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  1. I didn't like them at first. But a year after i heard them on tour with Matt, i listened to them again and changed my opinion completly
  2. BM version wins my vote hands down. And the best toothpaste flavour is totally wintergreen.
  3. static

    Tank Logo?

    If worse comes to shove you could always use the image they have on matt's Maplemusic merchandise page. Hes got some new shirts and the like, with the tank logo (if we're talking about the one with the bented cannon)
  4. i was cruising down a random stretch of road the other day when all of a sudden the song "All i want is you" by U2 comes on. At the end of a song i suddenly hear a very familiar sound: the string melody played in the opening of Matthew Good's song "Man of Action." Has anyone else noticed this? If not, check it out.
  5. Giving a kid that likes rap a mixtape with Kyprios on it, is equivalent to a 40 year old adult saying "yo what's up dawg?" You'll lose all credibility in one moment. Which is a shame because besides Kyprios, you've got a good mix.
  6. I always thought it had been started by Frank magazine. If i wasn't so concerned with wasting my vote, then i too would vote for them.
  7. He did both Batman and Batman Returns actually. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin were directed by Schumacher. Batman Begins was Chris Nolan And Catwoman was directed by the same person who directed the wonderful french fantasy film, Vidocq. A fact that scares me every day.
  8. Final Fantasy X. I'm an RPG whore. Where did you have your first kiss?
  9. Rodchester Kings - The Jangolier (even though i have no clue what the fuck a jangolier is) Broken - Requiem for Rosemary Left Of Normal - As Long As You're Mine Euphony - Dancing Invisible 15 Hours On A September Thursday - Parable Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts - Symbolistic White Walls Raygun - Generation X-Wing Underdogs - Invasion 1 Lo Fi B-Sides - Fated Beautiful Midnight - Born to Kill (this wouldve been my answer for LoFi but i figured i should vary a little) Loser Anthems - Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance Audio Of Being - Advertising on police cars Avalanche - Weapo
  10. hahahaha HAPPY REMEMBERANCE DAY EVERYBODY!!! what did you guys get this year? I got like 50 red flower things from old people, and i got this pen from someone even though i said i was just "going to borrow it." oooo oooo i also got homework from my teacher!! And no veterans died or anything! This is one of the bestest rememberance days ever!
  11. http://media.putfile.com.nyud.net:8090/end_of_smurfs Not anymore they arent.
  12. Man i've had experiences like that. I heard about the sequel to The Mask and the FreddyVSJason film since grade school. Nobody believed me after the first year or two of my assertions. But who's laughing now i ask you
  13. It was a tossup between Yield and Vs. I voted Yield only on the fact that its the album that got me into Pearl Jam. (actually more specifically it was the video for Do The Evolution)
  14. Maybe some We Are Scientists Nada Surf or the Flaming Lips (theyre all completly different sounding bands)
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