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  1. go banana! yeah, i still watch it not as much as i used too though, there was a time i watching like 4 or 5 times a day with reruns.. but i agree with what a lot of other peolpe said the new episodes are lacking a bit..
  2. did anyone resize it yet? i'll do it if noone has..
  3. i remember watching just cause matt was going to be on and thinking it was hilarious at the time, but i don't remember much about it.. i taped it at the time, but who knows what i did with the tape.. the episode has to on the internet somewhere already though..
  4. within the past year, i've gotten 4 dollars worth of raises.. cause i'm awesome.. i work at a grocery store aswell..
  5. if your asking me.. yeah.. i'm a chick.. but why are you asking?
  6. i like the kind that is chocolate with peanut butter in it.. *drools*
  7. i added him and you..
  8. i love the hands in your pocket commericals.. they always make me laugh.. my favourite is the one where they are rowing the boat and the banker guy is walking in the water.. and the whiskas commerical, a few of you already mentioned with the guy jumping on the curtains is also very awesome..
  9. the trailer made me laugh hysterically, but the movie will probably be crap..
  10. minus the fact that it doesn't really end.. i liked the movie a lot it was magically delicious..
  11. christy's and borntohula's are my favourites.. my lameness dan#3 is the snowman and christy is the hot chick, i'm unoriginal so my idea is stolen, mwahahaha.. urm.. yes
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