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  1. Bourne identity was better because the Bourne Supremacy was way to shaky when it came to camera work. Also the story was better in Identity.
  2. Donnie dosen't take his medication. The story reminds me of Matthew Goods Songs some times.
  3. Pg-13 rating and Darth Vader, Sounds like a good movie to me.
  4. Ernest Goes to Camp (the worst movie ever!)
  5. Venom and Scorpion where some of the coolest comic book villans, they should have them in Spidey 3.
  6. I go for Batman. Liam Neeson has never been in a bad movie.
  7. NO way would I see it. John Travolta has never been a favorite of mine. ;)
  8. I should be able to recieve PM's, let me check.
  9. Born to Kill Apparitions Avalanche Hello Time Bomb Giant
  10. J-Money


    Apparitions is one of my favorite Matt Good songs. My interpretaion of the song is that Matthew is using a TV as a metaphor for the way people are controlled. Does any one have their own theory on the song? Just curios.
  11. Reign of Terror(it's a oldie by Anthony Mann)
  12. Liam Neeson has a part in the movie. Have you ever seen a bad movie with Liam?
  13. I think there should have been more depth to the movie and less destroying demons with a little holy shotgun. The movie was to much like BLade or Buffy the Vampire to me.
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