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  1. Saturdays show is by far the best show I've ever seen. I was down in the pit in the handicapped section due to a nagging knee injury. Cameras were in the pit filming. My highlights include the epic ending to Born to Kill and the reworked version of Running for Home.
  2. Encore: A Single Explosion Decades Apparitions Weapon Matt said that tonight's show was being filmed. Not sure if it will be a future release on DVD/CD.
  3. I am downtown at Bond Place Hotel, like a short ride to the venue via streetcar, I am coming up on Friday, and leaving sometime on Sunday afternoon.
  4. There was no Hello Time Bomb at the Buffalo show. Glad for it. I am tired of hearing/seeing it every show I been too.
  5. PTD was Matt alone on electric guitar.
  6. Buffalo Set list: Prime Time Deliverance - Matt Only Champions of Nothing - Matt Only 1st half of song then joined by full band Born Losers So Close Load Me Up Non Populous We're Long Gone Had It Coming While We Were Hunting Rabbits Shallow's Low Alert Status Red Weapon Letters In Wartime Garden Of Knives Black Helicopter Apparitions
  7. moe. Bonnaroo 2002 - Epic late night show which started at 1:15 am, and ended at around 6:30 am.
  8. I seen Pearl Jam enough times to be satisfied, but it comes down to who my friends want to see. I may end up going to Matt Good alone.
  9. One of the best versions of this song I heard live was back when Matt was in Buffalo in 2005. Giant was played, and was jammed out, and segued right into 21st century.
  10. Well here is a fun problem for those in Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. Matt is playing here on Oct 12. Pearl Jam is also playing here on that same date. Decisions, decisions.
  11. Thanks for the uploads, and now I have a really good copy of a show I was at.
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