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  1. $22 or $38 hmmmmm.....let me think......a $16 sticker. i don't think so. anyways i already got a couple. they're cool but definatley not worth $16. and besides Matt doesn't want us paying too much. Future Shop it is for me.
  2. and i was worried i couldn't get a copy. i did get to tape it live, but only on a cassette, which is funny cause i don't own a tape player. i went to a friends house to use theirs. lol. thank you everyone!!! here's a pic from last night to enjoy while you listen. we weren't allowed to take any while the show was being taped, but i snuck one anyways!
  3. i don't know if he's a twat. i didn't really pay much attention to him, Matt was there, i didn't much attention to anything but Matt. sorry crazy canuck. but i love your user name. makes me dream of hockey....hockey and matt good, my 2 loves in life. cheers.
  4. it sounded alright on the radio, but live, i'll tell you, i had goosebumps the entire time, it was SOOOOOO AWESOME, i can't even begin to explain, he was 5 feet away belting out these songs with his amazing voice. that was my dream come true, well ok, it's actually that matt would sing me to sleep every night (which ironically Jen told me last night that she makes Matt do all the time). Lucky girl!!! anyways cheers to all and hope you enjoyed it!
  5. good book! (no pun intended)
  6. i think they are broadcasting it at 7pm. if you go to the music tab, all the way at the bottom, it says "Now Playing on Cfox", click that and you can get a feed to the radio. I have to call the studio to find out what time i have to be there and i'll ask what time it's gonna be played. i went to the site and they haven't updated the site so it's not there. and come on people, give me some questions......please!
  7. I am going to the "Uninvited Guest" show that the Fox is putting on and am looking for some really great questions to ask Matt. I can think of some alright questions but i wanna really great one so they let me ask on air and all of you can hear it (cfox.com sept. 14). any thoughts guys and gals? anything you've really wanted to know? please help me i need lots of suggestions before Tuesday noon, since i won't see a computer till thursday and the show is before that. thanx in advance. cheers.
  8. Jenny

    Uninvited Guest

    yes you can listen online! www.cfox.com and it's 20 people at the studio with Matt playing a small show, answering questions and signing autographs. it should be awesome! yes it's a contest, listen to the fox, i think Karen and Todd have tickets but don't quote me on that. (they had them last week and i'm not sure how many were already given away. they gave 2 sets when they announced the concert) cheers and good luck!
  9. i got it off Kazaa (i know the dreaded Kazaa) but hey it's a great copy, works perfectly, and it wasn't hard to find. Cheers and Good Luck!
  10. Jenny


    ha ha, that's funny i remember that chick.(psycho girl) didn't she offer to buy it from you so she could make little matts. she was super freaky! glad you kept it, cause i'd feel real sorry for matt if she ever got her hands on it. (hope she doesn't post here....actually i don't care, she's crazy)
  11. Jenny


    ACF was like a mild US concert festival, from the ones I've seen. Bikers hanging out in the mosh pit beating unconcious the most helpless young kids, cause they think it's funny. My friend and I saw at least 10 rapes happening and when we told security, they told us they don't care, if we wanna stop it do it ourselves. (we did recruit one biker to help us with 3 of the girls). i saw a guy get stabbed with an umbrella in his stomache, kids snuck in mace to get themselves close to the stage, at one of the shows somebody got shot (we seen the commotion). "some" of those americans are crazy, but then again there were lots of "crazy canadians" at ACF. I guess i'm starting to get old, cause these kinds of shows just aren't fun. i go for the music, not to get drunk and rowdy and fuck shit up! anyways i thought ACF was bad, but i have seen worse, and i'm glad that it didn't get even worse, which could've happened easily! cheers!
  12. mrs.matthew.good, here you go sweetie, it's not the girl from ACF but i know you love Angie! call me soon! *I tried to add a topless one of her but it wouldn't let me so you'll have to settle with this one.
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