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  1. There would not be such a fuss over the b-sides to start with if they were in fact not besides, so there's really no use in asking this question because who's to say any song on AOB would have been a B-side, it could have been a 75 minute masterpiece or something. I think this thread should be laid to rest, but then again more than half of the threads on here could be as well... and we all know that won't happen.
  2. That was the show in London, he played bits of it to the leadup then stopped and laughed.
  3. I'm pretty sure that was the recording from the kool haus back in April 04, my buddy and I did that.
  4. Third rock had like 6 good seasons did it not? It sucks when shows are good and last a season, maybe 2. I like Angel and the hanger pissed me off, but it last 5 seasons so perhaps bring it back in movie form. My show picks would be That 80s Show, I dont fucking care I liked it. And the one that never should have left air was "Opposite Sex". It aired on Fox during like the summer of '99 or '00, lasted 8 episodes and it was the OC before season 1 (when it didnt suck) it was just too racey at the time.
  5. try searching for some of silent narrcotics music he has created at least one instumental I still don't know why people hold those in such high regard, they are pretty shitty and the fact I made them roughly 5-6 years ago. I could probably do a hell of a lot better now given I have real gear to work with now.
  6. I dont know why I loved the lines "Hold on to something I'm gonna open some mother fucking windows!"
  7. No way I'm fucking impressed how good it actually was. Hands down the best movie of the summer. Not that, that's saying much.
  8. He's in Accepted. It's not a very good movie, unless your a teenager.
  9. All I know is she's sucking Gilby's dick backstage. I'm calling it now, Lukas and Toby will be there till the end. I really didn't like Dilina at first (mostly cuz I hate how everyone is covering Nirvana and thats something you don't fucking do because 99 times out of 100 they are gonna butcher it, and she was bad regardless of what anyone says when she did Lithium.) Jason seems to be bugging Lukas about his voice for one reason, cuz if he can do it then he will win, simple as that. This show is much more unique due to the fact the band removes the bottom 3 and not the fans thus turning it not so much into a popularity contest. I remember saying to my old man while watching the show, if I was up there I would be in the crowd if they were into it, and sure enough Storm did it up, or whoever jumped in there.
  10. I guess you are. I was so pumped I felt the first 30 min or so was forced, but then started to get good after the Go Karts ;)
  11. Actually Kevin Smith's credits are always quite humourous when he gets into thanking people.
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