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  1. is that the kid from 'about a boy'? christ. i'd so do him now.
  2. of montreal - gallery piece david myles - things have changed joanna newsom - sadie (or the cover done by danny malone is equally delicious) dan mangan - journal of a narcoleptic mother mother - o my heart
  3. speed was a terrible movie. now, both harold and kumar movies are glorious.
  4. nothing makes me swoon more than a man that can move. the one and only rudolf nureyev. bryan tanaka.
  5. Kumquat

    I Want

    I want this semester to be over.
  6. How dare I forget these men. Ben Harper Ami James Gael Garcia Bernal Bi Rain yeeeeah I'm done for now.
  7. Andy Samberg circa Dick in a Box. I'll be single forever.
  8. Kumquat

    I Want

    I want more alone time.
  9. Both my parents are quite musically inclined and were perticularly persistant with teaching me how to play the guitar. The thing is, if I can't pick something up right away, I get angry and give up. And that's just how it is.
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