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  1. Hey man, i think it's cool, you can do whatever you want with the time you have.
  2. I want to grab the Cliff Mansell song from near the end, when Ryan Reynolds is in the hospital, but i'm pretty sure it's not "shell shocked" or "FBI", the two Cliff Mansell tunes that appear on the OST. I guess i should wait to rip it from the DVD?
  3. The flip side is that if they lost the lawsuit, they're on the hook for A LOT of money.
  4. Avalanche was perhaps the best cd i've ever heard. I'm sorry he shied away from the big production techniques he used. Too expensive and time consuming i guess.
  5. Is there a Jessica, friend of a Heather Ford on here?
  6. Yeah, the DVD side words fine, it just won't read the cd side. Thanks anyways though.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had a solution to dual discs not loading on my mac. It's a dual G4, and the new Dual Disc for david gray isn't working. Previously i had trouble with the new NIN but one day it just magically worked. Thanks! Mike
  8. Thanks. Is there a simple way to convert mov files to mp3's? I'd like to stick this version on my ipod. Maybe the mov file will work itself, so if this is the case i apologise.
  9. It's pretty good. I love Right Where it Belongs and Every Day is Exactly the Same.
  10. I bought the cd, but i can't rip it onto my ipod. Fuck!
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