Is That Clear?"...."Crystal" A Few Good Men
  14. No one will ever be able to match Jack as the joker
  15. Kingston would be the closes for you, Waterloo is south-west of Toronto about an hour away
  16. There are songs that we want to hear him play on this tour, and there are songs that Matt will be able to play, no offence to him, but we gotta remember he is a rythm guitarist through and through (Matt was mentioning this on the mblog a little while ago) and unless he can take a song and turn it into 3 or 4 chords he probaly wont try it, just look at rooms, pretty much everything is A,G,C,Am with obvious variations inbetween, yet they all have thier own feel and if they were just instrumentals we could probaly name right away without lyrics
  17. I still can't figure out why people can say he is under-rated because "he never plays in the states". If you look at The Tragically Hip they have a very little following in the U.S besides the areas the do go and perform in like Boston, Philly, NYC, and Chicago, but even then 90% of the crowd is Canadian and I dont think there is anyone who can say that The Hip are under-rated, and they also fall into the same category of people knowing radio hits, but still alot of people dont complain when they hear New Orleans or Ahead By A Century
  18. capo2nd

    New Cd?

    A while ago on the mblog he said the he is going to write all his new material on bass first, so I'm sure we will be hearing a new side of based on the change in songwriting
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