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  1. yes more live good.... so amazing
  2. willsonm

    Live Songs

    if i have to download all these things i will never get anything done
  3. i hope it is all 'house of smoke and mirrors', running for home and blue skies over badlands...... soo good
  4. thats a good piont perhaps i should listen to the song several times through, just for good measure
  5. can i go to your school and have papers worth doing?
  6. 1. blue skies over badlands 2. empty road 3. under the influence 4 house of smoke and mirrors 5 running for home'
  7. I lost my HOSM card # and all that jazz,,,, does that site still exist??????
  8. your not...... i also heard rumours of a dvd... which would be nice.
  9. the junos suck but the hip are awesome.... so i watched
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