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  1. I've got a 67' reissue custom Telecaster, baby blue. Also an epiphone les paul as a backup. They get me through.
  2. Of course it can be annoying with all the older members around here. Im relatively new to these boards, though I was only missing All Together and the +jackpillowhead stuff. Someone was kind enough to upload All Together, and the rest I bought off of the NF store. Some people may be annoyed, but its always worth it to share Matt's music with those who want to hear it, so long as they ask in a nice way. How did you guys come across the rare song? Perhaps you asked someone for them? My point is everyone was once a new matt good fan and had to ask around to get ahold of all of his rare tracks.
  3. maybe its about the younger stifler then. I guess the old one is too old to be "sent to band camp". It seemed pretty stupid having a guy in his 20+ being sent to band camp. Guess it was just me not cluing in?
  4. I haven't had a chance too in so long. I need someone to give me a list of fucked up movies to watch along these lines.
  5. Sean William Scott isnt even returning for this. On the site it says that Tad Hilgenbrinck is playing Stifler.
  6. can we agree that no one here is on the same level as you too? doesnt matter what that level is.
  7. schnitzel_diet@hotmail.com I can't find it on limewire, thanks alot for sending it to me when you have time.
  8. damn I was too late. The file isn't available anymore. Most likely cause it took up all its allowed bandwidth. Anyone want to try it again? I shall betrothe myself to whoever uploads it for me.
  9. About your song choices: Walk this way - Good song, probably impossible on your part to sing at the same time as playing it if you're still relatively new at both. All Apologies - Nirvana songs are always a good bet since Cobain had to play guitar live and sing at the same time, so you know it can be done. Though I'd recomment Heart Shaped Box or In Bloom which is mostly powerchords. If you're into greenday, give them a shot, they are the powerchord masters (easy to play and since at the same time)and everyone loves them. "She" or "Who Wrote Holdon Caulfield" are easy oldies for that. Longview is also just bass and drums in the verse, with the guitar only in the chorus, making it pretty easy too, and everyone loves that song. EDIT: Just realized you're female, that also gives you some Hole options. Courtney Love is a horrible musician and she could still play live.
  10. Haha, I wish The Arcade Fire was something I made up. Theres a whole list of solid indie acts that are bound to break through anytime now: -arcade fire -bloc party -razorlight -hope of the states -The Dears -Libertines -Phantom Planet Im sure some of these bands are pretty big in certain areas, though they don't get enough credit when compared to the regular rotation on Much music of Ashlee Simpson and the return of the Backstreet Boys.
  11. I think he said he wasnt going to release anymore music. The guy's a musician, its how he expresses himself. Everyone has their own ways, it'd be pretty hard to remove whatever for it is you use to express yourself.
  12. if you just upload to yousendit you can avoid having to add everyone to your msn to send it. Just upload it once and post the link here and everyone can get it from there.
  13. at least he knows how to use the system.
  14. If anyone really wants to see another fucked-up twister of a movie, this is a great one to rent. Its about a guy who is tracking down the killer of his wife, but recieved a blow to the head when she was killed so that he has no short term memory anymore. Its quite a twist at the end. The story's actually told backwards, from current time back to when she was killed.
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