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  1. Okay, ApShampoo, (totally almost called you by... your name. I don't know if this is a name-friendly forum. okay like a give a shit) Alex, you so know I'm getting my ass to Europe. Yes my spelling and Grammar are super bad when I type in a flurry and do not spell check or re-read because I am whipping out a message to put on the internet to help em decide my future. Still, that's no excuse. Let us assume I have consistantly horrible spelling/grammar. aLSO i CANNOT TYPE. Now that my inherent flaws have been...aired. thank you guys so much for your super input about Eruope. you p
  2. MAn I totally (heart) Steady as She Goes. I'ts a killer osng to listen to... well any time btu expecially high. I thought my friend Bekcy would love it, because it's the epitome of everythign that is her, down to that she actually says 'Steady as she Goes" but she heard it for like a minute, and was all this bites. Then we crashed her car, so she really doesn't like it. But seriously, killer.
  3. So, as my best friend Rebecca and I were dreadign havign to actually accept a university's offer of admission to..*Shudder8 get some sort of degree, it occured to me that, this is my life, and thus my future. Instead of getting a degree because I feel I should I could... explore Europe and study in it's most famous libraries and visits it's monuments, museums, attractions, and hostels... basically live out my teenage fantasys in a European setting. Learning about art in Italy, medieval studies in Scotland, archecture (and so much more) in France. Dropping acid in Barcelona, drinking until I ca
  4. God, I love this some. It emobdies everything I love about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's got great lyrics, killer bass, a sweet free style feel from Anthony Kedis, a really great chorus and back ups by I presume, John Frusciante. not to mention a stellar video. Fucking hot. Red Hot Chili Peppers, I applaud you, for kickign otut he jams better at 40-something than most bands *cough*LinkinPark*cough* ever could.
  5. Lord of DOgtown. Great movie. Hot concept, punk as fuck skateboarders do up venice, lead terrific lives. Inspired me to maraud around the town I go to shcool in this summer skateboarding, wearing a black bandaanna/headband to keep the shit out of my eyes, playing tennis and wearing a black bandaanna/headband to keep the shit out of my eyes. Punk as fuck in 1975. Ooh Yeah.
  6. I recently watched Goodfellas starring Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Robert Deniro, expecting nothing more than an hour's diversion and finding one of my all-toime favourite movies! It portrays a young Ray Lootta growing up in Brooklyn or some shit and envying the mob from his family's apartment, eventually becoming a Goodfella. You get to revel in thew underhandedness of the mob scene, groove to the killer 70's soundtrack, which only gets better as cocaine increasingly infiltrates the movie, which you also get to enjoy. Anyone else have any thoughts/feelings on this one of the best mob movies I'v
  7. I love Drawn together, it's surprisingly vulgar; yet refreshingly funny. The charactors are great, especially ling-ling and Foxy Brown! And the flamer... but I can't remember his name. Hahaa! And the fat chick from 30's cartoons..... I love them all.
  8. Most over rated show ever? Martha fucking Stewart Living. I hate you Martha, and the things you do to perfectly good crafts.
  9. I Love Made in Canada. Great Show. COnstantly re-running on CBC during the summer on cable.. It's good times. Especially the 'Cast Party' episodes! Hilarious! Victor Sella: WEhat do you think of my name? Richard Strong: Hmm, Victor, It's ironic, I like it.
  10. DANG!!! THat looks funny. When does it release?
  11. God this movie looks good, I haven't seen it yet. Mer,. I don't go to the cinema because I'm lazy and now I have to. It looks... surprisingly hot considering the homo-eroticism... But yeah it's got to be good it was directed by Ang Lee! What!
  12. I loved the movie, but I must admit I was baked. I think thats why it was Sooo good to me, because it was epic and gripping and totally thrilling. I hadn't read the books since the 4th grade so I wasn't expecting anything, though I knew how it went so that in conjunction with my... shall we say 'regressed' state of being, created a lovely effect. I laughed, I cried, I was scared at the appropriate moments. Also it was frewaking HILARIOUS how they spent a lot of the movie wearing those giant fur coats, as they looked like tiny pimps! It was awesome, especially Edmund... he was always my fa
  13. MOODY FOOD I had never heard of this book before being introduced to it by a friend of mine. my best friend actually, she bought it at a Chapters boxing day sale for like 4 dollars or something. It's a fantastic book about Yorkville in the mid-sixties and a killer band which emerges from some prolific hippies and creates Interstellar North American Music. Has anyone else read this masterpiece? Also... mad props to Ray Robertson himself.
  14. I think Between the Bars by Elliott smith would make a good movie about Heroin. I know how bad that sounds, given the circumstances but I think it would be beautiful. Lyndsey
  15. Silverchair make me sad because they had an album when they were fifteen and I'm seventeen and have no album! But it made up for it that their only good albums were before they were seventeen as their recent stuff SUCKED!
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