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  1. I'll find you. I still remember what you look like. I'm so happy you guys are getting married and looking at apartments. Such an exciting and busy time. I'm well. Going on 4 years of marriage and we decided to spawn. My daughter is almost 15 months old and she is absolutely adorable.
  2. Marc! Hey, how have you been? I'll be at Windsor tomorrow, too. I'll keep an eye out for you and come up and say hi if I see you. I assume you are still with the same lady?
  3. Me, too, Bishop! Did you take a break and decide to come back, too? I just popped in to say hi!
  4. Of all the Matt Good concerts I've been to (something like 10), there wasn't seating available for any of them. They were either festival types or at bars.
  5. By request, here are some more pictures (I hope they are a better size, I'm new to this!) I loved my pretty pink flowers I've seen this type of pic done before and usually hated it. Surprinsingly, I like the way it turned out. Looking lovingly at each other It's garter time!
  6. To answer the sex questions... Yes, my husband was a virgin as well. No, this did not lead to sucky honeymoon sex. The first time hurt a little and wasn't 'magical' but it was precious. He was very caring, considerate and concered for my physical well being. We are both very happy with our decision and still believe waiting was the best thing for us and strengthened other aspects of our relationship. I am off to work so I will try and post one pic I have on another website. Hopefully it works.
  7. Hey Everybody, Apparently I haven't been on the bored since July 3rd. I got married on August 15th and then went on our honeymoon to Jamaica. Overall, the day was fantastic and now I'm settling into married life with the husband. If anyone is interested, I'll try and post some pics maybe tomorrow. Have I missed anything much around here? If someone could supply me with a brief synopsis, that would be fantastic. Does anyone know, can I put pics in post using tinypic.com?
  8. Please don't even joke about that. I don't think I will sleep tonight.
  9. When viruses mutate, it is to avoid being eradicated so this is highly unlikely. Any pandemic needs to be taken seriously, but the media seems to be doing more harm than good. I am sick of people trying to hoard Tamiflu when they haven't even been to Mexico. I have to work all weekend to so I'm sure the hysteria will be even more heigthened and my job will be awesome.
  10. I am using Vista. I did find that Display Manager and asked it to update driver and it says the driver I'm using is the most up to date. Hmpf?
  11. Hello My Friends, I'm hoping someone could lend me a hand. I ran an optional Windows update and now everytime I turn on my computer, the following message pops up: The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATO adapter using the Displays Manager. Number 1 - I can't find my "Displays Manager" Number 2 - shouldn't I be able to find a free driver online? Every site I find redirects me to DriverDetective which does a free scan but I have to register and pay to update driver. It's not alot to register, but I thought I would be able to find some freeware. Any advice? Thank you.
  12. Oops, yeah, Bernard and them did not get OFF the island so they should still be there. Yeah, who knows what's up with them.
  13. Bernard and them wouldn't be in the 70's because they didn't go on the plane and go back, right? Ben only asked those people to go. I guess the others are inconsequential?
  14. What the hell happened tonight? I am confused by the time travel. I mean, Ben can't be dead, right?
  15. I love reading the newspaper in the morning before work. Mark doesn't get the newspaper and I am going to have to get a subscription for when I move in.
  16. I don't think Desmond was on the plane. And I didn't even think of why Ben was all bloody. I thought he got beat up. But then again, I was watching this on a fuzzy tape, with headphones plugged into the TV since the recording was so shitty.
  17. I tried to tape last weeks episode while i was out of town and the VCR messed up. I have managed to see maybe half of the episode on the internet due to my messed up internet connection. so frustrating.
  18. I thought I was the only one confused by the made up word in the thread. Phew!
  19. I have had my Acer since October and I pretty much use it for what your parents would be. I haven't had any problems so far. Don't most new computers come with Vista which is huge so you need more than 1G ram?
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