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  1. Do you still have a lot of MGB memorabilia? Would any of it ever part your company?
  2. Wow, that's an early one, heavy use of the organ...
  3. This is so nice...like an early Xmas present to know that Matt has a set list, and is indeed going to record!
  4. He'll get a break, he's bound to get one, and at the prospect of getting a double album (or perhaps another 5 or 6 song EP if it's a single album) sometime in 2007...I'm looking forward to 2007 already. Now If I'd have just saved those plans for that stupid time machine...err...man I have to lay off of the sauce...
  5. Dark Town Gospel would be appropriate...I wonder if Matt ever looks on this board, specifically this thread, to sample reactions... Okay so that's pry not true, but it would be fun if it was...
  6. This is going to be a random thread, but does anyone remember ICQ (or does anyone still use it?). I remember there being a MGB sound scheme that a fan had made. The reason that I remember is it has Matt saying "Has the beverage cart arrived yet gentlemen?" or something to that effect, as well as a bunch of sound clips of MGB tunes and voice clips of Matt and the rest of the band. If anyone can find it, or has it, it would be greatly appreciated. ;)
  7. "A 23 minute Odyssey, much to my record company's chagrin"
  8. I always thought that "Running For Home" had to do with Matt writing about the changes that occur around you when you become famous (fitting since it was written after the popularity of Underdogs)...thought I read that somewhere in an interview...
  9. Classic, as that's one of Matt's least favorite songs... By the way hot carl, thanks so much for the kind words on the last page, really made me smile.
  10. Actually that would be pretty good too...
  11. Sorry if this has already been posted, but given that Matt has announced plans to record some new tracks, and given what he's been through, what do you think the name of the new CD will be/should be. Given what he's written on the blogs, I really like Ghost In A Hospital Hall Not sure that it would ever be considered as an actual title, but the symbolism of being a ghost of your former self, or something to that effect, is interesting.
  12. Here is what is really sad in the whole scheme of things...there was a time and a place (allegedly) where times were happier That being said, If I have an ex-wife and she decides to keep the last name, it had better be an amicable split (if there is such a thing), though knowing me I'd probably change my last name to disassociate myself from her.
  13. "I want to point out that in the weeks ahead I am going to make a record. It will be a record of confusion, of openness, and one that will, quite obviously, deal very openly with what has happened to me this year. It will, like the drawings that I have removed, exist in perpetuity, a record of emotion, even though in the years to come my own perspective on events, and even the people involved, might change. It is, like any snapshot of a single moment, simply a representation of time, of colour, all for the sake of memory." - Taken from Matt's site. Best...News...Ever... ;)
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