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  1. Red Deer Set Born Losers Fought to Fight It The Boy Who Could Explode Great Whales of the Sea Alert Status Red Load Me Up Hello Time Bomb Last Parade Silent Army in the Trees Weapon Apparitions Empty's Theme Park Encore: Giant Us Remains Impossible Everything is Automatic
  2. Edmonton Set List: The Boy Who Could Explode Great Whales of the Sea The Vancouver National Anthem Last Parade Load Me Up Avalanche Odette A Single Explosion Born Losers Weapon Apparitions Empty's Theme Park Encore: Strange Days (acoustic) Giant Volcanoes Everything is Automatic
  3. more signed copies available on Maple Music
  4. I thought it was "no one wants to love, love is a strong word" I was way off lol
  5. Alert Status Red... Everything is Automatic is a close second
  6. ohh Drool! I can't wait for tomorrow!
  7. SuperVillain

    Face Off

    Bright End of Nowhere While We Were Hunting Rabbits
  8. SuperVillain

    Face Off

    Oh Be Joyful Load Me Up
  9. SuperVillain

    Face Off

    Prime Time Deliverance Apparitions
  10. SuperVillain

    Face Off

    The Bombmaker The Ocean
  11. I'm all for Push. I love that song.
  12. I'm with Rogers as well, and cannot for the life of me, find a MG ringtone.
  13. I honnestly thought that I would hate this movie, but I saw it tonight, and would recommend it to anyone. I was so impressed, I absolutely loved it. Everything about it was fabulously done.
  14. I have a signed copy as well... ahh I treasure it. EDIT: Geek, I've never been to the Rock Sale and Auction. I'm guessing that you recommend it?
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