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    New Song?

    I made an MP3 of it - same quality as the video. If anyone wants it - jeriko@gmail.com (cause I haven't uploaded to a site ;) ) Mods - can send it along for the store too. Thanks for posting the video. Very nice song.
  2. "Can't get shot in the back if you don't run."
  3. jeriko

    Tattoo Help...

    Thanks for the input folks. I have given it a lot of thought, I was just fishing for other quotables since I cannot remember them all, and have not found time to scan thru all the lyrics (or anything memorable he may have written in a blog or manifesto). Not my first tat either - nor will it be my last. Cheers!
  4. jeriko

    Tattoo Help...

    I think I will find a suitable style of type to at least make it interesting. My forearms already have Kanji (form of Asian script) on them - something different. I like the Greek suggestion. Initials and date might be nice. I give these a couple of years thought before I do them. So I am fairly certain I will do this - soon maybe. 31st birthday is in March ;) Thanks for the input folks. Cheers!
  5. jeriko

    Tattoo Help...

    I thought about doing that sometime too - down the road perhaps. I don't have too much a problem with the depressing nature of the quotes. I think what I really want to do is make a statement with them however. I think that's why I am digging the "Can't get shot..." one. Says a lot I think.
  6. Hello all, I am thinking of getting a couple more tattoos in the coming months, and I want one of them to be a quote from a Matt Good song. I believe I will have something on the back of my neck, where it joins the shoulders. So it cannot be extremely long given the space available (unless I wrap it around my neck? ;) - or maybe arm? hmm). I was wondering if anyone here had some favorite lines from songs that they can suggest to help me make a decision? I've got a couple here that I like, but if you have any you'd like to share, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! ex 1 - Here by my side An angel, Here by my side The devil, Never turn your back on me, Never turn your back on me again Here by my side It's heaven ex 2 - Somebody gave you a choice, And all you do is abuse it. If god he gave you a voice Then use it... Just a lullaby for the new world order ex 3 - This key to your kingdom. This key to your heart. neither one a doorway, But both of them a part. So one foot in front of the other ex 4 - There ain't nothing here at all. Another month, a year that's all. So you can tell them I'm coming, and hell's coming with me. My front runner right now is: "Can
  7. I'll be there for sure again! Don't know anybody from here however. Anyone know what to do after the show to get a chance to say hi to Matt? ;)
  8. Thanks for offering up Big City Life!
  9. thanks for orrdering that for download for us. I am glad I got to hear it again.
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