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  1. https://jadedandelated.com/underdogs-2017/ This came out today as a free download. My buddy Nick got a bunch of artists from across the country to put this tribute album together for its 20th anniversary. Figured I'd share. I was lucky enough to be asked to play guitar on Prime Time. Enjoy.
  2. RIP dude. That's brutal. He breathed a ton of life into this place.
  3. Thank you so much for the time and effort.
  4. Awesome. Verse is very Once in a Lifetime and the overall feel is like he has been listening to the Replacements. Big fan.
  5. Wow. Matt Good in Winnipeg. Having seen him over 20 times since 1998, this was easily one of the best I have attended. He played a perfect balance of old and new. The crowd was really into it and Milo mentioned outside the venue that this was one of the best of the tour, the others being the second night in Toronto and the stop in Montreal. Matt was in a good mood despite having an ear infection. The guitarist is badass and he really adds new life to familiar materiel. The set list from memory(in no order): Rabbits(opener) Boy Who Could What if I can't see the stars Load me up X-Rated
  6. On the site today he says he might play Rabbits. Yayyy.
  7. "We all cheer downtown. We all lose downtown."...
  8. It's perfect just how it is. A nice little epilogue for the EP, and a short homage to his earlier roots. Great song regardless about youth and innocence.
  9. Bioshock 2 may very well be a decent game, but really it was so uneccessary to make a follow-up. I mean the Mona Lisa didn't need a sequel, it was fine as it was, and neither does Bioshock. I think it would be damn near impossible to recreate the feeling the original captured anyways. It's just too bad that videogame industry is all about profit margins and not artistic intergrity. And the fact the Ken Levine was not involved at all in the sequel really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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