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  1. Perestroika, by Mikhail Gorbachov. It's actually not too didactic or authoritarian in style, which is good. Unfortunately, because Gorbachov was still very much a product of the Soviet system, the book contains a number of propagandized historical references. And because it was published in 1987, I doubt he could be as open about the reform program as he'd like. On the plus side, I got it at a book sale, and it only cost 25 cents. Next on the list, "Annals of an Abiding Liberal", by John Kenneth Galbraith. Which I got at the same incredible book sale.
  2. Yeah, I was also amazed at how long the set was. My wife was even impressed by them live, and she rolls her eyes and groans every time I play one of their CD's. They're just one of those bands with a very incredible stage presence... which I suppose they should be, considering how long they've been around.
  3. Does The Lounge also involve the use of NF$? I was operating under the assumption that it was just a privileged access part of The Bored, and that access was attained by a minimum of 60 posts...
  4. Hum. I was wondering where those NF$ came from, way back when. Oh well. Moving forward, I will attempt to rectify the situation with increased participation, and more careful use of my Matt Good related virtual currency.
  5. Have you ever seen them live? They're pretty freakin' awesome. Nels Cline playing the guitar looks remarkably similar to what I imagine Nels Cline having an epileptic seizure would look like. But it's amazing to watch, and even more amazing to hear.
  6. Oh, on a somewhat related note... if anyone here read about that accidental exposure of some BP restart workers to alpha radiation... yeah, I was one of those 19 workers exposed. It really isn't a big deal. The AP reports got a good deal of the facts mixed up or just plain wrong. And compared with the gamma/beta doses we regularly receive working in containment, the alpha was really dick-all.
  7. Framing houses with modern mennonites. The work itself was quite enjoyable. But the boss refused to look for our next job until we completed our current one, the co-workers continually lectured me about living in sin (I smoke, and was living out of wedlock with a woman), and the pay was barely above minimum wage. The worst week had to have been when we ferried to an island to build a cottage for a well-off fellow. We all stayed in the same house, so it wasn't just 40 hours of harassment that week. It was literally from dawn to dusk. Which is roughly the time modern mennonites go to sl
  8. Any Wilco fans here? I figure there probably will be, as they're endorsed by Mr. Good himself. I've been a fan since the Summerteeth era. And I'd have to say that's my favourite of their albums. I've found their more modern work to be a touch too experimental for my tastes. Still quite enjoyable, but not so much as their earlier works... of course, I feel the same way about Radiohead.
  9. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts- Radio Bomb Underdogs- Change of Season Raygun- So Long Mrs. Smith Beautiful Midnight- Strange Days/Giant (it's a tie) Loser Anthems- The Man from Harold Wood The Audio of Being- Sort of a Protest Song Avalanche- Song for The Girl White Light- It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man In A Coma- Big City Life Hospital Music- Single Explosion Live At Massey Hall- Apparitions Vancouver- Empty's Theme Park
  10. A documentary about Andrei Sakharov. I suppose that counts... it came on a DVD, anyway. Before that: The Lives of Others (very good, I highly recommend it), and Zombieland.
  11. I hope this is not too intensely personal, and that it is in the correct location. I was just curious as to what everyone here does for a living. I've always imagined the core of Good's (new) fanbase to be fairly well educated young people. I suppose I might as well start. I'm a carpenter, and I work at a nuclear power plant, building tube & clamp scaffolds for maintenance crews. It is intensely boring work, but it pays well. *Shrugs*
  12. I kinda figured the same thing. But I don't want to push the issue or anything. I was without computer for a fair chunk of time since joining as well... *Shrugs* Oh well. Can't blame a guy for trying. As for being a fan... saw MG 3 times on the acoustic tour. 3 times on the Hospital Music tour. And twice on the Vancouver tour (other obligations on the third convenient date). I suppose that would qualify me as, at the least, a decently dedicated fan.
  13. Fair enough, I suppose. It was worth a try though. *Shrugs*
  14. Can anyone email me/pm download links? I hate being that guy, but I've been a member since 2004, and made about 28 posts (thank you user stats). So Lounge membership is likely out of the question... It's not because I'm not here often. I just don't have much of value to add. I'm a quiet, lurky type of guy.
  15. Forget about your soft spot: you said you were going to go to trade school for electrical. My father is an electrician and owns his own successful electrical contracting business. He's hired many apprentices over the years. Its a good trade to get into. In fact i worked many summers w/ him and his guys. tough work, not my cup of tea, but offers a stable career. Oh god. It's tough? Damn!! Why does everything I choose always have to involve work of some sort? :angry: Out of curiousity, what sort of electrician is he? I'm looking to be an industrial electrician (the pay is slightly h
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