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  1. I mean that first part in a relative way, with how often Matt comes around, and how most of his shows are about $30 cheaper, $65 is a bit much to pay just to see him at a winery, imo.
  2. So, managed to get free tickets for this (long story) last minute, so I was really stoked on that since tickets were $65, which as great as Matt is, is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. But that's neither here nor there... I was very apprehensive about him playing a winery, since that screams "adult-contemporary" to me, a territory that I'm not a big fan of Matt venturing into. However, as soon as the sun set and Matt took the stage at the beautiful outdoor amphitheater and began his 18 song setlist, all of my fears were squashed. Despite him being sick recently, he sounded fantastic, and he was very jovial (or maybe just drunk... he had lots of wine during the show) throughout the entire thing, telling hilarious stories for a fair bit of his set time. The crowd wasn't so great, although they were respectful, but it just seemed like there were lots of older people who maybe knew a few MG(B) songs at most and just came because of the setting. Better than drunk assholes, I suppose... Setlist was (in order): Metal Airplanes Avalanche Born Losers Strange Days Load Me Up Alert Status Red Silent Army In The Trees > Black Helicopter She's In It For The Money 99% Of Us Is Failure I'm A Window Prime Time Deliverance Hopeless Apparitions Champions Of Nothing ---- Encore: Fated Suburbia True Love Will Find You In The End He started Girl In The War before Suburbia, but messed up and just did a really moving version of Suburbia. The setlist I got has Advertising On Police Cars and Tripoli before Fated in the encore, but unfortunately he didn't do those, probably due to time constraints. It was a really fantastic show, and despite my apprehensiveness about the venue, it was one of the best times I've seen Matt.
  3. Yup, not much for me to add, but a fantastic show. I wish the audience would have stood for the whole time, but that's small beans when the caliber of performance is that great. Blue Skies gave me chills.
  4. Nice setlists, but I'd be pissed if he closed a show with She's In It For The Money. Just not a fan of that tune.
  5. I think he means that it sucks that he's not including NF, since it's such a great song.
  6. It's up on the promoter's Facebook, a few places in St. Catharines are already selling tickets. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=13866601333
  7. Thursday, June 12 - St. Catharines, ON - Arizona's - 19+, $28 in advance, $32 at the door Friday, June 13 - Mississauga, ON - Mississauga Waterfront Festival - all ages, $13!!
  8. Row F on the floor, 6th row! So excited... But yeah, tickets have become a little on the steep side. Oh well, it's not too bad yet. How incredible was that BSS show, Peter? I'd say it was easily one of the best I've ever been to.
  9. Yep, another great show, just like St. Catharines. Fated absolutely blew me away. Thanks for the great show Matt, hope it gets released in some form sooner or later.
  10. Sorry to hear about the accident ;) How many tickets do you have? There is a good chance I will be willing to take them off your hands for you!
  11. Let's see... I've met: Sam Roberts Band Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth Kliph Scurlock (touring drummer for Flaming Lips) Sloan Gord Downie, Johnny Fay and Rob Baker of The Tragically Hip Primus Everyone minus Eric Judy from Modest Mouse Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade Paul Banks and Sam Fogarino of Interpol
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