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  1. Very excited for this. As artists have had their revenue completely dissolve recently, I think there's a lot of fans who would like to help out in some way. While I've enjoyed that some of my favourites have jumped online and done a free little thing, I'm sure it's very important to many fans that the musicians they have connected with are financially able to continue doing what they want to.
  2. I'm with NonPopulus, his comments about seeing reactions from the crowd on the Lights tour struck me. For that tour my usual partner in crime for MG shows was out of town, and my other buddy had to bail last minute. I felt slightly odd going to a show by myself, but I had the VIP ticket so it's not like I was going to bail. What followed remains one of my favourite concerts of all time. An hour after the show I was able to thank Matt for the show and let him know that it was one of the best concerts I'd ever heard. His reaction was modest and polite, but perhaps a bit confused? It was like he didn't believe me, or maybe I was just being a weirdo super-fan kiss-ass that he's used to running into from time to time. But goddamn. That show did stuff to me. I didn't dislike Arrows, but it felt like it may have been a venture back to what he wasn't looking to do. One for the fans that obviously struck for a few of us, but ultimately not him. I would imagine creating art (or anything else) requires the upkeep of a certain level of momentum. Some albums seem to energize him while others ultimately chip a little bit away. I hope Moving Walls ends up very much the former. My attitude on his retirement is odd... I fully support it if he's able. Of course there's a selfish part of me that just wants to hook him up to vitamins and demand a new album every two years, but I can only imagine what it's like for an artist of his calibre to be somewhat concerned to release material he wants to make for fear people will turn their backs. Not to mention, he's got little kids. Every tour I'm eternally grateful to still be taking in those shows after all these years, but touring has got to be a little crushing when it comes to not seeing your kids. So if Moving Walls is doing what he wants... I say he should do what he wants because it sounds pretty damn awesome. The drunk guy yelling for Time Bomb won't dig it, but maybe pruning that particular branch back means we all win.
  3. The Avalanche tour back in '03 had the BEST run of 21st Century Living performances. There's some recordings of them floating around. In my eyes the Cayuga live version of Under the Influence with the extended jam at the end remains one of my favourite rare performances of his career. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_98KViyMk3Y I'd love to hear more of Decades... that album didn't get the same tour treatment as the others, and it has some amazing songs. Hopefully they'll pop up from time to time.
  4. My eldest gave it a 10/10 which is funny because his frame of reference is nonexistent. It would be fun to be a kid again for that reason – every new experience is the best you’ve ever had.
  5. Damn! Calgary had one of “those” shows. Some jackass pulled a “nobody cares” at one of his stories and the rest of the night was completed without another non-singing word from Matt. It’s so frustrating that one jackass can ruin the energy of an entire show, but there it is. A damn fine setlist and his voice was in top form, but it’s always a drag when you know he’s not having a fun time After the show I’m not sure I’ve seen a more hostile environment. The heckler was actually singled out (loudly) as people were exiting and tensions were a little south of comfortable. I witnessed two near-fights in the lobby and had to get out of there pretty quick because... It was a special night for me because it’s the first concert I’ve ever taken my boys to after bugging me to take them since they were about 6 and 4. As a dad it was great to share one of my favourite things with them. Thankfully they didn’t really understand the heckler or the ensuing issues and they had an incredible time.
  6. Ya I missed it too, but loving the positive reviews. I'm a big Tidal Wave fan so anything in that arena is thumbs up.
  7. LOES may end up being in my top 3 albums of all time, but I see what he's saying about the song. It has a bit of a "oh shit we need a single" feel to it.
  8. You are a class act. Thank you so much for the offer! Unfortunately I must decline on account of me needing 3 tickets, and I managed to score some in the live nation pre-sale just now. I should say rather... the American Express pre-sale. I tried the code "mattgood" and it didn't work, so I tried "acoustic" again, and got in. There were plenty of new tickets, so I just assumed that was the live nation pre-sale doing it's thing. Got some fine seats in the 6th row, made it all the way to the payment and was greeted with a message "You're not using an american express card". I had to make a rather embarrassing phone call to the only person I know with an amex card (my dad), and ask kindly for the number, but also urgently because there is literally a giant clock at the top of the screen ticking down 2 minutes. Moral of the story: be good to your dad, because one day he'll buy your adult-ass and your adult-ass friends some concert tickets.
  9. Haha Christ the Calgary show was a mess. There were a ton of seats and then bam... a minute later all I could get was at the very back corner. Hoping I can get better seats when they go on sale to the public.
  10. These guys popped up in a recommended playlist a few months ago on Apple Music and I've been a big fan ever since.
  11. Picked up some Airdrie tickets. Definitely a different approach to marketing but I'm sure there's a solid reason. It appears the die-hards are all going to have incredible seats, so if that's the intention then I'm on board.
  12. I more or less purchased a player just to play the previous round of vinyl. I wish I could explain why I like it, but I do. I'm not an audiophile in the slightest... I couldn't tell you the difference between the versions even a little bit. There's just something about them that I like.
  13. russic

    Tour: 2018

    God I had a great time at the Calgary show. As daniel_v mentioned, there were certainly some health concerns leading up to it. All things considered I was blown away. SLAS was first and he went hard... it was incredible. I was hoping for Bad Guys Win and Decades, but will have to cross my fingers for Edmonton. I won't complain though... Machine Gun, Something Like a Storm, and Bullets in a Briefcase were top notch. OLP impressed me a lot more than I expected. The guitarist and bassist have outstanding voices. Their backup vocals at the tail end of Is Anybody Home were outstanding. The Hello Time Bomb encore is up there with my favourite concert experiences of all time. 90s me would be quite jealous of 2018 me in that moment. My wife was away on work and missed the show, so we also bought tickets to Edmonton for Monday so she could go. I was mostly just doing it for her and it was a good excuse to go on a romantic date in Edmonton (*shudder*), but now I simply can't wait.
  14. russic

    Tour: 2018

    Last time I did this the presale tickets were brutal and the public ones were awesome. Guess I'll find out in a few minutes.
  15. russic

    Tour: 2018

    Wonder when we'll hear details of what's in the VIP packages? I'm assuming same as the last couple tours?
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