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  1. Bill Frisell; Unique, inspriring, and accessible jazz musician who incorporates many contemporary styles into his playing. Good for non-jazz listeners to help breed styles into your ear. E.S.T.; a fresh band (piano based) who also utilizes many genres to compose alternate styles of jazz and rock. Check 'em out.
  2. Wondering if i could find fans of rock band Genesis. Either early progressive rock group [Gabriel(Selling England/Lamb/Nursery Cryme)] utilizing varied instrumentation and unique composure of said musicianship or either Collins-era Pop/rock 80's style version of the band with catchy licks and although a complete juxtapostion of earlier art-rock Genesis, artsy-pop and creative in it's own right version. If fans are out there and would like to voice favorite or enjoyed albums, please express. currently listening to: -The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway -A Trick of The Tail
  3. for another beautiful song check out "entangled" by Genesis
  4. GB can be really useful for quick, easy recordings. I've recorded some projects for my classes in it and it works well if you really want it to. Naturally it's not the best program for recording and it's ideal to have and Mbox wit ProTools but using GB doesn't mean it has to sound bad. I would suggest using natural reverbs when recording voice rather then the GB effects. (try recording in a bathroom) A project I did in GB for my arranging class> www.distant-light.com/documents/allblues.mp3
  5. (Guitars) custom jp signature ernie ball music man, fender american jazz strat, fender acoustic DX 100, (Basses) elrick 300M 5-string, fender american jazz 5-string keyboard - Kurzwiel K2600 mandolin - Takamine MX Guitar amps - MesaBoogie Dual rectifier Bass amps - GallienKruegger 1000RB head/ Hartke 4x16 dual cab and now for the story of my life
  6. eternal sunshine was really creative in it's writing and execution. charlie kaufman and michel gondry are a match made in heaven. and also jim carrey is awesome (canada style).
  7. to me truffle pigs is for a lot of lyrical reasons but also for the "Jen, I'll bring them to their knees" line. to me, thats really romantic. surburbia too.
  8. ok, what if gravity, this is a wierd thought, what if gravity was like resistant to the unnatural force that humans and our technology present against it? and this is what i mean by that: what if by using like elevators and planes we're actually pushing against the normal forces of the earth and creating an inbalance in nature -a sort of unreadable chaos. and maybe one day the whole world's tension will just implode or something or MAYBE, maybe the tension is like a stressing force that pushes on humans and we somehow subconciously pick up on it and that's what causes doubt and hate and wa
  9. I'm wondering if ya'll have ever heard Chris Cornell's (Soundgarden) 1999 solo release 'Euphoria Morning' I heard it about a year after it came out and I really fell in love with it, the writing and unorthodox production make it more than worthwhile in my opinion (also, I don't say "ya'll.")
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