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  1. I posted this topic so documentation would exist, providing credit mg. So piss off, who has time to waste on a post to insult someone. You should spend your time helping some one or changing the world.
  2. It's a way for the Conservative party to throw off the Liberal party voting advantage with Quebec.
  3. I will sign my copy with my name and sell it to you for $500, free shipping. What do you think?
  4. LOL WTF? http://www.4shared.com/file/6538863/5ba16e15/loadmeup.html GOOD ONE http://www.4shared.com/file/6539077/f378ad...Radio_Bomb.html keep chasing that dragon - there are many more Matthew Good rare rarities (super sized rarity)
  5. I don't think black helicopter is good enough also it doesn't fit the sound if the album, if the album is mostly acoustic. Then again the songs that we already know of may have been re done. Anyone notice the release date of Floyd's - Meddle (1971)
  6. Isn't Pete Matt's guitar tech - the kid on looser anthems who play the voice of the monkey? Didn't Matt say that at one of shows? Maybe it's nephew or do I have the bad end of a story?
  7. Is this what everyone has gathered? 1. Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run 2. If I Was A Tidal Wave 3. Breath Of A Nation 4. She's In It For The Money 5. Single Spark Explosion 6. Prost-Elite 7. Open Window 8. Champions Of Nothing 9. 99% Of Us Is Failure 10. Love Will Find You In The End - Daniel Johnston Cover. 11. Pete 12. Moon Over Marin - Dead Kennedy
  8. looks a lot like http://mattgood.imgarbage.com/images/disco...erdogs/back.jpg
  9. I think Matt co-wrote sunday morning. It sounds so much like his radio tracks the instrumentals and the singing. The notes carry just like in a world called catastrophe and other songs. Does anyone have that pic of the two f them together MG and KOS.
  10. im callin it' i bet mg new album is going to mostly be about religion
  11. anti pop isn't very good from a personal view. But when your driving its rather good to play. i like the msg in anti pop, the sound of it is something new so it's good overall from a professional view. But its a marketing song its one song that isn't like the rest just like deftones new album snw - pink cellphone is the odd one out (history repeats) and everyone likes it. if it can grab new listeners then its doing its job making it good song just like anti pop.
  12. http://www.myspace.com/rainemaida Michael is ripping off MG again. His solo work sounds a lot like MG in a coma album. WTF? We need to crush Raine Meida's solo campaign. Get on Amazon and write reviews... Call radio station and explain... Get on Meida's web sites and shut him down. No more Law Degree jack asses makeing depressing teen music. It's so hard collecting these 6 figure pay cheques time to write some music about street life in Toronto.
  13. Now that i know everyone like The Audio of Being I do not. The album is an excellent example of Amazing Canadian Rock, Beautiful Midnight and Underdogs were as well. Many times we forget that the albums were very suiting for the time they were released. Matt's lyrics are wonderful, a true lyricist. Apparitions is still such a good song! Matt's wittings don't dumb you down like other bands, he give us more credit. I'm talking about our brain capacity. Doesn't it feel like media dumbs down the population with social conditioning. TV tells us how to act with one another and music with poorly written lyrics weakens our ability to be creative. Funny how rap music got popular once artist spoke about PS2 and Civic etc... Anyways I'm getting away from my main point. The Audio of Being is the best because it relates to the main audience of Matt's fans. It is his most current album with the old Matthew Good sounds/lyrics. The truth is Matt's bes album was his first Last of the Ghetto Astronauts or Avalanche. Both had some of his best work, Last of the Ghetto Astronauts had the best lyrics and a good clean sound. Most his other albums do sound like nails on a chock board. I do like the to listen to the 'nails on a chock board' albums over a clean sound , but my decision is final Last of the Ghetto Astronauts is better. Matt's lyrics are actually shit, all he talks about is a big pile of shit. Non of it has any real relevance on the world until Avalanche and White Light Rock & Roll Review. Avalanche has some of Matt's best sounds a true example of his ability. Lets not forget when he released it, a time of America pop idols. Matt did an excellent job of competing with them. White Light Rock & Roll Review is better then Pink Floyd, when I listen to Whit Light Rock & Roll Review I can her a mixture of the the best albums of the past revamped into White Light and that s why it is titled Rock & Roll Review. Anyone who impulse shops would grab the CD based on the title and be able to take a step back into the past. I would like to say Matt coined the come back vinyls once again setting new ground in the rock industry.
  14. right of abnormal or the sandy desert... a big beach
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