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  1. Gravity as amazing. Imax 3D all the way.
  2. The album is available for download on the US iTunes as we speak. There are two versions of the album that come up when you search Matthew Good, however I can not find any difference in the two.
  3. Well, that helps my decision a lot. I was really torn on preordering from iTunes, and I guess I won't any more.
  4. Well, that's shitty. I may have to order the iTunes CA one then, and just your my parents address like I did for Live at Massey. I usually do the same, I've purchased every album, save for his live album a couple years ago. However, I'd like the bonus track this time. Has anyone heard it? Is it good enough to rationalize the pre-order the iTunes CA?
  5. I see the album is up for preorder on iTunes Canada, but I don't see any information of the release on iTunes US. Does anyone have this information? If not, would someone be willing to post a comment on Matt's blog for me?
  6. Come on guys, Claire was in one of the Other's homes when the commando dudes came onto the island. The house happened to get hit by a rocket or something and they couldn't find her body, so we all assume she's dead and that's how she got out to the cabin with Christian Sheppard. edit: if you all don't like the show, why do you still watch and then bother to post on a thread that was made specifically for the show? I mean, I hate Grey's Anatomy, but I don't watch it week after week and then go post on forums about how much I hate it.
  7. Anyone else get the feeling that Kate killed Aaron so he wouldn't have to go back to the island?
  8. Now that you bring it up, it does make perfect sense. Whitmore had Ben's daughter, and I say that lightly, killed, and Ben did state last season he would kill Penny.
  9. Not only Faraday's mother, but possibly also Penny's. Not to mention that she's most likely Ellie from the island in this season's episode Jughead in which we found out that Charles Whitmore used to be on the island as well.
  10. I used to use projectplaylist.com to add songs to Myspace, however I found it works great for downloading too. Some of the rarer songs are hard to find though.
  11. Seriously, no one? Just because I haven't been on in awhile doesn't mean you can just ignore me. Bastards....
  12. Having it on Blu ray is just simply amazing. The IMAX sequences are so vivid. It seems justified to spend the much on a home video system just to watch that movie.
  13. While that may be true, the hype was well justified. I also think that it being on of the best fuckin' movies ever helped.
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