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  1. A couple of the demos don't stun me, but I love pretty much all of Matt's songs. I used to dislike a few, such as The Fall of Man, but they grew on me a long time ago.
  2. This is fantastic. The song, and the situation: I just finished watching all of the videos on In A Coma, whice rekindled my admiration of Matt, then I saw this playing on designate's last.fm. How wonderful. :D
  3. Myspace is the reason this exists: I hope you're proud of yourselves.
  4. It's implied that they might, but not that they definitely do. So it just stops.
  5. Middle Class Gangsters, by quite a way.
  6. Tripoli (Rooms) Apparitions Weapon Fated Sort of a Protest Song This is impossible. I love them all. ;)
  7. I like the normal version, and I love the song because I link it so strongly to the video, which I've watched far too much.
  8. I listened to it about 40 times in row when I first really noticed it.
  9. I know. But I'm fairly sure I'll have different political opinions between now and the time I'm 25. Even a small amount of time can make a very big difference in someone's opinions. Anyway, we're getting off topic. I say leave the voting age at 18.
  10. I disagree. When I was 15, I was a strong conservative, probably because of my parents. A year later, I had completely changed my mind and taken a strongly liberal view overall. The same happened to a good number of other people I know. A single year can make a difference, let alone two, in my experience.
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