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  1. Anyone else watch this show? I think Venture Bros. is the best damn thing to come out of Adult Swim it never gets old like Aqua Teen or Sea Lab
  2. Arrested Development so good. Fox is foolish for cancelling this
  3. Love this flick saw it 5x times. I feel like it's a mix of Royal Tenanbaums and Arrested Development
  4. I'm a huge Spider-man fan but the movies just haven't done it for me for a number of reasons nothing will ever match up to the comics
  5. I think The Clash is always going to be the coolest. God Joe Strummer is so awsome
  6. I'm getting more and more into them everyday. I keep playing Red right ankle and California One...
  7. right now it's probably This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)- Talking Heads So brillant
  8. I was pissed because I thought that was it for all things Matthew Good
  9. So what did everyone think? it was my 1st MG show and i loved it! I got to meet him too so that was extra amazing.
  10. I liked her a lot. Nice person too
  11. is Enjoy the Silence a cover? I think i heard somewhere it is?
  12. Sweet thanks! Glad you liked the show
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