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  1. I'd love to hear it acoustically. That song would be perfect acoustically I think.
  2. I was at the Nanaimo show a few weeks ago. I can't remember the entire list, but I think this was it Silent Army Through the Trees Volcanos Born Losers Great Whales of the Sea The Boy Who Could Explode Us Remains Impossible Volcanoes Vancouver National Anthem Empty's Theme Park Last Parade On Nights Like Tonight Load Me Up Apparitions Weapon ENCORE: Giant Fought to Fight It Everything is Automatic I no that th eorder is wrong, but the encore is right. I was a tad disappointed. I could have done without Load Me Up, but it was nice to see Automatic in there. I would have loved some more older stuff. I would have loved to have seen more stuff from Hospital Music like A Single Explosion and 99% of Us is Failure. Would ahve been real cool if he played SWW or something real old school, but what can you do.
  3. I saw him play that, and enjoy the silence in 2003 in Nanaimo. I'm going to the July 31st show and I really hope he plays primetime deliverance.
  4. I'm pretty sure I saw him play it in nanaimo in 2003. It was the first concert of the avalanche tour.
  5. from suburbia, if I was into men.....I had the same thing lol.
  6. Dancing Invisible. That could actually be my favorite song he has done period.
  7. drock


    I saw Matt in Nanaimo a couple years ago and he covered a song but I didn't recognize it.
  8. I just did this with my gf 1) Avalanche 2) Everything is Automatic 3) Advertising on Police Cars 4) Strange Days 5) Dancing Invisible
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