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  1. blow me, and remove yourself from the internets in whatever order you want
  2. i am a repair technician for radar in land-based missile systems and the phalanx CIWS
  3. it's truly a shame that so much dedication, intelligence and hard work was put towards something so inherently awful as Nazism. that's people i suppose
  4. probably it's cause i'm misunderstood
  5. he ruined an otherwise awesome moustache style, and for that i will never forgive him
  6. i think mine really communicates my awesome
  7. If 60% of people voted against Harper, then by the same logic 75% of people voted against Dion and 80% of people voted against Layton. Harper should have known better than to have tried to modify campaign funding with a minority government, and he probably should have at least budgeted a token economic stimulus package (as much as I don't think one was required). However, that doesn't excuse Dion, Layton, and Duceppe from taking an action that will grievously destabilize Canada politically and economically, especially in this fragile economic climate.
  8. Did you really just resort to an ad hominem argument? Also, it's sheltered to not find animations sexy? Also, you're a dick. p.s. - irony?
  9. No, i don't think that's it. I'd say it's more like they considered the risks and decided that the enjoyment outweighs the long-term health detriments. I'd also say it's more or less in the same category as alcohol. Everyone knows it's bad for you, but people do it anyway.
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