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  1. could i get a copy of the mp3?
  2. maybe we can get him to put some footaage up on his site
  3. the one on youtube is an older version. can i get a hold of the podcast? w
  4. before matt started doing what he is doing on his site now, he did a recorded answer to questions from his fans. does any one remember this? does anyone have a copy of it?
  5. is it really not mastered? it says mastered by in the little stream box doesn't it?
  6. i think all togther must be the song i am missing out on
  7. this is good, love the bridge after the second chorus
  8. i have all of the jackpillowhead stuff, but was there ever any pictures released that anyone is using as cover art? anything from when matt was doing that project? maybe?
  9. isn't there a song that was on the hits that wasn't on dvd version/rooms version? maybe i am crazy. i am at school in halifax and my in a coma is at home. i thought i missed out on something.
  10. was jim any good. i think i really like him, but he gives me no reason to.
  11. does someone havy pony boy? i got the delux pack and missed out hard on that one.
  12. wait wait wait avril thanked matt good? what? please share.
  13. i think if he chooses to add them then it is part of the process of listening to the record as a much bigger thing then a purchase from a store. if it was leaked by a sound engineer it would be a lot different. this presents the album in fragments, gives you a taste and allows you to put the record together in your imagination. i am loving it. that said, i am happy he capped it at 3 songs. maybe i would feel like waiting if he put up the whole record, but who knows. w
  14. is this the final mix and mastering of the record?
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