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  1. a lot of the time, 97 will play older Matt Good songs. I often hear Symbolistic White Walls or Alabama Motel Room on there. Actually the best station to listen to for old Matt (and new) is 92.9, I think it's a university station or something.
  2. This is too late, oh well. I've been in a band for 3 years about now, and I can tell you that in every performance we've done, the adrenaline rush and enjoyment of playing live definately outweighed the nervousness. You're nervous when you get up there but by the end you don't want to get off. But somebody had it right when they said "know your songs with your eyes closed" although most people won't notice when you mess up unless you make a big deal of it. Example: Yelling "Shitcock!" after playing a wrong note. A few fun songs to cover that make you look good at guitar even if you're not is Say it ain't so by Weezer and Street Spirit by Radiohead. And a fun song for the vocals is Hey by The Pixies if you don't mind looking a bit silly. You should have done the show by now, so update us on how it went when you can.
  3. Free download: Cmin Bb/Cmin Gmin AbMaj pretty much all through the song except at the finger picking part, which is: E----------------------------------- A--3----------------3--------------- D----2---2-----2------2---2--------- G------0-----0---0------0--------0-- B----------0-------------------0---0 e----------------------------0------ Then there's the banjo part, which I'm not going to take the time to figure out Side note: He occaisionally moves up from AbMaj to BbMaj at the end of the chord progression, end on Cmin
  4. Agoraphobe BMaj G#min EMaj Finger picking: E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A----2------2-------2-------2---------------------------------------------------- D------4------4-------4-------4-----2------------2----------2------------2------- G--------3------3-------3-------3------4-----------4---3------4------------4---3- B----------4------4-------4-------4-------2--4-------3-----------2--4--------2--- e--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Our Lady Peace has always been a favourite of mine, I even thought Gravity was great. Very excited about the new album.
  6. Tied 1. Prime Time Deliverance Tied 1. Running For Home 3. Change of Season 4. Avalanche 5. Weapon/While We Were Hunting Rabbits/I Miss New Wave
  7. banana_rama


    Sarah Mclachlan, I think they'd sound wonderful together.
  8. That's a big statement to make, I strongly disagree. They have two different styles all together, so I feel it's like comparing apples and oranges. Plus, I feel Rich did a kickass job on the bass for White Light RNRR. they play bass, relax.. it's not like you'd be able to tell Haha, I'm a bass player but that joke's in good taste, so I won't rant. And I'll admit it, I'm one of those WLRRR haters, so he may have very well done a fantastic job on WLRRR and I wouldn't know, but in the earlier albums I've never been really impressed by much of anything that he's done. I've also seen him live plenty of times and I'll admit he occasionally pulled out some pretty cool little intervals, but I've only seen Meegee once and she impressed me more in one night than Rich has in his whole career. Another thing I forgot to mention in what she has that Rich doesn't is back-up vocals, I remember hearing Matt Good say they tried to use Jen for back-up vocals for While We Were Hunting Rabbits once, so maybe they can put her to use for that too. As for the diffrent stylings, alot of Richs bass parts (again maybe not for WLRRR) seem to be mostly root notes, and that's hardly a style. But then I could be completely wrong, like I said, I havn't heard WLRRR, and I've only seen Meegee once (and heard her on CDs), but as for now I'm going to stick with my opinion that Meegee's a better bass player.
  9. I'm late to comment on the "downhill" comment, but I will anyway. I'm more excited for this band then I have been for any other versions of Matthew Good's band. Pat Steward, who was awesome with The Odds. Meegee, who, no offense to Rich, is about 10 times the bass player he'll ever be, not to mention she also plays the stand-up bass and cello, and Ryan, who might not be as good of a guitar player as Christian, but I'd imagine is a much better song writer. I'm overall very, very excited about what they'll sound like together.
  10. Concert story! Not really what the topics about but I found this amusing anyway! After one of Matthew Good's concerts, me and a few of my buddies went and hung out with Matt and the band for a bit, well, more the band, we had to line up to talk to Matt, who was sitting in his bus, but Rich and Pat stayed outside and talked to everyone. Well, we lined up to see Mr. Good, and my friend Matty went up to him and went "Matthew Good...can I have a hug?" Matthew Good didn't hesitate to reach across and put his arms around my friend, it was actually kind of sweet and cute. Then my friend went up to Rich Priske and went "Can I have a hug?" Rich then kind of snorted and went "Um, no! How bout a handshake?" He kind of seemed like an asshole, but it was funny nonetheless.
  11. Truffle Pigs was definately my favourite, I think it's a really pretty song musically, not so much lyrically, and I'm kind of pleased with Carmelina getting no votes, it's the only Matt Good song I've actually ever hated. Sort of a Protest Song comes second, Advertising on Police Cars and Tripoli comes somewhere after.
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