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  1. WOW Boards of Canada is unique and so interesting, so different from everything else in electronic music right now (not that other stuff is bad, Arovane, Autechre, Chris Clark, M83, 65 Days of Static all rockin it ;) ) Listening to Geogaddi for the first time was like the 1st time I ever heard Gong or Saeglopur by Sigur Ros... There is suuuuch depth in the music, it's mesmerizing. It is a lot slower than a lot of electronic music, but it's "moving with the speed and power of flowing glaciers" wow, chills down the spine constantly http://www.bleep.com/?label=boc check out songs like.. hmm from Geogaddi: (slow burning, paranoid and powerful album) Dawn Chorus Julie and Candy Music is Math Over the Horizon Radar 1969 from Campfire Headphase: (more relaxed, easier and flowing) Chromakey Dreamcoat Hey Saturday Sun Slow this Bird Down Satellite Anthem Icarus from Trans-Canada Highway EP Skyliner (WOW) Left Side Drive, so smooth and slow from "Beautiful Place out in the Country" Amo Bishop Roden, niiice song from "Hi Score" EP Everything you do is A Balloon beautiful song From "Music has the Right to Children" "ROYGBIV" fun song, nice Rue The Whirl... trippy! It all carries such pervasive themes, childrens innocence, paranoia, natural math, birds chirping in so many songs haha flowing with the songs, sounds of the 70's educational and corporate instructional videos, weird but it's pulled off soo well
  2. 3 BM's and 2 AOB's I read that CD's will have trouble lasting past 25 year mark
  3. what's the largest Matt Good show that he was a main feature for and wasn't free? part of a tour
  4. 1- Everything You Do Is A Balloon - Boards of Canada 2- Rae - Autechre 3- Chromakey Dreamcoat - Boards of Canada 4- Everything is Alive - Beef Terminal 5- Soot and Stars - Smashing Pumpkins
  5. Rae by autechre? haha get him on some drums and a harmonica or something?
  6. Music is Math - Boards of Canada Rae- Autechre Man of Action - MGB About to Rain - Beef Terminal Nautical Disaster- Tragically Hip
  7. BoardsofCanada-Geogaddi MGB-Audio of Being Autechre-Tri Repetae BeefTerminal-Anger do Not Enter Tragically Hip-Phantom Power Mogwai-Happy Music for Happy People Live-Mental Jewelery Smashing Pumpkins- Adore Boards of Canada-Campfire Headphase FuturePerfect-Autolux Antics-Interpol
  8. is this tour really good? how different are the songs from album versions? many new ones?
  9. Knock knock open up da door itz real wit da non stop popPAP the stainless STEEL
  10. I found a band hardly anyone knows about, it's very good. www.beefterminal.com you can stream songs Everything is Alive is very good, a lot of them use acoustic guitar samples. No Robbers No Kidnappers No Fires No Floods is great, many songs are awesome. I never was really into techno/trip hop, until I heard the song "Eutow" by Autechre. The artists are at the point where they can be very artistic with computers and sampling. If you like Boards of Canada or especially Eutow, give it a listen.
  11. Eutow by Autechre check it out
  12. this is so hard... audio of being has 'fall of man' 'man of action' 'rat who would be king'... ah i'd have to say beautiful midnight but audio of being is so close If Pony Boy and All Together were on Audio of Being, it would be my favorite I think. Oh well we have those songs though so it's all good. I woldn't put WLRRR so low, it's pretty good
  13. go to the website and listen www.beefterminal.com
  14. thanks !!! It's so great to be able to re-listen to those concerts any time. They were great. It's funny to remember each little thing the crowd did in between songs Thanks a lot!
  15. carv

    Mp3 Bootlegs

    What is the "hub" and how do I use it! sorry i'm bad with computers
  16. where are the pics of Christian!? his hat was awesome Rich Priske always looks so much like an every day guy who's so stoked to be up there, he's constantly smiling and giving winks and laughing to the crowd Any bootlegs of The Rat or Fantastica? They were the highlights I think. I've also been wanting a good quality bootleg of weapon, just like they played it last night. who gave matt the rose? anyone on here?
  17. Totally awesome. very... ROCK concert. Best weekday show ever for sure. Much smaller than previous ones (on a tuesday... - only 1 croud surf) but wow were they great. let me see... some oldies changed slightly to sound slightly folk/country / ROCK and lots of avalanche starts with track 2 of Loser anthems Rat who would be king Near Fantastica (best rendition i've ever heard, just a lot more rock-ish and some really great bass/ low guitar lines) Load me Up Avalanche Advertising on Police cars Suburbia Future is X-Rated Weapon Alert Status Red Oh be Joyful Giant Little Terror (really great, much better than on album) acoustic - apparitions, tripoli, prime time deliverance There is something undeliably cool about Christian Thor Valdson. Matt was really rocking out to the crowd a lot, drummer was INTENSE and bassist really cool
  18. carv

    Who's Opening?!

    Friction Plane was really good in the Avalanche tour. In Montreal it was Frition Plane Dears Matt Good Dears seemed a bit drunk... but friction plane rocked
  19. "Been wanderrrrriiiiiiiiiing " no? maybe "been wondering" but probably not
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